GOD Says Stop this Wickedness! And Let Truth Go Forth About Women Preaching the Everlasting Gospel!

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Viewers will see why GOD is issuing this WOE and discover the Truth regarding women's role in the ministry. This video is for all regardless of what you believe regarding women's roles as pastors in the Church. This Truth exposes false teachings and what Satan has done to undermine the integrity of the written word of GOD. This video is for all Christians, including those who believe that they know everything that they need to know regarding the roles of women in the Church based on scriptures written in the Bible. This video will be hard for many to watch because it will show how various versions of the Bible like the NIV have undermined the integrity of the word of GOD; for example, viewers will see how the writers of the NIV attempted to interpret the text instead of translating it. Acts 20:22, the NIV says Apostle Paul was compelled by the Spirit to go to Jerusalem for the day of Pentecost. The KJV of the Bible has it right; Apostle Paul was bound in his personal spirit. If the writers of the NIV had read Acts 21 and Acts 22, they would have discovered that JESUS never did tell Paul to return to Jerusalem. Viewers will see the impact of this deception - here it is clear that the writers lied on GOD. Viewers will see Apostle Paul from a different vantage point after he failed to adhere to the counsel of GOD in the name of JESUS. It is recommended that viewers watch this video to the end to receive the full revelation. Viewers will see how the known, Pastor John MacArthur's calling compares with the calling of Lydia in Acts Chapter 16. Moreover, it provides viewers a fresh look to discover what Satan has done to ensure that the Saints of GOD are deceived and divided regarding understanding the Way of the LORD in the name of JESUS. This truth will impact the teaching at every Bible College, Christian University, and Seminary. Saints all around the world will discover how Satan has worked deep in the dark to hide this truth from them. This video will meet much opposition within the YouTube operation because there are some who are working to ensure the counsel of GOD does not go forth; however, some do not realize that they have been deceived. Consequently, this video will be quickly removed from the recommended listing and become buried within the system. Nevertheless, there are some who love GOD even some of the workers of YouTube. However, if this truth is allowed to go forth, it will impact the publishing industry; some publishers will lose millions. Many versions of the Bible will be deemed as not being the word of GOD. And some of the noted men of GOD will be exposed for their false teaching and there will be a call for repentance. GOD wants this truth to go forth in the name of JESUS. Isaiah 29:15 says: "Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the LORD, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who seeth us? and who knoweth us? We pray in the name of JESUS, that viewers will watch this video to the end and then like it and share it.

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