Revelation of a Racial Incident on a Military Installation in 2017

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Revelation of a Racial Incident on a Military Installation in 2017

Prior to sending you the letter dated February 4, 2017, God showed me that there was an incident that would happen on a military base that would require me to respond if I was on active duty serving as a member of Social Actions.  This type of incident happened on or about February 25, 2017, when Seaman Robert Colton Wright was killed on a Naval Station in Virginia Beach,Virginia.  Surely, I would have been called to respond to this incident after it was reported that the sailor was “yelling and causing damage” in the hallway of the squadron prior to being shot and killed. Surely, this incident will be investigated.   I also have discovered that there were members of a special warfare unit from a Virginia Beach Naval Station reprimanded for flying a Trump campaign flag on the lead vehicle in a military convoy recently while traveling.  This incident received national attention, sparked a national debate and increased tension.  Mr. President, it is unfortunate that some people see the “Trump Flag” as a racial symbol; this incident alone would be considered a major racial incident because of the perception of some not only on the Naval Station but throughout the nation. Of course, Seaman Wright was not assigned to this unit and he may not have been affected by this incident; however something very serious caused his alleged erratic behavior.  I pray the investigation will determine the root causes of this tragedy.

Although, it is not my conclusion that God showed me the shooting of Seaman Wright, because God did not show me the specific incident that would occur that would prompt me to report to duty as if I was on active duty and working in Social Actions; it is very clear to me now why God has brought this to my attention.  Mr. President, it is imperative that you ensure that the investigation determine the root cause of this incident.   

The current racial tension is high in our military and across the nation.  A Kansas man (ex-military) was charged with shooting to death an Indian man and wounding another Indian man and an American in a bar. Federal authorities are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime; surely this incident was brought to your attention.  Moreover, Mr. President, we have human relations problems within our military that needs to be addressed.  I also discovered there have been several killings of other sailors over the past three years in the area.  In August 2015, Brandon Marcellus Haith, (A Black 21-year old) was found dead in Virginia Beach. In March 2014, two were killed on a Navy yard, one civilian and one sailor.  This includes, Master-at-Arms 2nd Class Mark Mayo, a black military police officer.  Here are a few other factors that serve as indicators that lead to unhealthy human relations climate: There have also been allegations regarding the sailors stationed in the area involved and alleged involuntary manslaughter in October 2016; and one sailor was recently accused of rape of a girl younger than 13 years old.  Two sailors arrested after a brawl with off-duty police officers in October 2014 and certain bars in the area are on the off-limits list.  In addition to these indicators, in September 2016, the local news reported that some of the sailors were living in unbearable conditions in the Navy Barracks.“Hundred Junior Sailors living at a Naval Air Station Oceana barracks say their rooms have felt like sauna for weeks on end.”  This suggests that the interests of these sailors are not being addressed and there are breeding grounds for human relations incidents. 

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