Letter To President Joe Biden December 31, 2021  - Warning From GOD     COVID19 and Military
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December 31, 2021


President Joseph R. Biden Jr.

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20500


Dear Mr. President: 


Listen carefully, I am a Prophet of GOD in the name of JESUS. One of my assignments is to provide counsel to the leadership of the United States.  I am writing you at the direction of GOD in the name of JESUS.  I have written to you twice since you have been in office.  Surely, the communications did not reach your hands.  JESUS said that there is no prophet accepted in his own country; therefore, I realize that I will never be accepted in the United States of America.  Nevertheless, my job is to send forth warnings and provide counsel in the name of JESUS. 

GOD recently showed me two warnings regarding the United States, that I must share in this communication.  They are as follows:

In a dream, I saw what appeared to be some type of reconnaissance plane xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Content removed for web site posting xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




Mr. President, I do not know the nature of this threat, however based on my past experiences with this type of revelation – it will happen within the next 30 days.


  • President, in a dream GOD showed me the depth of the corruption of the politics in the United States.  I was able to see this woman put in a position to make her do something that she was not willing to do – it appeared to be a no-win situation.  She was being abused before my eyes.  I went to the person that was taking the action and voiced my concerns to no avail.  There were others watching this injustice, however it appeared everyone was powerless.  Then one of the persons who was taking the action said, “You cannot do anything about this, it is all about politics – everything we do is about politics – we have taken actions against nations – it was about politics.”  Then he proceeded to walk in the direction of the White House.


Mr. President, this is not a good revelation regarding your administration.  I clearly understand this revelation.  Before the dream, I had prayed and asked GOD to give me clear direction regarding addressing the COVID 19 crisis.  GOD clearly revealed to me that people’s lives are being destroyed because of politics.  There is corruption within your administration, and it is so corrupt that people think they can do anything, to any person, or place and they will have your support in the name of politics; this is very, very serious!


Mr. President, allow me to explain how serious this is.  GOD sees what is currently going on in America like the activities that was going on before HE sent the Redeemer, our LORD and Savior, JESUS Christ.  The description in Isaiah 59:12-15 is like the current state-of-affairs in the United States under your administration.  Sins are multiplied before GOD, transgressions are present, the leadership knows that they are committing sin, they are lying to the people, oppressing people of their rights, dealing in falsehood.  There is no justice and equity has no place.  Truth cannot go forth!  Moreover, when you depart from evil – you become a prey for the wicked. 


President Biden, this is a warning from GOD!  GOD is not pleased with what is going on under your administration.  It is apparent that you and the leadership of the nation do not fear GOD in the name of JESUS based on His precepts.  Mr. President, under your administration actions are being taken to destroy mankind for the love of money and politics are allowing this to take place.  COVID 19 is serious; however, there is corruption in the system in managing this crisis.  The leadership of the United States has been lying to people and has not allowed truth to go forth.  Many lives have been lost and there are more illness and chaos because of this corruption around the world. 

The vaccines are not working – the vaccinated are the ones who are spreading COVID 19. Mr. President, Dr. Fauci knows that the vaccines are not working – today actions are being taken to mask this failure by vaccinating all.  However, this wickedness will not stand.

I have enclosed a video of collected data that clearly shows what the doctors and scientists have missed.  The problem is simple – they have been trying to resolve this crisis from within their borders!  However, the world has become a clinic.  This video gives you an opportunity to view this crisis from that vantage point. 

GOD has blessed doctors and scientists around the world – many of them know that we are headed in the wrong direction in addressing this pandemic.  As you know many have not been allowed to come to the table. Politics prevented positive accounts of the use of the drug Ivermectin to treat COVID from being aired.  At the onset of this pandemic, treatment of the infected was not part of the protocols.  A hearing was held in the Senate that gave families the opportunity to express how they have been injured or had lost love-ones because of the adverse reactions to the vaccines – politics kept some of the members in the government from participating in this hearing.  The list goes on.   I just explained what GOD showed me in a dream regarding the depth of the corruption in our political system.  It is all about politics – politics are destroying the lives of many people and working wickedness throughout the world.  GOD is not pleased. 

Nevertheless, GOD is merciful!  The Omicron variant is a blessing – South Africa is reporting that it is over-taking the Delta variant. They have reached the peak in this wave and the rate of infection is dropping.  The symptoms are mild – like a common cold.  Nevertheless, some in leadership in the United States are not listening to science.  Listen carefully, they know the vaccines are not working – they know that the vaccinated are spreading COVID 19 to the unvaccinated.  Yet, they make it appear that the unvaccinated are the problem.  But the truth clearly shows the more people that they continue to vaccinate the worst things will become.  The data is available today that validate this disposition.  (Watch the enclosed video and see this truth unfold before your eyes!)

Stop your mass vaccination campaigns now.  The vaccines are not working.  Listen to science!  Take a real look at what has been going on in nations where there was no emphasis on the use of the vaccines vs. nations that focused on vaccinating the people.  It becomes very clear – mass vaccination has not worked.  Study the Omicron variant and see the impact that it is having on the vaccinated.   The leadership has failed to manage this crisis and now they are trying to coverup their failure.  Surely, when people discover that they have been lied to and deceived in the United States and around the world they will be angry, and the outrage will be overwhelming.  Surely, this is a crisis to manage; however, if you fail to acknowledge this failure – it will become worse.  The bottom-line is you cannot hide this wickedness anymore.  GOD knows everything, He knows all about the works in the dark.  More of this wickedness will be shared by others as GOD pricks their heart to share.  GOD is not pleased!

Surely, you can attack me!  Well, I am one of GOD’s mouth pieces.  GOD uses me to bring forth warnings to the nation.  I wrote George W. Bush 13 times, and all revelations came to pass.  I wrote President Barack Obama more than 30 times, and all revelations came to pass. Moreover, I wrote President Donald Trump over 20 times and all revelations came to fruition.  GOD says do his Prophets no harm.  I have totally surrendered myself to GOD in the name of JESUS – I am not fearing any man.  GOD loves mankind – the current action of this administration is working to destroy GOD’s creation, mankind.

I pray in the name of JESUS that this communication will reach the hands of President Biden.  This letter will be shared with others.  However, the first revelation in this letter will not be shared with the public because of the nature of the threat.  


Sharing in the Name of JESUS,


Elmore Richmond Jr.

Prophet to the Nation

Executive Director

The Church Readiness Ministries


Two Enclosures:

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