Charlottesville! The Truth - Does It Matter?

Charlottesville! The Truth - Does It Matter?

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The Truth – Does it Matter?

We have witnessed another crisis in America under the watch of President Trump.  Today, there are many pointing their fingers at the President and saying that he was wrong for saying there were good people on both sides and there is blame on both sides.  Does it really matter if the facts show that President Trump is right?  Did the major news media report what really happened on the streets of Charlottesville at the heart of the violence?  The freedom of the press is vital to the stability of the United States; the people look to the press to provide factual information on what is really going on.  Surely, opinions of individuals and commentators can be viewed as news; however their opinions become fake news when these opinions outweigh or replace the importance of reporting the facts to the public.  When the facts are not reported the people are misinformed and bad decisions can be made throughout the nation that leads to chaos throughout America.  There is evidence that says the major media failed the people and did not report the facts or at times when the facts were reported the stories were spinned.  Consequently, one of the reasons the nation is in a state of crisis is because the media has misused/abused its power.

When the major media fails to report truth, it is imperative that the People bring the media in check by discovering Truth and then sharing it over the social networks to help empower/inform the public.  It is a sad day in America when the public who watch CNN for their main source to keep abreast of what is happening in America, discover that BBC News and HBOVice News have more facts pertaining to what really happened in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Far too many people who rely on CNN are jumping to conclusions without discovering the truth. There are news commentators that are misleading the nation! I believe discrimination and hatred are wrong and these ills must not be condoned! Nevertheless, I believe that it is imperative that we take time out to discover truth before we make conclusions and take action.   

I have trained thousands in human relations - I also have been directly involved in resolving hundreds of human relations problems. Some of those problems/complaints/incidents were very, very serious - I am an expert in that field by trade! Today, many are condemning President Trump for his action - listen carefully, the people and the press on the left may not agree with the President’s comments regarding what happened in Charlottesville, VA, nevertheless the People of the United States will soon discover that there were in fact people on both sides that were responsible for the hostility.

I watched on Fox News an interview of Dr. Alveda King, the niece of the Late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; Dr. Alveda King agrees with the actions of President Trump: however I have not heard her sharing these views on CNN or any other major network.  As an expert in human relations, I agree with Dr. Alveda King, and I have discovered information that was not reported on CNN, (one of the key mainstream media outlets) that must be considered before reaching conclusions regarding what really happened in Charlottesville.  There is surely blame on both sides and if the approach used by Antifa and BLM to shut down the protest continues even more people will get killed.   Moreover, if we fail as a nation to discover truth and continue to oppress these fellow Americans by taking their civil liberties away, fail to hear their concerns, and fail to engage in the proper discourse before removing statues and taking other actions more destruction is sure to come.   

Here are some other accounts of what took place in Charlottesville.  The Revolutionary Conservative has a detailed account of the events.  The article is titled: “Shattering the Narrative: The Charlottesville Timeline.”  The article was posted on August 16, 2017 by Avialae Horton.   Here is a video whereby Avialae S. Horton gives her account of what happened at Charlottesville and the activities leading up to the event.  I strongly recommend that you watch this video  before you condemn President Trump for making his assessment and reaching his conclusions.  After watching this video, I clearly understand why President Trump says CNN is fake news.  Surely, there is a need to fully investigate what happened at Charlottesville.  Here is a good example on how CNN works to spin the story.  CNN’s airing of White Nationalist Christopher Cantwell Youtube Video, on the surface appears to be an earnest effort of CNN to discover the rest of the story.  The reporter mentioned a HBO Vice News story whereby Mr. Cantwell was heavily armed, but the reporter failed to share how Mr. Cantwell was maced and the opposition he claimed the group encountered from the onset.  Is it possible that there are some who are willing and working to bring down President Trump’s administration at all costs?  Moreover, is it possible that there are some in the mainstream media that have the facts but refuse to report the truth because they would be forced to retract their earlier reporting?  

Today, there are many Americans who believe that President Trump was wrong when he said there were good people on both sides and there is blame on both sides.  The facts will clearly show that President Trump was correct.  Here is a facts check post with videos from NBC and BBC.  Here is another report from BBC.  The failure of the media has helped put our nation in a state of crisis by failing to report all of the facts.

