NIV Good or Bad Wine, Pt. 1

NIV Good or Bad Wine, Pt. 1

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A while back I wrote that I would be presenting a discussion on the accuracy of the NIV Bible translation. This translation is supposed to make it easier for people to understand the word of God. I said I would be presenting scripture to see if the integrity of the word of God has been compromised. Why is this important? Satan knows that if he can distort the truth of God’s word people will not be able to find the truth. The Bible says that we are to study to find ourselves approved unto God, a workman that does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

If we really love truth we will take time to study this important information. I am sure we all know people who use the NIV version of the Bible. I pray God will open your eyes to see the NIV Bible is bad wine see the damage using this version of the Bible can cause and pass this information on to others.

Let us begin: Take a look at the Lord’s Prayer in Luke 11:2-4.

King James Bible Luke 11:2
And he said unto them, When ye pray, say, Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth.

New International Version  11:2
He said to them, "When you pray, say: "'Father, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come.

What happened to Our Father? In the NIV, which art in heaven and thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth has also been removed.

These words are a reference to where Our Father dwells, isn’t it important to know where Our Father dwells? The NIV also takes away from our praying for the will of the Father to be done. Isn’t this what it’s about, for the will of God to be done in heaven and also in our lives? How can you pray this if it has been removed? We who love God want the kingdom of God to come, we want his will to be done on earth as it is done in heaven.

King James Bible Luke 11:4
And forgive us our sins; for we also forgive every one that is indebted to us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil.

New International Version  Luke 11:4
Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us. And lead us not into temptation.

The NIV removed “but deliver us from evil.” Is this important? Shouldn’t we want God to deliver us from evil? Shouldn’t every day we want for God who is our deliverer and giver of life to keep us from evil? Each day we live Satan has something planned for us, we need the covering of God to keep us from the traps. Satan as a roaring lion walketh about seeking whom he may destroy.

King James Bible Matthew 6:13
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

New International Version  Matthew 6:13
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.

In Matthew 6:13: “FOR THINE IS THE KINDGOM, AND THE POWER, AND THE GLORY, FOR EVER. AMEN” has been removed. By removing this, the writers of the NIV are saying that God, who is our Father, is not the kingdom, the power and the glory forever. Amen (TRULY) This helps us to remember that it is to GOD’S kingdom that we belong, that he is our King; that it is by GOD’S power that we live on earth and stand free from Satan's grasp; and that it is for GOD’S glory the things he has done for us.

Can you see how removing these words changed the integrity of the word of God?

Prophetess Nadine Richmond

The Church Readiness Ministries



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