Border Crisis

Border Crisis

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This is an excerpt from a letter that was written to President Donald Trump on October 25, 2018.  It speaks about the crisis that we are experiencing at the U.S. border today.

It is very important to understand every aspect of this judgment – this can be done by acknowledging God in all of our ways.  Now allow me to put on my hat as a problem solver.  This means both the Republicans and the Democrats must discuss issues from this advantage point.  For example:  Oppressing the hireling in his wages – failing to pay people a living wage.  In 1966, Hyman Bookbinder, the assistant director of the Office of Economic Opportunity, made this assertion: “The poor can stop being poor if the rich are willing to become even richer at a slower rate.”  Now let take a look at another example: Turning aside the stranger from his right.  There is a crisis in Mexico with a caravan of immigrates headed toward the United States.  In order to effective deal with this crisis there must be meaningful discussions of both the Republicans and the Democrats.  However, if an Executive decision is made without that discussion every factor must be carefully weighed regarding who these people are and their motivation and purposes for joining the caravan at this time.  When we look closely we can clearly see there is a crisis that brewing with the caravan itself before it reaches the border of the United States.  Some of these people may become ill and unfortunately some may even die in the midst of the journey.  President Trump, I know you have some wise counselors on your team; however there is clear evident that there are some who do not know the Way of the LORD in the name of JESUS.  Mr. President, I recommend that you address the  Legislative Branch of Government and let them know your resolve to sign bills that are in the best interest of the people and encourage robust discussions.  (Now I will take my social actions hat off.)

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