Letter to President George Bush, May 22, 2002

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May 22, 2002

President George W. Bush

The White House

Washington, D. C. 20500


Dear Mr. President:

I am a Prophet of God.  I wrote you several times in the past.  However, you have failed to adhere to the word of God.  God has commanded me to write you again.   Mr. President, your directives continue to add sin onto sin.  Mr. President, listen closely, God just revealed to me in a vision destruction on a military base.  I believe the base located within the United States.

 The vision

I observed military planes on display.  There was no security around these planes.  I observed military people in civilian clothing just having fun; they were young men.  Then I noticed some youth playing in another area.  I warned the overseer that there was a safety hazard in the area the youth were playing.  (This hazard was restricted to where the youth were playing.)  Next I noticed a family moving in what appeared to be an apartment.   I went inside of the apartment.    Then, I heard much commotion outside.  After hearing the commotion, I went out side.  I saw a man looking out of a window of what appeared to be a military barrack, he said, “They have done it again.”   Next, I saw many frightened people.  The people appeared to be mostly military men, although they were not dressed in military clothing.  It appeared they had to run for cover, quickly.   Then, I noticed what appeared to be fallout from a blast or fire falling from the sky.

Mr. President, I am praying that you do not take this communication lightly.  Mr. Bush, God wants you to know that if we do not change our current course of action, this nation will be faced with calamity after calamity.   I pray that this communication will reach your hands.  May God have mercy of the individual that will thwart this communication.

Praying for America’s Leaders that they turn to God.


Sincerely yours,

Elmore Richmond Jr.

A Prophet of God in the name of Jesus Christ


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