Letter to President Barack Obama - December 14, 2015

Letter to President Barack Obama - December 14, 2015

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The Church Readiness Ministries

P.O. 2935

Jackson, TN 38302


December 14, 2015

President Barack Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, D. C. 20500


Dear President Obama:

Please find attached the solution to addressing the crisis in the Middle East and what must be done to defeat ISIS. The attached is a printed version of the work, however there is also a version on our website with hyperlinks of related communications and videos that provide detailed information and instructions. I strongly recommend that you view the version on the web site at www.revelationuptotheminute.org

Mr. President, we cannot defeat ISIS with our military might. On October 6, 2001, I first warned President George W. Bush about this revelation and the consequences of our actions. Moreover, I wrote him thirteen times and all revelations have come to pass. I have also written you more than twenty times as God directed me.   I am writing you again because it is imperative that we understand that we helped to create ISIS and the Taliban – these are fruit of our trust in oppression and perverseness. The more military might we employ the more bad seed we will plant. As I explained before, we are in a box and only the mercy of God can get us out of this box. Today, ISIS and the Taliban are in the same box.

“Woe to thee that spoilest, and thou was not spoiled; and dealest treacherously, and they dealt not treacherously with thee! When thou shall cease to spoil, thou shall be spoiled; and when thou shalt make an end to deal treacherously, they shall deal treacherously with thee.” (Isaiah 33:1)

Mr. President, it is important that we have love for the truth. The truth cannot be hid forever. The Iraq war was unjustified; we have killed thousands in the Middle East without cause. We have sowed discord among brethren and caused much destruction throughout the Middle East. Today the nation is not within the counsel of God – we have shed the innocent blood of thousands of Muslims. The Muslim community is justified to be angry at the people in the United States.

Mr. Donald Trump recommended that we should not allow Muslims to come into the country until our representatives’ figure out what is going on. Some have expressed their concerns about Mr. Trump’s comments. However, when you carefully consider Mr. Trump’s resolve in this matter, it shows the mark of true leadership. It is imperative to determine what is going on; but the true test of leadership is what you do after you discover the nature of the problem.   Surely, there are some within the United States government that know what is going on. The problem is how these concerns are being addressed. You cannot address these concerns if you do not have love for the truth. The United States of America rushed to shed innocent blood; we have put our trust in our military might, oppression and perverseness. The target population that have been most affected are Muslims.

Several days ago, I was searching the web and discovered a letter that was allegedly written to America by bin Laden. In this letter, bin Laden painted a good picture of the oppression and perverseness and its affects. It is hard to read and hear, however you cannot hide this truth. I have carefully studied the Qur’an – surely Islam is not a radical religion however Muslims have been wronged at our hands. Consequently, some have declared war on the United States. Mr. President, this is a spiritual battle; therefore if it is not properly addressed it will continue to spread. The banner ISIS, may come down by military might, however this will not bring an end to terrorism. Some Muslims look at the United States as a Christian Nation – this is in error because many of the nation’s polices are not within the counsel of God in the name of Jesus.

Mr. President, I can appreciate the position you are in. There are some in the nation that are beating war drums and saying that you will not say radical Islam. Surely, you know that Islam is not radical; however there are some who have distorted the teaching of Prophet Muhammad. But Mr. President, you also understand that we have given the Muslims just cause to fight because we are the ones who have brought forth the reproach. (Gulf War) What are the consequences if America admits to her faults? What are the consequences if we do not and continue to point our fingers at a group of Muslims who believe that they have been wronged and want revenge; can we kill them all? Are we going to take action to hide the letter that was allegedly written by bin Laden? Can we control Muslims after they clearly see that they have been wronged by the United States and our military might is continuously used as a hammer to control their fate?

Mr. President, this is not an easy task for me to carry this cross; however this is what God has called me to do to warn the leadership of the nation of their wickedness and the consequences of their actions.   Mr. President, if you have not read the book, “Ending Terrorism in the United States: God Has Warned U. S., I strongly recommend that you read it now. Moreover, I also recommend that you read every communication that I have sent you over the years. I am a Prophet of God – if the United States does not change this destructive path and repent, the United States of America, the country that we love will be destroyed. A nation divided against itself will not stand.

Jesus said, there is no prophet accepted in his own country. Surely, I know that I will never be accepted in America. However, now you can look back and see the warnings that have gone forth and how the consequences of the failures to adhere to the instructions have come to fruition. Mr. President, the leadership of the nation was warned about the destructive path the nation was on and the consequences to include: (1) Planting of more bad seeds (2) The financial crisis (3) a plague of national disaster at a level that this nation has not experienced in its short 200 year history (4) the loss of many lives (5) Terror would continue to visit America (6) God removing His Covering from around our military (7) The nation facing calamity after calamity.

Mr. President this is not an easy job for you, however it is imperative that the leadership of the nation acknowledge this truth. The leadership must lay politics aside – the very future of America is at hand. This battle goes beyond ISIS or the Taliban. God loves people throughout the world – for God loves man more than fine gold – people were created for His pleasure – billions are being negatively impacted because of our actions.   The nation is warring with the righteousness of God – A battle our military might cannot win. Our brave men and women in the military, the one percent of the population of the nation, have been misused by the leadership to shed innocent blood. God forbid.

Besides, sowing discord among brethren and the rush to shed innocent blood, the leadership of America has clearly demonstrated the lack of the fear of God and has enacted laws governing God’s creation that is an abomination unto Him. Mr. President, God wants you to know that men were created in His image – woman was made for man. God knows what is best for His creation – you have not considered the latter end of this social experiment. It is unfortunate that the leadership of America has caused God’s people to err and if the nation continues on the same path, America will be destroyed. God wants His people and the leadership to understand the true state of the nation. Thus the United States of America is 19 trillion dollars in debt and our current battle is with the righteousness of God.

Mr. President, you are the current Chief Executive of the United States of America. Surely, the United States was on the path of destruction before you were elected. You attempted to end the warfare, however far too many bad seeds were already planted. Often you have not had the full cooperation of the House and the Senate; as a consequence you passed executive orders that disregarded established law, the will of the people, and the precepts of God. Surely mistakes have been made and even more bad seeds have been planted.   Mr. President, the future of the nation is now at hand – rise to the leadership that God has given you for this hour. Lead the nation through this dark period of the history of the nation. Share the resolve with Congress, both houses and the people. America needs healing; therefore we the leadership of the nation must fear God and understand that the shedding of more innocent blood is not the answer and this is not the time for politics. However, it is time for good strong leadership. The people have elected leaders that are capable to rise up to meet these challenges; however they must be willing to listen to one another. I am praying for you, Mr. President and the leaders of the land.

Sincerely yours,

Elmore Richmond Jr.

Prophet of God In The Name of Jesus

Two Attachments


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