Some Political Leaders Were Warned about Fertile Ground for Riots Across the United States

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Some Political Leaders Were Warned

About Fertile Ground For Riots Across The United States

If you are really serious about holding the police accountable - read this post and the communications that I wrote to President Trump on June 3, 2020 and the communication that I sent to Congress on May 19, 2018. If you are serious it will take more than clicking "like" on this page or posting some childish comment. America is in a state of crisis - Only the mercy of GOD will effect healing of America. Most Christians can quote 2 Chronicles 7:14; However, "IF and REPENT" are key factors. This is our watch; we pray in the name of JESUS that you will receive this counsel and pray that the leadership of this land will stop playing games. For God is not playing - A nation divided against itself will not stand. GOD has richly blessed America over the years.  However, the leadership of America do not understand the WAY of the LORD in the Name of JESUS, therefore they do not fear GOD based on the precepts of GOD. Sharing in love!

GOD loves the people in the United States of America and GOD is faithful to every one of His promises.  GOD warned the Administration of President Trump in 2017 and 2019 that there were fertile grounds throughout the United States for riots because of police misconduct.  However, members of his staff did not have the intestinal fortitude to share these communications with him.  Besides warning the Executive Branch, on May 19, 2018, at the direction of GOD,  letters were sent to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Paul Ryan, Senator Chuck Schumer, and Senator Mitch McConnell advising them of the state of the crisis and if adjustment’s were not made the police would continue to kill innocent people and more police would lose their lives. And they were advised that there was fertile ground for racial riots in various cities around the nation.   It was recommended to the House and Senate to remove their political badges and work in the best interest of the nation.  Below is a quote from the communication that was sent to these members of the House and Senate.

“Please find attached a copy of a letter from President Donald Trump, Dated April 25, 2018 regarding crime and law enforcement.  President Trump expressed the resolve to reduce crime, restore public safety and to strengthen law enforcement in the United States.  Moreover, President Trump is recommending new laws to protect the police.  We have asked the President to consider recommending new laws to hold the police accountable to help prevent future unjustified shootings of people within the United States.  Here is the problem, there are members of the law enforcement community in the United States that are killing and abusing innocent people and they are not being held accountable.  Today, we have a fear factor and a justified lack of trust; the current climate gives some people justification for not trusting and fearing the police and on the other hand there are reasons for the police to fear some people.  If adjustments are not made the police will continue to kill innocent people and more police will lose their lives.  Moreover, there is fertile ground for racial riots in various cities around the nation. 

God says: Thou shall not kill!”  God created mankind and God has heard the cries of many and has given me the authority to speak in His name to the leadership here in the United States regarding this injustice.  President Trump did not create this problem however he inherited it.  We have voiced our concerns with President Trump because he heads the Executive Branch.  However, the Legislative Branch has a part to play to help ensure that there are effective laws that truly protect the citizens of the United States from the Law Enforcement Community when they abuse their power.  Surely, it is the Executive Branch responsibility to ensure that those laws are enforced.  Of course, the Judicial Branch has a part to play, however now it is imperative the Legislative Branch ensure that this matter is carefully studied and bills are submitted and passed and laws are enacted to protect both: (1) the members of the law enforcement community (2) the people from the law enforcement community abuse of power and to truly hold members of the law enforcement community accountable.  For this to occur there must real debates to effect changes that are in the best interest of the people; this is about public safety.  Therefore, it is of the upmost importance for each member of the House and Senate to remove their political badges and work in the best interest of the nation.”

In respect to the Executive Branch, at the direction of GOD in the name of JESUS, I conducted an inquiry to determine the Administration’s and Attorney General Sessions’ resolve to ensure the public safety and to ensure all Americans are treated fairly by the police throughout the country.  God directed me to accomplish this task because it concerned the safety of his creation, mankind in the United States.  God wanted me to know so I could warn the Attorney General and the President of the danger that waits if the current approach is not changed.  God showed me that neither Attorney General Sessions nor President Trump understood how to keep their pledge to support the police and ensure the safety of the Public.  Consequently, the approach that they were employing was feeding racial hatred, more abusive conduct and killings of the innocent by the police; they were warned that this approach would lead to more police officers being killed by the public.  Moreover, they were informed that there was fertile ground for an outbreak of racial riots across the nation.  This inquiry also provided Attorney General Sessions and the President an opportunity to discover what they must do now to make the much needed adjustment. Click to read the letter to President Trump dated November 3, 2017Click here to read the Inquiry that was conducted – a letter to Attorney General Sessions.

