Letter to President Barack Obama, May 31, 2011

Letter to President Barack Obama, May 31, 2011

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May 31, 2011

President Barack Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC, 20500


 Dear Mr. President:

             First, allow me to thank you for providing counsel to the nations in the Middle East regarding their quest for democracies.  Surely this type of counseling was much needed.  However, we are still headed in the wrong direction.  Let me be frank!  Former President George W. Bush led this nation as if the United States was Babylon; consequently, some of your recent actions lend to supporting this Babylonia’s posture.  If we should continue in this direction, the United States of America will be destroyed.

             Did you know that God controls the storms as a man would do it by hands?  (Isaiah 28:2) Moreover, according to the word of God, standards have been declared as to how God will deal with nations that conduct their affairs like Babylon.  God says, “I will raise up against Babylon, and against them that dwell in the midst of them that rise up against me, a destroyed wind; And will send unto Babylon fanners, that shall fan her, and shall empty her land; for in the day of trouble they shall be against her round about.”  (Jeremiah 51:1-2)

             Mr. President, Babylon is known as a hammer – this is what you are trying to do in a quest to shape the world!   In our quest to shape the world, we have killed many innocent people, destroyed the homes of the innocent in nations thousands of miles away.  Moreover, this year under your leadership, we have destroyed people homes, businesses, and other nations’ infrastructures.  These nations were not capable militarily to bring about this type of destruction to the shores of the United States.  Moreover, they had not posed any threat to the United States of America.  Mr. President, God loves mankind; God loves them throughout the world. 

             God has shown me very clearly and I pray that you will understand this truth.  As we go out and destroy properties of people in other nations, God brings destruction back to us.  One of the forces that God uses is destroying wind.  Last year, we had a few noteworthy storms in the United States; however we did not have destroying wind round about us.  In fact, On September 22, 2010, I submitted a Press Release, titled “President’s Action Help Direct the Path of Hurricanes.”  However, the media did not publish this release. Nevertheless, I have attached a copy of the release for your information.

             Mr. President, I pray as you survey the damages in cities around the nation that you think about the destruction we have brought to God’s people in other nations.  Last year, we were blessed after you ended our combat role in Iraq; Hurricane Earl changed its path.  Some weather reporters say we dodged a bullet, when Hurricane Earl turned and went north eastward.  After Hurricane Earl turned, then Hurricane Igor formed and headed directly toward the United States, however it turned.  Next it was Hurricane Julia, like Earl and Igor the storm made its approach, however it also turned away from the United States.  Mr. President, we did not dodge bullets, God controls these storms as a man would do it by hands.  I pray in the name of Jesus that you receive this counsel.  

             I have sent you several copies of my book, titled “Ending Terrorism in the United States: God Has Warned U. S.” in the past.  This work provides much needed counsel for the leaders of America.  Former President George W. Bush did not adhere to the counsel of the Lord.  President Bush was warned about a plague of national disasters on October 26, 2001, a copy of this letter is on page 120 of this book. On September 3, 2002, President Bush was warned about going to war without provocation, this letter is on page 124 – 127.  Moreover, I wrote President Bush on January 14, 2003 and explained how this nation would suffer financially and the consequences if we went to war with Iraq without provocation; this letter is on pages 132 -135.  Mr. President, take time out and read this work; it shows us how we can receive peace as a river, righteousness as the waves of the sea; and it also show how God can give us favor and terror will not come near us and God will show us how to profit.  Mr. President, you are in my daily prayers. Before you use our military might to destroy – think – think – think.  If the military action is without provocation – the nation’s ultimate fight is with God.

             Often we can always rationalize our decisions to use military might.  For example – “A leader is killing his people – our military actions are designed to prevent the President of Libya and the regime from killing its people.”  Question – What would happen in the United States if a group of citizens organize in a way that the United States government deems them as a threat?  What happened at Kent State?  What has happened to the various militant groups in the United States over the years?  What gives us the authority to declare that a leader of another nation has to go?  Have we mastered democracy in the United States?  Have democracy kept capitalism in check?  How can America lend/give Egypt one billion dollars to help build a democracy when there is so much work at home that we need to address to secure the immediate needs and future of the United States?  Do you understand what God has declared for Egypt?  (Isaiah Chapter 19) Do you really understand the reasons so many nations in the Middle East are affected by this perverse spirit in their quest for democracies?

