Revelation of Corruption in the Justice System in the United States

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God Revealed To Me A Large File Being Pulled From Underneath the Rug


On June 8, 2017, I wrote President Trump and explained to him that God had revealed to me the Justice System was corruption and God revealed to me that a large file was being pulled from underneath the rug.  Moreover, there was a lack of integrity of processing complaints of discrimination, a rift between the committed and uncommitted counselors, internal turmoil among counselors, lack of trust of the system.  The nation is in a state of crisis.  There is no assurance of the rights for the workforce; no assurance of civil rights for the people and the members of our armed forces; the public cannot trust the police and the justice system has failed to protect the people from the police.   Moreover, the leadership of the nation is divided against itself.   The news media is corrupt and works to help ensure that there is a divide amongst people.  Moreover, the Church is asleep, consequently there is not enough light shining into many dark places and the salt has lost its savor.   The President was also advised: “The justice system is broken and if there is not an immediate change, shortly you will witness the manifestation of its brokenness.”

Today we all can see that part of the large file that was being pulled from underneath the rug is sexual harassment in the workplace.  There are more within this file, more will be revealed.  Moreover, we all can question the justice system in the United States – The CourtFBI – Justice Department.  Surely, now President Trump can attest to the manifestation of its brokenness.

Click here to read the letter to President Trump, Dated June 8, 2017.

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