Like many Americans who watched the demonstration before the car was used a weapon, I watched most of the coverage on CNN.  I would also alternate my viewing by watching FOX News.  As I watched the coverage most of time I did not know which group came prepared for violence.  I thought that it was the people on the “right” who were spraying people with pepper-spray, beating people with sticks, etc.  I did not know anything about Antifa at the time; however after looking at the facts, it is very clear that Antifa played a major role in the violent acts prior to the car been used a weapon.  FOX News was faithful to show that some members of Black Lives Matter were also involved in committing some of the violent acts – they played a clip over and over to highlight this fact.   Surely, the Justice Department will launch an investigation to determine what really took place in Charlottesville.  However, the nation cannot wait until the Justice Department conducts its investigation, the People need to know now because decisions are being made today that are designed to undermine the efficiency of the Executive Branch of the United States.  It is clear that the media is playing a major role in creating this crisis by failing to report all of the facts.  

Surely, the nation is in a state of crisis.  I watched a proceeding of the Civil Rights Commission, on August 18, 2017 as they discussed a proposed prepared statement from the Civil Rights Commission regarding Charlottesville.  An amendment to the proposed statement was offered by Commissioner Gail Heriot to add a sentence to the proposed statement.  She proposed to add this sentence at the end of paragraph two. “Though we support peaceful protest and note most of the counter-demonstrators were peaceful, we condemn violence by anyone, including violence, by the so-called Anti-fa demonstrators.”  Nevertheless, the motion failed to amend the prepared statement.  Here it was very clear, that the Civil Rights Commission failed to work in the best interest of the nation. 

It was very clear that Commissioner Michael Yaki who opposed the sentence to be amended had strong opposition against President Trump – in effect he even threatened the Civil Rights Commission by saying he would introduce his own amendment to question the leadership of President Trump if the Commission would adopt the sentence. Click here to view the CSPAN coverage of this proceeding of the Civil Rights Commission.  (Note this discussion on Charlotte starts at about 10 minutes and thirty seconds of the video.)  Click here to read an article by Susan Jones of CNS News.   It must be noted, if the Civil Rights Commission would have included the statement it would have clearly showed that President Trump was correct that there was blame on both sides.  Here is a video clip from Fox News on the Civil Rights Commission’s Decision.

Commissioner Heriot also pointed out that Sheryl Gay Stolberg of the New York Times had made comments of the attacks committed by Antifa.  After she made this comment, one of the Commissioners, made the comment that you cannot believe everything that you read in the press.  After watching this proceeding, one must question the objectivity of the current Civil Rights Commission. Here is an article published in the New York Times published on August 14, by Anna Bubenko that mentions the violence of AntifaIt is important to look at the counter protesters that were in Charlottesville.  Here is an article from the New York Times that was published on August 14, 2017; by Farah Stockman that explores who the counter protesters were in Charlottesville.   The HBOVice News presentation was very informative and gave much insight.

Moreover, Michael Yaki, the Commissioner of the U. S. Commission on Civil Rights questioned President Trump’s ability to lead.  He said that President Trump lacks the leadership and courage and moral authority to lead.  How did Commissioner Yaki reach these conclusions?  It is also noted that during the discussion, Commissioner Yaki presented his opinions as if these opinions were facts to include (1) who incited the violence (2) the objectives of the protestors (3) there were not any good people from the Right Wing present at the protest.  However, the facts may not support these opinions.

Members of the Republican Party have also come out and questioned the President’s ability to lead after comments regarding Charlottesville.  If they discover the facts of what took place prior to the car being used as a weapon, would they have the same disposition?  Surely, using a car as a weapon is a horrendous act of violence – this act overshadowed all other acts in Charlottesville that occurred during the protest.  However, there are a number of people that were hurt and are not in the spotlight that received their injuries by Antifa and some members of Black Lives Matter.  I was not there in Charlottesville; however Avialae S. Horton was there.  Here is her account of what happened at Charlottesville to include the type of injuries that some of the members of the Right Wing received by some of the counter-protestors. This must be considered before any other corrective action or the comments are made regarding the leadership of the President in the matter.  I strongly recommend that you watch this video.

The Governor of VA and the Mayor of Charlottesville do not want these people on the far right in their state or city! Really? Surely, there were some there who live outside of the state of Virginia at the protest; however there are many Fellow-Americans with some of the same views of the protestors who are integrated throughout every facet of our labor force. They are police officers, teachers, pastors, judges, members of jury pools, within the ranks of our military; some are military veterans, judges, Senators, Members of Congress, doctors, and trash collectors, etc.   To resolve this crisis, it will take much more than condemning President Trump or shedding tears in front of the media. We must address the root causes.  In order to address root causes we must be willing to listen and discover the truth. If we are not careful at this juncture, many people will lose their lives on the streets of America.   Moreover, it is imperative that the Truth comes forth. 