 Have we painted an illusion to the world about democracy being so great – a system that has in fact failed to keep capitalism in check?  Surely this is dated information, however about twenty years ago I discovered that 5 percent of Americans received about the same income as the bottom 40 percent, but the richest one percent own more assets than the bottom 80 percent.    Do these problems need to be address?   Surely, these problems need to be addressed however there is not a social movement within the United States to address them.  Consequently, we can paint the picture of how great democracy is to the world because of the lack of a social movement in the United States to address the serious problems that are festering at the core of America.  Moreover, now the nation is in serious trouble because the system has failed to keep capitalism in check and to truly address the needs of the underserved population.  Nevertheless, we are boasting on how great the democracy is and not sharing all of the facts.  

  Mr. President, we must address these problems in America – You are the Chief Executive – This is your watch; therefore to truly serve the interests of the people of America, we must address these very serious problems that are impacting America.  Surely, we must be concerned about what is going on in other nations; however our utmost efforts must target improving the conditions for people that live in America; In America we have an underserved population and their needs are not truly being addressed.  Years ago before I received my call from God as one of his prophets, I published a book titled: “The Power Pack: 101 Points To Social and Economic Justice” this work is a master plan for addressing these problems in America on a broad base.  In respect to revising our economic system, Point 54 of this book addresses this problem; this work can help lend to discussion that ensure the needs of the poor is addressed and provide insight on how to secure the future of this nation.    This work is currently out of print; however, I have enclosed a used copy of the book for the First Lady and you to share.  (More used copies of this work can be obtained from some book sellers on Amazon.com)

  Mr. President, you are correct in saying we must work to help support the cause of freedom of people around the world – I could sense your desire for doing right thing.  However, a Babylonia agenda is not the answer; nor will a Babylonia agenda accomplish the true resolve that you have in your heart.  There are some around you who believe that our military might is the answer; this is the Babylonia agenda.  If this nation continues to endorse this Babylonia agenda – ultimately this nation will lose the battle with God.  Thus, the faith of this nation is already written in the Holy Scriptures.  Surely, God will continue to send destroying winds and they will be round about the United States.  However in the end, ten (10) nations will give their strength to the beast and destroy the United States of America.  Hint – As the ten nations voted to come up against Libya – In the future ten (10) nations will vote and give their strength to a system that will destroy the United States of America.  I strongly recommend that you read the book, “Ending Terrorism In the United States: God Has Warned U. S.”

  Mr. President you are in my daily prayers.  I pray in the name of Jesus that this communication reaches the hands of the President of the United States.  Mr. President, I believe in your heart you would like to do the right thing, however you have not received the proper counsel of God to understand the way of the Lord; Pastor Jeremiah Wright attempted to share truth in love, however you did not think it was politically correct to receive his counseling.  There is no prophet of God accepted in his own country; surely it is not politically correct to receive counsel from me.  Nevertheless, my job is to share what God has given me.  Therefore, I am sharing these words in love and I pray that we do what is right and pleasing in the sight of God – America needs to be healed.

  Mr. President, listen carefully, your actions help direct the path of hurricanes and other storms.  For God controls these storms as a man would do it by hands; let us give God reasons to not send us destroying winds or the flooding of our land.  Many people are suffering from the destruction of the storms; many are crying out: “We will rebuild! We will rebuild! We will rebuild!”  So they rebuild and God continues to send destroying winds all around us; God controls the storms as a man would do it by hands.  Since God controls these storms – let ensure that we are in position to receive His blessings.    I pray in the name of Jesus that you will receive this counsel.

 Sincerely yours,

 Elmore Richmond Jr.

 A Prophet of God in the name of JESUS

  Three Enclosures

 Press Release – September 22, 2010 “President’s Actions Help Direct the Path of Hurricanes”

  1. Letter April 7, 2001

  2. Used Book – “Power Pack: 101 Points to Social and Economic Justice”

Book – “Ending Terrorism In the United States: God Has Warned U. S.”



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