Revelation of the Leaks in the White House and Flooding in Los Angeles - 2017

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Revelation of the Leaks to Destroy President Trump’s Presidency


The Revelation of the Flooding in Los Angeles at the time of President Trump Inauguration


Letter to President Trump, February 4, 2017


Here is a quote from this letter:


“Today is Saturday, February 4, 2017, about a month ago I had a dream that I was trying to help someone, however there were leaks in the house.  I did not know what that meant or who I was working with.  Today, I clearly understand that it is the White House based on the news reports.  Mr. President, you have to take care of these leaks NOW.  These LEAKS are there to DESTORY THE WHITE HOUSE UNDER YOUR ADMINISTRATION FROM THE VERY ONSET OF YOUR PRESIDENCY.

Now I caution you to not wait until it happens; read the communication that I have sent you and discover the true state of the nation – some of the things that I will share is information you will not receive at your intelligence briefings.  As you review the letter dated December 27, 2016, you will see the revelation regarding the flooding in Los Angeles at the time of your inauguration – God revealed this to me a month before it happened. 

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