Warning Our Nation Would Suffer Financially

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Warning Our Nation Would Suffer Financially and Our Military Will Suffer In Maintaining Its Quality of Life


Today it is in the news, however the nation was first warned back in 2003 about this reality.


On May 9, 2008, I wrote President Bush (Click here to read the complete letter)

Here is a quote from that letter:

Dear Mr. President:

         On October 6, 2001, I wrote you to warn you that the United States was not within the counsel of God and the destruction to come if we failed to hearken to His word.  I have written you more than thirteen times, published this warning in two books and all revelations have come to pass.  Jesus said that there is no prophet accepted in his own country, nevertheless, I have been tasked to warn the leadership of this nation and God’s people.  Recently, in the news there have been concerns about the conditions of the Army Barracks around the world and 248 million dollars has been appropriated to address this problem; of course the conditions of the barracks did not surprise me because on January 3, 2003, God revealed this to me.  On January 14, 2003, I wrote you and share this revelation with you, moreover, I recorded this revelation on page 132 of the book, “Ending Terrorism In the United States: God Has Warned U. S.”  Below is a quote from the communication that I sent to you.

          "On January 3, 2003, God revealed to me in a vision that I was on a military base; it was as if I was performing a commander’s walk-through inspection of a barrack.  I observed the conditions of the barrack; the barrack was in need of many repairs to including painting.  After the walk-through of the barrack, I stepped outside the barracks’ door and I was met with a mass of flies, they were all over the place, then I woke up.  During the same night, God gave me another vision, again I was on a military base and I observed a structure on fire then the fire moved to another structure.  Then I awoke from the vision.  I ask the Holy Spirit to give me the interpretation of these visions.  Here is the interpretation, our nation will suffer financially and consequently, our military will suffer in maintaining its quality of life and we will experience much destruction by fire.”

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