Letter To President Joe Biden January 21, 2022, COVID19

Letter To President Joe Biden January 21, 2022, COVID19

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January 21, 2022

President Joseph R. Biden Jr.

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20500


Dear Mr. President: 

Reference my letter dated December 31, 2021.  In the referenced communication I shared two warnings that I have received from GOD.  This communication is concerning the first warning regarding the plane.  On December 31, 2021, I did not know what type of plane it was – now I know.  It was the “Dream Chaser.”  I saw a video clipping of it on the internet on January 5, 2022.  I am 100% sure that this was the plane in my dream.  This is not unusual for me to see things in the future.  However, I am concerned about what happened after I saw the plane making its maneuvers and the movement of the pod.

  • In a dream, I saw what appeared to be some type of reconnaissance plane that was flying low.  Then it appeared to be searching for something.  However, I am not familiar with the type of aircraft it was.  Nevertheless, it went downward out of my sight.  Next, I noticed some type of pod to come from the direction of the craft that went downward.  The pod went upward then it went downward out of my sight.  Next, I observed two fighter jets moving as if they are racing to a known threat. 

Restatement of the dream.

                        In a dream, I saw the plane, now I know it is called the “Dream Chaser.”  It was first flying high - then it began to fly low as if it was searching for something.  Then it went down out of my sight.  Next, I noticed some type of pod to come from the direction of the Dream Chaser after it went out of my sight.  The pod went upward then it went downward out of my sight.  Next, I observed two fighter jets moving as if they were racing to a known threat.

Mr. President, again I do not know the nature of this threat.  However, when GOD gives me a revelation of this type it is a warning for an event before it happens.  Often, actions can be taken to prevent it from happening; this is a warning.

Now, allow me to turn your attention back to the meat of the communication that I sent you on December 31, 2021.  The Supreme Court has ruled; however, the effectiveness of the vaccines was not under consideration by the Court.  Again, Mr. President, the United States is making a serious mistake with the continued vaccination campaign and boosters.  Look beyond the borders and you will clearly understand that something is wrong, however you must have love for truth.  Frankly, Mr. President, when I was ten years old, GOD had given me the gift of wisdom – at ten years old I would have given you better recommendations than what have been given to you to resolve this crisis.  Don’t misunderstand me because Dr. Fauci understands that the vaccines are not working.  However, he has been misleading you and has deceived the people and now the Supreme Court has been played – The Supreme Court was played because their decisions regarding the Federal Employees was based on the premise that the vaccines were safe.  Surely, when you stay within the borders of the United States, at first it appeared that the vaccinated were the ones who had some measures of protection from COVID 19 vs the unvaccinated.  Therefore, you will not know that the vaccinated are the one who are spreading COVID 19.  Surely, from that vantage point it made sense to push the vaccines.

However, when you view it from a different vantage point, it becomes clear that the vaccination campaigns were never working in the United States and around the world.  If the data was studied regarding the country of Seychelles on March 11, 2021, it would have been clear that the vaccinated were spreading COVID 19.  We have used the website “Our World In Data” to compile this information.  We reviewed the data regarding Seychelles, a small Africa Island nation with about 89,347 people.  On May 11, 2021, Seychelles had 3,385 new confirmed COVID 19 cases per million people in a 7-day rolling average.  On the other hand, some nations with less than 1% vaccinated were in the single digits of new confirmed cases per million.  At the time Seychelles was 62.04 % fully vaccinated.  It appears that Seychelles was a test nation to attempt to obtain herd immunity to no avail.  Seychelles held the position of the nation with the most people fully vaccinated and the nation with the most confirmed cases per million for about four months. (See the chart at attachment one.)

I have discovered when you carefully evaluate the data regarding the increased rate of vaccination in nations and the increased numbers of new cases there is a direct relationship.  However, most scientists and doctors have not made this observation because they have been trying to address the problem within their borders.  On December 31, 2021, I shared this information with you, and I enclosed a DVD titled: “COVID 19: The Scientists and Doctors Have Erred – GOD Sends Corrections and Solutions.”  I have enclosed another copy of the DVD in this communication.

Nevertheless, there are some scientists and doctors that understand that the vaccines are not working and the vaccinated are spreading COVID 19 to the unvaccinated. However, they are not allowed to provide the much-needed inputs to help make the correction.  Now, the data is available, and it does not take a doctor or scientist to understand it.  However, it is apparent that Dr. Fauci has not opted to consider some facts, studies, and findings regarding the in-effectiveness of the vaccines and the vaccines negative effects on the people.

Moreover, efforts were taken to minimize the use of other drugs in the United States to treat COVID 19. The world has become a clinic.  GOD has blessed scientists and doctors around the world, however under the leadership of Dr. Fauci, early treatment of COVID 19 was not part of the national protocols.  The use of Ivermectin was not authorized for treatment in the United States and there was a misinformation campaign regarding the use of the medication. However, prior to the end of 2021 clinical trials were authorized in the United States by FDA and CDC.

