Letter to President George Bush November 3, 2001

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November 3, 2001

President George W. Bush

The White House

Washington, D. C. 20500


Dear Mr. President:

I am a Prophet of GodOn October 6, I sent you a message from God to no avail.  Today, I am providing you revelations that God has given me.  Please take time and review these revelations of coming events regarding the war in Afghanistan.  These revelations are being sent to you so you will know that I am truly a Prophet of God in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

President Bush, please turn and receive the counsel of God. 

Sincerely yours,

Elmore Richmond Jr.

Prophet of God

In the Name of Jesus Christ

Enclosure:  Summation of Visions Regarding Afghanistan




On the morning of November 3, 2001, I woke up at 4:45 A.M. after having four visions.  I did not wake up between each vision.  Below you will find a summation of each of the visions.


Vision I

It was as if I was watching a movie, however it was not a movie.  I was watching a situation whereby an individual was in custody and being guarded by two individuals.  These guards went into another room.  The individual in custody was in what appeared to be an iron cell, however, you could not see through the walls of the cell.  It had heavy doors as if it was a vault.  Nevertheless, the guards failed to secure the cell.  I noticed the cell door opening, but, it was not a man who came out of the door.  It was some type of unit that was heavily armored.  A man could have been inside of the unit.  Next, I noticed one of the guards as he came out of the other room, immediately; this armored unit overpowered and took control of the guard.  This was the conclusion of this vision.


Vision II

I observed two birds; they were removing signs from this house.  However, this was not a small birdhouse, but a house built for humans.  Besides removing signs, they were removing concrete stoppers from the driveway.  It appears as if they had just gained possession to this property.  More birds came in and it appeared as if they were making resident and guarding the property.  This was the conclusion of this vision.


Vision III

Immediately after the vision about the birds, I saw military planes taking to the sky.  These planes were not from the United States or England.  I noticed one of the planes appeared to have a red tail as the planes took control of the sky.  This was the conclusion of this vision.


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