Letter to Donald Trump, April 2016

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Elmore Richmond Jr.


(Letter was undated, however it was sent in April 2016)


Mr. Donald Trump

President and CEO

The Trump Organization

 725 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10022


Dear Mr. Trump:

            I am writing you because God has blessed you with some abilities and the resolve to make America great again.  As you know, America is on the path to destruction.  You have clearly pointed out that the leadership of the nation has failed.  I am going to share some insights that will help you in your quest to become President and to make America great again.  First allow me to help you articulate the problem in plain talk.

“When Democracy fails to keep Capitalism in check; the Rich and the love of money create a government that rules the People.”  I just coined this statement!  This is what has happened to America – as you have pointed out many of the politicians have been bought because they have the love of money which is the root of all evil. 

Now allow me to break it down a little more.  As you know Capitalism, the economic system and Democracy are not a perfect fit.  One of the bedrock principles of Capitalism is profit maximization.    Under profit maximization, owners believe it is in their best interest to pay the lowest possible wages for labor.  Moreover, today the owners look at the world as the market place and many recruit their labor force from the pool of workers around the world.  Consequently, many owners are not concerned with America’s economy if they can maximize their profits by using workers in foreign countries.  However, America’s economy only thrives when the dollar is being circulated within the nation and the maximum number of people is gainfully employed earning living wages.  Therefore, the government is charged to keep Capitalism in check.  Surely Mr. Trump you know this already, however many Americans do not understand the nature of this problem.

I elected to share this first; however to make America great again it will take a lot more than addressing the economy.  America is not within the counsel of God.  The leadership has put its trust in oppression and perverseness.  We have misused our military might – we have been trying to shape things with our military might as a hammer.  This was the problem with Babylon before it fell.  

Mr. Trump, listen carefully.  I am a Prophet of God in the name of Jesus.  God showed me 9/11 before it happened.  I wrote President George W. Bush thirteen times and all revelations have come to past.  I have written President Barack Obama more than twenty times and the revelations keep coming.   Problem – there is no Prophet accepted in his own country.  Surely, I will not be accepted here in America because I bring forth truth and many do not want to receive truth.   Nevertheless, my job is to share in love as God has commanded me.  You may visit our website and read the letters to the President and other communications at www.revelationuptotheminute.org


Surely, you have a difficult job because you are trying to bring forth much needed change, however the resistance to change is great and many at the top do not want to acknowledge truth.  You were correct to oppose the war with Iraq.  You are also correct – we are responsible for the crisis in the Middle East.  Mr. Trump you said NATO is obsolete – these nations need to contribute their fair share.  Surely from your vantage point this is true.  However, the current leadership sees it from a different vantage point.  I have enclosed a copy of a letter that I received from President Obama that gives his views why NATO is important today.  I disagree with the President because I understand the wickedness of the leadership’s resolve.  Listen carefully, NATO created the crisis in the Middle East – we sowed discord among the people which was designed to control the leadership of these Arab nations.  Consequently, today we cannot defeat ISIS with our military might because we have planted far too many bad seeds.  In order to defeat ISIS, God has allowed me to prepare a master plan.  I have enclosed a copy of this work for your information.  It is important to understand what the United States has done to create this hatred for America.  We cannot kill our way out of this and we must not continue to use our military might to effect our will around the world. 

Nuclear Weapons

Mr. Trump, you expressed your concerns about nuclear weapons.   Fear and the lack of trust of our allies are the real reasons Japan and Germany do not have nuclear weapons.  However, today the technology is no longer a mystery – as you said eventually more nations will obtain these weapons.  Surely, we would like to control these weapons – however we must address this concern from a different vantage point because we can no longer be the protector of the world.

Making America Great Again

Mr. Trump, currently the United States of America is doing the things that God hates.  It is imperative to understand the way of the Lord; God makes peace and God creates evil.  God hates evil, however God creates evil as a reward for the ones who do wickedness.  Moreover, God controls the storms as a man would do it by hand.  It is imperative that you understand the way of the Lord.  Here is the basic problem – men do not fear God and they do not understand the way of the Lord.  In order to make America great again – the leadership of the nation must learn to fear God based on the precepts of God.  I have enclosed copy of the book titled: “Ending Terrorism In the United States: God Has Warned U. S.”  This is one of the works that God gave me to warn America of the consequences if the nation failed to hearken to His counsel.  I have also enclosed a copy of another work titled: “America – America: A Check Up for the Body of Christ.”  This work gives the revelation of 9/11 and was published within three weeks after 9/11.  All revelations have come to past.