However, when you come out of the “the U. S. control box” you will discover the world’s largest clinical trial regarding Ivermectin has already been conducted.  The participants were the United States, Israel, and India.  The conclusion is clear – Ivermectin works.  (See attachment two) Mr. President, in the letter that I sent you on December 31, 2021, I enclosed a DVD titled: “COVID 19 Ivermectin Effectiveness – The World’s Largest Clinical Trial.” I have also enclosed a copy of the DVD in this communication.

Today there are overt activities to destroy the reputations of doctors and scientists instead of considering and weighing the wealth of knowledge that they could bring to the table to help bring an end to the pandemic.  Surely, Dr. Fauci understands, if he should allow these doctors and scientists to come to the table it will clearly show that he has been misleading the people – in other words Dr. Fauci must admit that he has been wrong.  If Dr. Fauci admits that he has been wrong – then the people would know that under your leadership, Mr. President, many lives have been lost and the approach that has been used by the United States was not the best approach in addressing this pandemic.  Surely, the people would be angry – and this would pose another problem for the administration.  

Now its about power, politics, and the love of money.  Mr. President, the love of money is the root of all evil.  Mr. President, Dr. Fauci has deceived many.  It is understandable that you have relied on him as your chief medical advisor.  Now, the truth is coming forth – and truth clearly shows that Dr. Fauci has failed to provide you sound information to address this pandemic.  Here are some of the questions you must entertain at this junction – What do you do now to put things in order?  Do you continue to allow the people in the United States to be deceived and continue to enforce mandates that have no medical benefits?  Do you continue to vaccinate people for COVID 19 with vaccines that are not effective?  Mr. President, would this be considered medical malpractice?

Moreover, do you continue to allow people to die on your watch who could be treated with Ivermectin?  Yes – many would question why the use of Ivermectin was not authorized earlier!  There will be an outcry – Why? Why? Why?  However, there are people today in the United States of America who could benefit from the use of Ivermectin today.  Do you continue to deny the use of Ivermectin in this nation? 

Surely, the problem is compounded. It is unfortunate, today many people who are vaccinated think that the unvaccinated are the ones who pose the threat.  There is a new poll from the Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports surveyed 1,016 U.S. "likely voters" on Jan. 5.  Here are some of the results of the poll: (1) Fifty-nine percent (59%) of Democratic voters would favor a government policy requiring that citizens remain confined to their homes at all times, except for emergencies, if they refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Such a proposal is opposed by 61% of all likely voters, including 79% of Republicans and 71% of unaffiliated voters. (2) Nearly half (48%) of Democratic voters think federal and state governments should be able to fine or imprison individuals who publicly question the efficacy of the existing COVID-19 vaccines on social media, television, radio, or in online or digital publications. Only 27% of all voters – including just 14% of Republicans and 18% of unaffiliated voters – favor criminal punishment of vaccine critics.”  Mr. President, this type of hatred is based on misinformation – the notion that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.  Truth will come forth.  Now it is about integrity!

Mr. President, GOD is not pleased!  Truth will come forth in the name of JESUS! Omicron is a blessing to help end this pandemic.  Do you admit to America and the world that you have been deceived by Dr. Anthony Fauci, your Chief Medical Advisor?  Will you relieve him of that position as Chief Medical Advisor – will he also be removed from the position that he holds in NIH?  I pray in the name of JESUS - that you will not allow, Dr. Fauci to continue to mislead – as he works to cover-up his wrongdoings.  The immediate future of mankind is at hand, and you are the local Commander-In-Chief for the United States! 

On December 31, 2021, I enclosed two videos that clearly explain where we are and what we must do now.  However, in this communication, I am enclosing several charts – I pray that this information will reach your hands. As I mentioned, when I was ten years old, with this information I would have been able to explain that the vaccines are not working, and we needed to halt this vaccination campaign. Today, there are many who are ten years old, if they had this data, they would also declare that the vaccines are not working.   Today, the data is available from around the world, even W.H.O. now admits that we need a new approach to end this pandemic.  Mr. President, if you have love for truth, you will admit that Dr. Fauci has failed in providing reliable information to manage and end this pandemic. 

I pray in the name of JESUS, that you will get this communication.  I am a Prophet of GOD in the name of JESUS.  As a Prophet to the Nation, I am one of GOD’s mouthpieces.  Again, GOD is not pleased; GOD is not pleased with what has gone on in the failure of the administration to manage this crisis.  I must speak what GOD has given me to speak – I have no political interests and I am not seeking any recognition; moreover, there is no monetary gain for me.  This is not smooth talk! JESUS said that there is no Prophet accepted in his own country.  Jesus also said: a nation divided against itself shall not stand – this is the current state of the United States – a Divided Nation! 

