God Warns Law Makers through Stenographer, Dianne Reidy

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October 17, 2013

By:  Prophet Elmore Richmond Jr.

Praise the Lord in the name of Jesus!  On October 16, 2013, during the important vote proceeding to lift the debt ceiling and to reopen the government at the House of Representatives, God pricked the heart of Stenographer Dianne Reidy to get the attention of the nation so we can engage in this conversation today.   Ms. Reidy walked up to the speaker’s chair and warned the assembly that God will not be mocked.  She warned the members of the House that you cannot serve two masters and a house divided cannot stand.  She also so expressed that America is not a nation under God, it never was.  She praised God in the name of Jesus.  Here is Fox News’ account of the incident and video.   Video of Stenographer Reid's Warning to Law Makers

Some are calling the outburst of Ms. Reidy as bizarre, however when you understand the way of Lord you would not call this behavior bizarre, however, you will praise God for the gift of the Holy Spirit.  God used Ms. Reidy to get the attention of the nation because the nation has not received His counsel.  We need to thank God for His grace and mercy.  Now it is time to seek His counsel.  The leaders of this nation must understand that the future of the nation is at hand and if we do not repent the nation will be destroyed.  The centerpiece of this ongoing crisis is “Pride” and a “Haughty Spirit.”  Proverbs 16:18 says: “Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.”  I attempted to get the attention of the nation through the Associated Press on October 16, 2013, with this message to no avail.  Nevertheless, I shared the message and revelations on the website.

As I write this communication on this day, October 17, 2013, I am praising God for His grace and mercy.  It is imperative that we understand that the United States is not on a stable foundation because the leadership has rejected the counsel of God.  Moreover, “Pride” and “A Haughty Spirit” are still alive today among the leaders of the nation.  Therefore, it will be quite difficult to move forward without addressing these two destroyers, “Pride” and “A Haughty Spirit.”

It is very important that elected leaders see other elected leaders like themselves.  For example, Senator Ted Cruz, in 2012 received approximately 4.5 million votes.  Therefore, he represents millions of people who believe that the health care bill is bad policy and we must control spending.  Therefore, today there are millions of Americans that agree with these dispositions.  Surely, the Health Care Bill is law! However, when you review the formation of the law, you will discover that some lawmakers failed to represent their constituents.  Instead of working to ensure the law was sound prior to its passage, they were working against the law.  Now we have a real problem – a law without the input of millions of people and the doors have been closed at the office of the Chief Executive.  The Chief Executive is President of all the people of the United States of America. However, “Pride” and “a Haughty Spirit” is the centerpiece of the crisis today.  Surely, the fight is not over. 

In respect to the debt crisis, “Pride” and “a Haughty Spirit” must be checked in.  There must be a spirit of negotiation and compromises.  Some very hard decisions must be made.  For the future of the nation is at hand.  Only through the blessings, grace, and mercy of God, the future of the nation can be secured.  It is time for prayer and seeking the counsel of God; we must repent and then God will heal our land.


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