Listen carefully; I believe that the acts of the KKK and the Nazi are immoral and evil; however I also know that the truth must come forth.   I also realize that it is evil to blame only these groups for the violence that took place in Charlottesville.  Moreover, you will discover that there were some involved in the protest from the Alt-Right were not part of the KKK or the Nazi; however they were conservatives exercising the rights of free speech.  Surely, these are some of the good people that President Trump was referring to.

It is evil to allow CNN and other media networks to abuse their power and wage a war on the Executive Branch of Government in the United States of America.  Therefore, the Spirit of the Lord in the Name of Jesus is upon me to shine Light into some very dark places. 

Listen America; Evil is Evil.  America has done some evil things.  God has warned America of its wickedness.  A nation divided against itself shall not stand; today the media is playing a major role to ensure that the divide continues to be a reality.  The failure to operate in the Truth has caused the nation to operate in error to destroy other nations.   Moreover, (1) Innocent people have been convicted.  (2) Unjust wars have been fought.  (3) Police continue to kill innocent people.  (3) Prosecutors fail to indict police officers when the facts are present.  (4) Hatred continues to grow.  (5) The Rich continue to get richer (6) Poverty continues to increase.  (7) Some in once peaceful organizations result to violence (8) Fake News becomes the norm in America.   It is important to understand we cannot change the minds and hearts of people with violence.  Here is an example of one man efforts to reach members of the KKK by befriending them.  Hundreds left the group.

Based on information gathered, it is clear that the City of Charlottesville opposed the protest of the Alt-Right from the very onset.  Some media outlets reported the fact and some did not.  In general the Public does not really know what happened in Charlottesville.  However, President Trump knows that there were good people on both sides and there was blame on both sides.  The President was also correct when he said to the media and you all know that!

America, we have one President.  The President needs our support today.  If you disagree with the President and you believe you have better solutions, you must share those ideas, suggestions, and recommendations.  We all must take every opportunity to reason together.  It is very unfortunate to witness the apparent stance that CNN has taken in dealing with President Trump.  It is clear that CNN has not reported all the facts regarding what actually happened in Charlottesville.  It is like watching a prize fight.  CNN has President Trump on the ropesinstead of presenting more facts regarding what happened at Charlottesville – CNN continues to interview people who have been misinformed and some of news spins came directed from CNN.  Surely this is an abuse of power which is designed to undermine the ability of the Executive Branch of the United States of America to properly function.

Today, in the midst of the crisis, statues of confederate leaders are being destroyed across the country without the proper discourse.  The people must be able to reason together.  (Click here and watch a video clip of a Charlottesville City Council Meeting). These symbols mean different things to different people.  It must be noted, this is a very, very serious mistake to destroy these symbols without an exchange of real dialogue and an educational campaign.  Without proper discourse, healing of the nation cannot be realized.   I watched a video of Avialae S. Horton, she provides invaluable insight on the importance of preserving this history. 

Some of you have never heard of me.  However, God in the Name of Jesus knows who I am.  I am a retired military man.  I retired from the United States Air Force in 1989.  I worked social actions programs for more than sixteen years in the military – addressing social ills, human relations problems, discrimination, racial incidents, and substance abuse.  Now I am a Prophet of God in the name of Jesus.  God showed me 9/11 before it happened.  I wrote President George W. Bush at the direction of God 13 times to no-avail.  I wrote President Barack Obama more than thirty times at the direction of God in the name of JESUS.  Since President Trump has been in office, I have written him six times

Here is a quote from a letter that I wrote President Trump on June 8, 2017.  “Mr. Trump, the nation is in a state of crisis.  There is no assurance of the rights for the workforce; no assurance of civil rights for the people and the members of our armed forces; the public cannot trust the police and the justice system has failed to protect the people from the police.   Moreover, the leadership of the nation is divided against itself.   The news media is corrupt and works to help ensure that there is a divide amongst people.  Moreover, the Church is asleep, consequently there is not enough light shining into many dark places and the salt has lost its savor.”  Surely, this is the state of the of the nation; after watching the meeting of the Civil Rights Commission on August 18, 2017, we can clearly see that there are serious problems even within the Civil Rights Commission. 

America is in trouble today, not because President Trump was elected President, however because of the lack of the fear of the Lord.  Consequently, there is a lack of love for Truth, thus the people perish because of the lack of knowledge.  We must remember; Pride comes before the fall – this holds true for individuals, nations, and media outlets.  Moreover, as it is recorded in the scriptures – For the love of money is the root of all evil.   We must pray for the leaders of America and we must make sure that Truth goes forth and we continue to shine light in some very dark places. 


Elmore Richmond Jr.

SMSgt (USAF Retired)

Prophet of God in the Name of Jesus

Co-Founder of the Church Readiness Ministries




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