Mr. President, I love America – this is not an easy task to write this type communication to the leadership of the nation.  However, GOD has been using me for a long time as one of His prophets and I realize that GOD loves people in the United States and around the world.  I give GOD the glory in the name of JESUS – I do not seek recognition from man.  This communication is of utmost importance because mankind is at risk and GOD has sent forth a correction through the Omicron Variant.  However, if Dr. Fauci is not brought in check and if you take action to prevent this truth from going forth now on your watch - there will be more highly contagious variants and there will be even more trouble in the land on your watch.  Please find at attachment three – two charts of the way Omicron has impacted the United States and other nations to include some nations in Africa that have not put emphasis on mass vaccination.  It is imperative that we learn from this development.

Mr. President, I have enclosed one of the books that GOD directed me to write.  Therein you will discover how President George W. Bush was warned to no avail.  Consequently, there were many lives that were lost at our hands and our military suffered many losses and terrorism is still at our doors. Besides solutions, God sent warnings. In the book, “Ending Terrorism in the United States: God Has Warned U. S.” I would like to direct your attention to some of the warnings and revelations that have come to fruition in the book. On page 144, there is a reply from the United Nations, dated March 12, 2003; on pages 149 – 150, there is a reply from Senator George Allen of Virginia dated April 8, 2003. Please note affixed between these two letters on pages 145-147, is a letter that I wrote President George W. Bush, dated March 7, 2003. The last paragraph of this letter to President Bush on page 147 describes the financial crisis and its impacts that we experienced in America. Moreover, on pages 128 and 130, there are letters that I wrote to President Bush, dated December 2, 2002 and December 20, 2002 that foretell the level of destruction that we will receive by floods. In addition to the floods, on October 26, 2001, President Bush was warned about a plague of national disasters at a level that this nation has not experienced in its short 200-year history; this letter is on page 120.  

President Obama and President Trump were warned to no-avail.  President Biden, it is important to understand the “Way of the Lord in the Name of JESUS” The nation is in serious trouble because it has not adhered to the counsel of GOD in the name of JESUS.  President Biden, you have a very difficult job because there is an apparent lack of fear of GOD by the leadership of the nation.  It is imperative that you take time out now and assess what is really going on regarding managing of COVID 19.  You cannot make this assessment without the wealth of knowledge of other doctors and scientists, studies, and lessons learned from other nations.  Dr. Fauci has failed the leadership to this end, and Dr. Fauci has conflicts of interests. 

Today, there is several threats to include: social upheaval within the nation, several military threats, a threat to our democracy, a threat to law and order, the health of the people.  Surely, this list of threats is not all inclusive.  However, now it is time stop this madness and listen to GOD in the name of JESUS.  For America to meet these immediate challenges, politics must be put aside – it will take more than good sounding words to bring about this much needed change.   However, for this to happen, it is imperative that you as President of the United States realize the state of the nation.    The United States needs the blessing of GOD in the name of JESUS.  On our website www.revelationuptotheminute.org you will discover the warnings and counsel that were sent to President George W. Bush, President Barack Obama, and President Donald Trump.  It is unfortunate, that they did not adhere to much of the counsel.  Consequently, the United States is on the pathway of destruction.  I have attached a copy of a letter that GOD had me write to President Obama on May 14, 2013; this letter will give you even a better understanding why the nation is on a pathway of destruction.  The letter is at attachment four.

In respect to COVID 19, Dr. Fauci has given you advice that goes directly against what GOD wants for mankind.  GOD does not want mankind to destroy the natural immune system that He has given to us.  GOD did not create mankind to be forced to wearing covers on their faces forever, and to avoid close contact with one another forever.  Moreover, GOD did not create mankind for men to force them to receive vaccines in their arms and be subjects of other men. Mr. President, look at nations that have not placed emphasis on mass vaccination!  You will really be amazed when you discover the truth.   GOD has given mankind a very effective natural immune system; however, the love of money is the root of all evil.  President Biden, do you really believe that GOD would allow mankind to be depending on wicked men for survival.  Light is going forth now – Truth will expose this wickedness.

Mr. President, I pray in the name of JESUS that this communication will reach your hands. I pray in the name of JESUS, that you will take time out and learn the way of the LORD and learn to fear GOD based on His precepts.

Praying that Truth Goes Forth In the Name of JESUS!


Elmore Richmond Jr.

Prophet of GOD In the Name of JESUS

Executive Director

The Church Readiness Ministries


Four Attachments:

Attachment One:   Chart the Effects of Mass Vaccination on Seychelles, May 11, 2021

Attachment Two:  Charts that Shows the Results of the Largest Clinical Trial Regarding Ivermectin – Participants – India, Israel, and the United States

Attachment Three: Two Charts of the Way Omicron Has Impacted the United States and Other Nations

Attachment Four: Copy of Letter to President Obama, May 14, 2013


Three Enclosures:

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