Now surely there is grounds to attack President Trump; however before attacking President Trump – Remember the House of Representatives and the Senate were also advised.  Moreover, each member should ask some probing questions and then take a close look at their own actions or in-action to hold the police accountable.  Did you read the Attorney General Civil Rights Division Investigation on Chicago Police Department?  Did you read the Attorney General Civil Rights Division Investigation on Ferguson Police Department?  It is unfortunate that there has not been a real resolve in this nation to hold the police accountable.  Now the opportunity is here; GOD is not playing.  A nation divided against itself shall not stand.  Moreover, it is also unfortunate that the media helps to facilitate the divide.  Are you serious; do you really want to hold the police accountable?

On June 4, 2020, I sent communications to President Trump (Letter was dated June 3, 2020) and others at the direction of GOD.  This communication is designed to address the crisis.  Woe to the person that will use this counsel of GOD to attack President Trump – this is not the purpose of the communication.  President Trump was never afforded a real opportunity to read the communication because members of his staff did not have the intestinal fortitude to give it to him.  Again, this communication is designed to provide counsel to the leadership of the nation to address the crisis.  GOD has clearly showed that part of the problem is the attacks on President Trump by the Democrats.  Before the impeachment hearing of President Trump, GOD showed me the Democrats were as flies buzzing around President Trump; and the media was the garbage – the source of the feeding ground that helps to facilitate the divide.  Surely, there is no prophet accepted in his own country; therefore I know that I will never be accepted here in the United States.

GOD wants His counsel to go forth.  Before President Trump was elected; GOD revealed to me that he would be elected to clean up some things.  However, he made some serious mistakes.  Well President Trump is not alone; the leadership of this nation do not fear GOD based on His precepts; consequently the leadership continues to make mistakes. At the direction of GOD in the name of JESUS, I wrote President George W. Bush 13 times and I wrote President Barack Obama more than 30 times – all revelations have come to fruition.  If the leadership would have adhered to the COUNSEL OF GOD in the name of JESUS:

(1) We would not have engaged in the war with Iraq without provocation.

(2) We would not have sown discord among the brothers in the Middle East and there would not have been an Arab spring.

(3)  The Supreme Court would not have disregarded the rule of law in the same sex marriage case.  (Chief Justice Roberts in his dissenting opinion concluded: (a) The Constitution had nothing to do with the ruling (b) It was an act of will and not the rule of law (c) The legitimacy of the Court’s power is confining it to legal judgment. )  Listen very carefully; the Chief Justice said this was an illegal action of the Supreme Court!  Click here to read a letter that I sent to Chief Justice Roberts on March 1, 2013

            (4) The boy scouts would be still called “boy scouts” and “morally straight” in their oath would still have meaning.

(5) We would not have lost the lives of so many military members.

(6)  Hundreds of thousands of lives would have not been lost as the result of our military actions.

            (7) God would not have sent so many destructive storms for correction to the United States.

(8) The mess in the Middle-East would not be a reality today.

(9)  America would not have to continue to pay billions to repair our infrastructure because of damages from flooding and storms.

 (10) America would not be experiencing a plague of national disasters unlike anything within the history of the nation. (This warning regarding the plague of national disasters was shared with President George W. Bush on October 26, 2001.)  

Now we can add to the list: the rioting and protesting throughout the country in 2020 could have been prevented.  However, there is no prophet accepted in his own country!

God revealed to me the need for change and I shared the revelation with President Barack Obama on August 19, 2016.  President Trump ran on a platform that reflected the Way of the Lord in the name of JESUS.  Click on the link to read the letter that was sent to President Trump on  February 4, 2017

This is not the first time that GOD has warned the leadership of the nation about holding the police accountable.  In 1992, after the riots in Los Angeles after the not-guilty verdicts of the four police officers that beat Rodney King – I gave a report to the nation – It was sent to President Bush.  I warned him at the time that if police were not held accountable for their actions in the next 27 years or so we would be repeating the same thing.  This report is posted on YouTube.  Click on the link and watch the video.

GOD is faithful to every one of his promises.  Before President Obama left office, on December 12, 2016, GOD directed me to write him and explain that it would be a dereliction of duty if he would leave office before addressing the nation regarding the true nature of police misconduct in the United States and its impacts.

President Trump inherited this problem of police brutality. However, GOD directed me to conduct an inquiry to determine Attorney General Session’s resolve and the Administration’s resolve to ensure the public safety and to ensure all Americans are treated fairly by the police throughout the country. As I write this post, the political leaders are working to address this crisis.  As I stated on June 3, 2020, I wrote President Trump and others.  I have just posted that communication on our website; again this information is being posted to shed light however it is not being posted to attack President Trump.  However, President Trump must learn from his errors and every member in the House and Senate must learn from their errors.  The leadership of America has failed.  Moreover, the Church has failed; the Church has been asleep.  The call has been made for the Church to awake from the spirit of deep sleep in the name of JESUS.

Click here to read the communications that were sent to President Trump, dated June 3, 2020

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