President Putin's Message to the American People

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Recently President Putin chose the New York Times to address the American People.  Click here to read the message President Putin's Article in the New York Times

Are you ready to receive the revelation of this communication? 

Read Revelation chapter 17!   We must pray for America because if we do not change our present course, America will be destroyed.    For it is written a nation divided against itself shall not stand.  If you have not ordered a copy of the book, “Ending Terrorism in the United States: God Has Warned U. S.” I strongly recommend that you order a copy of it today to discover the way of the Lord and what we must do to effect healing of this Land. 

God loves America!   However America must repent and adhere to the counsel of God.  Surely this is warning from President Putin, however when you understand scriptures you will also understand this warning.   Revelation chapter 17 describes the destruction that will come to Mystery Babylon the Great, the Woman that rides the beast.  Listen the Woman is not the beast, however she controls the beast.   At the direction of God, ten kings will give their strength to the beast to destroy the Woman that rides them or attempts to control them.  These ten kings will hate her and make her naked.  Listen carefully to the message from President Putin!

This is our only watch.  God wants us to be watchful so we will not be caught naked.  Order a copy of the book today to get the full revelation.  Visit our Book Store!


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