Letter to Mr. Donald Trump, February 5, 2016

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The Church Readiness Ministries

“Helping to Make the Bride Ready”

February 5, 2016

Mr. Donald Trump

The Trump Organization

725 Fifth Avenue

 New York, NY 10022


Dear Mr. Trump:

Mr. Trump, you are 100% correct; we must make America great again – we must learn how to win.  In 1964, President Johnson declared a war on poverty - we have not won that war; however we have spent 22 trillion dollars offering doles.  Sometimes, handouts are needed; however to secure the future of America. President Johnson’s objective was not to offer doles, but opportunities.  Surely you are correct, we must produce goods in America, putting more people to work and the dollar must circulate within America to secure the future of the nation. With more people working we can use the taxes generated to pay off the deficit.  Now allow me to turn your attention to defeating ISIS.

Since you have a bid to become the next President of the United States, it is imperative that I share this information with you because it is critical that we look at defeating ISIS from a different advantage point.   I am a retired military man and I love America; however God showed me the destruction of the World Trade Center before it happened and my life has not been the same.  I wrote President George W. Bush thirteen times and all revelations have come to pass.  I have written President Barack Obama more than twenty times and the revelations keep coming.  I know the state of the nation and the consequences of our actions.  We cannot defeat ISIS with our military might; On October 6, 2001, I first warned President George Bush about this revelation and the consequences of our actions.  Surely, the warnings have gone forth to the leadership to no avail. Today the leadership of America is making the same mistakes by putting our trust in our military might in addressing terrorism; this approach will not work.  God has given me the solutions.  Please find enclosed my latest letter to President Obama, dated December 14, 2015.  I pray that you will take time out and read this communication. 

In addition to the letter, it is important to read the following:  (1) A master plan to defeat ISIS (2) Revelation on Muslims Who Truly Fear Allah (3) Full text: bin Laden’s letter to America (4) Copy of my book – “America – America: A Check Up For the Body of Christ” (5) Copy of my book – “Ending Terrorism In The United States: God Has Warned U.S.”  We also have a web site: www.revelationuptotheminute.org on this site you will find the letters that were sent to President Bush and President Obama and other leaders.  You will also find videos and communications that provide much needed information to help ensure the safety of the nation. 

Besides solutions, God sent warnings.  In the book, “Ending Terrorism in the United States: God Has Warned U. S.” I would like to direct your attention to some of the warnings and revelations that have come to fruition in the book.  On page 144, there is a reply from the United Nations, dated March 12, 2003; on pages 149 – 150, there is a reply from Senate George Allen of Virginia dated April 8, 2003.  Please note affixed between these two letters on pages 145-147, is a letter that I wrote President George W. Bush, dated March 7, 2003. The last paragraph of this letter to President Bush on page 147 describes the financial crisis and the impacts that we are experiencing in America today.  Moreover, on pages 128 and 130, there are letters that I wrote to President Bush, dated December 2, 2002 and December 20, 2002 that foretell the level of destruction that we will receive by floods.  In addition to the floods, on October 26, 2001, President Bush was warned about a plague of national disasters at a level that this nation has not experienced in its short 200 year history; this letter is on page 120.  On the web site you will find information for ordering the book. 

I ask that you review these works and study them very carefully.  In Showtime’s Documentary, The Spymasters – CIA, members of the Senate can learn from former CIA officials that – “We Cannot Kill Our Way Out of This.”  Mr. Trump, I am doing my part, however Jesus said that there is no prophet accepted in his own nation, therefore this is a very difficult cross to carry.  Nevertheless, now the men and women of the Senate can look back and see how all of the revelations have come to pass and they can go to God for themselves and pray; Mr. Trump, the next president must help change the destructive path of the nation. These works will give you an opportunity to take a fresh new look at what is actually going on in our failed approach to end terrorism.  In order for America to be that great nation that it is capable of becoming, the leadership must fear God. 

Mr. Trump, if you are elected as president, you will have an opportunity not only to help preserve and protect the future of America, but to help bring forth real change to lead the way to world peace.  In order to seek peace we must stop studying war.  God has truly provided real solutions in this work, however to receive this message you must have love for truth.  How can this be accomplished when the public is not educated and do not understand the way of the Lord?  Mr. Trump, I do not expect you to know God’s plan to defeat ISIS without reading it.  But, it is imperative that the leaders of America and the people understand that ISIS is one of the fruits of our trust in oppression and perverseness.   We cannot win with our military might; we are planting more bad seeds.  Mr. Trump, I am a retired military man – only one percent of Americans serve in our military, there have been far too many of our troops who have died in vain or suffering today because of an unjustified war. 

We have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people and spent trillions of dollars; waging these wars was all vanity.   President Bush, President Obama, Senator McCain, Senator Clinton, Senator Cruz, Mr. Carson, and Senator Rubio have it wrong.  I am also sharing the essence of the information regarding ISIS with other candidates who are seeking the office of the Presidency.  Only the ones who truly love God and country will stop playing politics and work in the best interest of the country and the world.  I have attempted to warn the leadership of America since October 2001 to no avail.  God is not playing games; America will be destroyed if it continues on this very destructive path.   Mr. Trump, go forth with the fear of God in your heart to secure the nation’s future.  You are in my prayers.

Sincerely yours,


Elmore Richmond Jr.

Prophet of God in the Name of Jesus


Note:  Visit our website at www.revelationuptotheminue  to read the works above with important hyperlinks to important documents to include:    (1) Letter to President Obama, Dated December 14, 2015 (2) God’s master plan to defeat ISIS (3) Letter to President Obama, Dated December 14, 2015 (4) A master plan to defeat ISIS   (5) Revelation on Muslims Who Truly Fear Allah and (6) Full text: bin Laden’s letter to America (7) Information on ordering the “Ending Terrorism In The United States: God Has Warned U.S.”


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