Understanding the Plight of Black America, Hispanics and the Poor Whites

I have also enclosed a copy of my work titled: “Power Pack: 101 Points to Social and Economic Justice.”  This work will help you understand the plight of Black America and how to address some of the concerns of Blacks, Hispanics and the poor Whites.  You will find this work very useful in your future debates.

Ensuring The Fitness of the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court needs to be addressed now.  However, the chief concern is not about the appointment of a Justice to replace Justice Scalia; the Court must be brought in check to ensure that it operates within the rule of law.   Mr. Trump, did you know that Chief Justice Roberts said that the Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage had nothing to do with the Constitution – it was an act of will and not the rule of law?  

Some refer to Chief Justice Roberts as “Chief Justice of the Supreme Court,” when this is done, it is incorrect and it limits the role of the Chief Justice of the United States.  It is true Chief Justice Roberts presides over the Supreme Court; however he serves as the head of the Judicial Branch of the Federal Government.  It is true; on the Supreme Court the Chief Justice’s vote carries no more influence than the Associate Justices.  Therefore, in the same-sex marriage case his vote was with the minority and the ruling was passed five to four.  Now let us look beyond the vote and read the dissenting opinion; his dissenting opinion must have merit if he is truly in fact the Chief Justice of the United States of America.

The Chief Justice of the United States concludes:

  • The ruling of the Court had nothing to do with the Constitution.
  • The ruling was an act of will and not the rule of law.
  • Chief Justice Roberts expressed that the legitimacy of their (The Courts) power depends on confining it to the exercise of legal judgment.

Listen very carefully and let this ring in your ears:  The legitimacy of the Supreme Court’s power depends on confining it to the exercise of legal judgment.   THIS RULING WAS AN ACT OF WILL AND NOT THE RULE OF LAW!

Taking Action Now to Question the Constitutionality of the Same-sex Marriage Case 

Mr. Trump, I have enclosed a position paper regarding this matter.  I believe action can be taken today to question the constitutionality of the ruling in the same-sex marriage case.  Moreover, I have made recommendations in this work to help bring the Court in check.  I have posted this information on our website www.revelationuptotheminute.org .  However, only a true leader will understand what action should be taken now to address this error of the Court and to bring the Court back in check.  Now I have shared it with you, the ball is now in your Court. 

Internal Housing Keeping

I am also retired military; however for about 16 years I worked social actions concerns.   I have trained thousands over the years and worked hundreds of human relations concerns.  I recommend the following – take a crash course in human relations.   One of my other works is titled “Richmond’s Guide to Effective Human Relations and Problem Solving.”  This work is currently out of print; however it is an excellent resource.  Nevertheless, there is another issue that needs to be addressed dealing with anger.  In the enclosed book, “The Power Pack: 101 Point to Social and Economic Justice” Point Number 28 addresses this concern.  Take a few minutes and read pages 63 through 67 of this book it will be of great help.

Mr. Trump, I pray that this work will reach your hands.  America will be destroyed if it continues on its current path.  A couple months ago I had a dream about you.  In the dream you were moving into a new position, however there were still sheet rock dust on the floor and you were walking through the dust.  Mr. Trump this means that you should take action now and ensure that your current operations are secured.  May God bless you Mr. Trump; you are in my prayers and I am hopeful that this work will be a blessing for you.  Go forth Mr. Trump and work to make America great again.

Sincerely yours,

Elmore Richmond Jr.


  • Book: Ending Terrorism In the United States God Has Warned U.S.
  • Book: America – America: A Checkup for the Body of Christ
  • Book: Power Pack: 101 Points to Social and Economic Justice
  • Letter From President Obama regarding NATO
  • Position Paper: God Master Plan To Defeat ISIS
  • Full text: bin Laden’s Letter to America
  • Position Paper: Report to the Nation – Call To Action “No Social Transformation Without Representation” The Cry of the Late Justice Scalia
  • Position Paper: A Call To Action – Grounds to Shut Down the Supreme Court


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