Letter to President Barack Obama - April 5, 2013

Letter to President Barack Obama - April 5, 2013

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The Church Readiness Ministries

P. O. Box 2935

Jackson, TN 38302-2935



April 5, 2013

President Barack Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500


Dear President Obama:

Please find attached a copy of a letter that I wrote to the Secretary of State, John Kerry.   In the communication, I explained to Secretary Kerry, Revelation 16:13-16 regarding the three unclean spirits as frogs coming from the mouth of the dragon, the beast, or false prophet. The basic information is not new to you if you have received a copy of the past communication that I sent to Ms. Clinton when she was the Secretary of State.

Although the information has been shared in the past, it is apparent that the counsel has not been received by you because today we are sharing messages from the Beast and the Dragon. Consequently, the nation is at the point of a state of war with North Korea. Mr. President, it is imperative that we learn from this prophecy.   Jesus reminded us at Revelation 16:15 to be watchful unless we would be caught naked. We pray that you will read this communication today and learn from this prophecy.

On February 27, 2013, I shared the revelation about the airplane crash. It is unfortunate that I did not share the full revelation. Surely, God shared with me the scenes that were played out of the airplane crashes in March – I saw the explosion of a plane in the air, a plane headed for a house with people looking out the window, a plane headed for a building and people running to the other end of the building, a plane in trouble that goes out of sight – then smoke on the ground. Then I watched other planes in the sky. Surely, it is easy to discuss the details after the incident occurs. However, God just revealed another revelation; this time I will share the details to help know that God has sent me to provide counsel to the nation.

On April 4, 2013, in a dream, God revealed to me an accident that had happened at some type of factory or mill here in the United States. I was driving a car with my wife and we needed to get to an over-pass. However, to get to the overpass we had to exit off the main roadway and take some side streets. As we traveled, we noticed some individuals outside of this complex – they were venting the building with some type of machinery to draw air from the building. As we were passing by we overheard some of the conversation; they appeared to be discussing an incident that had just happened at the facility. We heard one of the men say words to the effect “What were you trying to do?” Next a man approached our vehicle and said something to the effect: “it depends on what happens now – when the explosion occurs it will either make local news or world news. It will happen in about fifty minutes.”  Next, as my wife and I were leaving the scene we went upon the overpass and look down at the facility. We noticed what appeared to be large tall tanks on the complex. Next, I awoke from the dream. It was as if I was actually there. God has allowed me to look into the future. Surely, this will happen within the next thirty days.

Turning your attention back to North Korea, we pray that you will make “the call” and contact the President of North Korea if you do not want another war. It is very unfortunate, when there are leaders of two nations at odds and both are speaking with words coming from the mouth of the Dragon. However, Mr. President, you are not only speaking words from the mouth of the Dragon, our actions in conjunction with the United Nations have clearly demonstrated actions of the Beast – For too long heavy sanctions have been imposed on North Korea preventing this nation the basic necessities for the life of the people of the nation – preventing them to buy or sell.

The path that we are taking as a nation continues to be outside the counsel of God. We pray that you, Mr. President and other leaders of this nation will repent and receive the counsel of God. As one of God’s prophets, I know that God loves America and wants America to prosper. However, America must adhere to the counsel of God and repent or eventually, America will be destroyed as other great nations in the past.

It is an error to put our trust in our military might. Mr. President, you can prevent a war with North Korea on your watch. The President of North Korea expressed his resolve for peace through “Ambassador Dennis Rodman.”   Yes it is true that North Korea is working to increase their military capabilities. It is also true that they have nuclear weapons pointed at them from every direction. Moreover, they cannot buy or sell as other nations. North Korea has a right as a nation to develop its military capability – especially when its enemies continue to flex their muscles all around them. God loves the people in America; moreover God loves the people in North Korea too.


  1. President, the leaders of America must learn from the fall of Ancient Babylon, the House of Israel, the House of Judah, and Ancient Rome. America has truly placed its trust in its military might – this is a very serious mistake. We pray that the leaders of the Untied States will learn from the fall of these other great nations.


  1. President this is our watch, this is the only watch we get. However, you are President therefore it is about your leadership. We pray in the name of Jesus that you will receive this counsel of God.


Sincerely yours,


Elmore Richmond Jr.

Prophet of God in the Name of Jesus

Attachment: Letter to Secretary of State, John Kerry dated April 5, 2013


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