The Election is Over - America is still on the Path of Destruction

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           The presidential election is over; President Barack Obama has been re-elected and America continues on the pathway of destruction.  The Democrats still control the Senate and the Republicans still control the House.  We are experiencing destroying winds all round about us - For God controls these storms as a man would by hand.  We are witnessing a divided nation; a nation against herself.  We have leaders who do not fear God, executing policies that are contrary to the will of God; policies that embrace the things that the Lord hates.   Moreover, we have spiritual leaders who do not understand the inclusive ways of God; therefore the people of God have not learned to fear God from His precepts.  Consequently, they have learned to fear God from the precepts of men.  Thus they draw near God with their mouths but their hearts are far from Him.  Nevertheless, God wants to heal America; however the people who are called by His name must humble themselves, pray and seek His face by understanding the inclusive ways of the Lord.  Then discover their personal sins and the sins of the nation, and then repent.  We must pray for the leaders of America.  It is imperative that we understand that if America does not repent, this nation, the country that we love will be destroyed – this could happen on our watch.

             We have just witnessed the destructive forces of Hurricane Sandy; many are still suffering because of this storm.  In the midst of the storm, we all witnessed President Obama making presidential decisions and taking actions to help comfort these people who were impacted by the storm.  The President’s actions in the midst of the storm were noteworthy.  However, when you understand the way of the Lord you would understand that it were the actions of the President and the leaders of America that cause God to bring Hurricane Sandy upon the shores of United States.  According to the word of God: (1) God controls the storms as a man would by hand (2) God established standards on how we deal with Babylon and all of the images of Babylon (nations that put their trust in oppression and perverseness, acts as a hammer, etc.) (3) God promised to send Babylon (s) that come up against Him destroying wind and at the time of their trouble it would be all round about them.  President Obama was warned how God uses these destructive winds.  Click here for details:  Hurricane Sandy - God Controls the Storm as a Man would by Hand

         We have posted on this site revelation knowledge that is designed to empower the people of God.  If you love both God and country, we pray that you will take time to become empowered by reading and reviewing this Truth that posted on this site.

 Elmore Richmond Jr.

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