Revelation of the Criminal Act - 2013 West Fertilizer Plant Blast

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About two weeks before this explosion at the West Mill, I wrote President Obama ad explained what was going to happen.  Today, May 11, 2016 it is being reported that the investigation has revealed that it was a criminal act. Below is the revelation that I shared with President Obama on April 5, 2013.

“On April 4, 2013, in a dream, God revealed to me an accident that had happened at some type of factory or mill here in the United States. I was driving a car with my wife and we needed to get to an over-pass. However, to get to the overpass we had to exit off the main roadway and take some side streets. As we traveled, we noticed some individuals outside of this complex – they were venting the building with some type of machinery to draw air from the building. As we were passing by we overheard some of the conversation; they appeared to be discussing an incident that had just happened at the facility. We heard one of the men say words to the effect “What were you trying to do?” Next a man approached our vehicle and said something to the effect: “it depends on what happens now – when the explosion occurs it will either make local news or world news. It will happen in about fifty minutes.”  Next, as my wife and I were leaving the scene we went upon the overpass and look down at the facility. We noticed what appeared to be large tall tanks on the complex. Next, I awoke from the dream. It was as if I was actually there. God has allowed me to look into the future. Surely, this will happen within the next thirty days.”

God revealed this incident to be so President Obama would know that God had sent me to warn the nation that He was not pleased with the path that the nation was taking in dealing with North Korea.  Click here and read the complete letter that was written to President Obama on April 5, 2013.


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