Will the United States Officially Declare War?

Will the United States Officially Declare War?

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On December 2, 2023, I had a dream. In the dream, the government announced that we were going to war. These little kits were being given out to some people. Not everyone was given one. It appeared that the people getting a kit were the higher-ups at my job. They appeared to be the top-ranking people. The container looked like a small, slightly flat black box. The people were told to take what was inside. Then there was an announcement made that people were not to come to the airport because they wouldn't be able to get out. People were told to shelter in place. People were told the airports were overwhelmed and not to come. Then people began to prepare to shelter. Next, I remember going to someone's house. I knew the person. It was a man. I believe I started dreaming about something else, but I don’t remember that part. After that, I remember thinking that both my husband and I were sick. And we were sick at that time. Next, I was back in the dream and back at the house with the man that I knew. He led me in, and he showed me his hideout. There were a lot of people there, and in order to get to the height hideout, you had to walk up a steep flight of stairs, and if you didn't know that it was there, you would not be able to find it. I told my husband that I wanted to tell him about my dream. When I got to the part about the airport, he started laughing and asking how are they going to do that. How are they going to keep people away from the airport? I said they are telling people not to come because they won't be able to get out. He continued to laugh, and I said, I just won't tell you the rest of it. Then I was back in the dream in this room with all the people. I looked out the window. And I saw a woman outside, she was walking. And then people walked up to her, and they began hitting her. They killed her. I remember there was a lot of blood. It was dangerous to be outside because you could get killed. However, she was not the only one that this was happening to, it was happening to other people also.

On March 29, 2022, my husband Prophet Elmore Richmond had a dream that President Biden should work for an all clear. Here is the link to that letter. Letter to President Joe Biden

Video about the coming war

I believe that eventually, the United States will officially declare that we are at war. I don't know when this is going to happen. What the time frame is, but I believe that it is going to happen. We need to listen to God. Hear what he is saying. And prepare ourselves for what is to come.


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