Revelation of the Wild Fire in California in December 2015

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Letter to President Obama December 19, 2015

On December 18, 2015, God showed me in a dream what can be described as a city in the United States being terrorized by fire. Before I went to bed, I asked God in the name of Jesus to show me something that would happen in the United States, so you would know that He had sent me to provide continual counsel to the nation.   The last letter that I sent you was in a package that I mailed on December 14, 2015. I realize that it may be two to three weeks before that package is opened and you may never see the communication therein without bringing your attention to it. Here is a summary of what God showed me on December 18, 2015.

Summation of Dream

I was in a store picking up some layaways. I recalled after picking up some of the packages I went out to my car because I wanted to move it and bring it closer to the store. Next, thing that I can recall, I was traveling the streets and I heard the siren of emergency vehicles. I turned off the main street onto a side street. I noticed that there was a truck on fire, an eighteen wheeler. I went several car lengths pass the cab of the truck and stopped. Next I saw a car pull up beside the cab of the truck. An officer got out of the car and looked up at the cab. I thought that he was a Sheriff. However, it looked as if the officer was concerned about something else other than the truck on fire. He got back into his car. I was concerned that the truck was about to explode.

I pulled off; within a block I see a man sitting on his front porch of a wood framed house. I said to the man, there is a fire. Before I would complete my sentence, he interrupted me and said I see the smoke. However, he was looking in the other direction of smoke clouds. I then told him about the truck on fire. I thought that I was in Los Angeles, however as I continued to travel, I noticed small flames of fire; next I see these wood framed houses that were in the path of the fire. I noticed several people sitting on their porches; they looked as if they were poor. I woke up. (Please note that I had not reached the area that was producing the clouds of smoke.”

Prophecy Fulfilled

Wildfire burns 1,200 acres outside Los Angeles, closes highway


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