Could America Suffer Again With COVID-19 Cases Like India? Prepare to Put the Masks On Again

Could America Suffer Again With COVID-19 Cases Like India? Prepare to Put the Masks On Again

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Could America Suffer Again With COVID 19 Cases Like India?

Prepare to Put On the Masks Again!

May 16, 2021


Elmore Richmond Jr.

Executive Director, The Church Readiness Ministries


America, listen carefully COVID 19 has not been defeated here in the United States and it is imperative to listen carefully to Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, an International Vaccine Expert.  Dr. Bossche says the current approach with mass vaccination will not resolve the COVID 19 pandemic; however it will make matters worse.  Dr. Bossche expressed his concerns in an open letter. (Click here to read the open letter) However, W.H.O. has not given him a seat at the table.

Addressing this crisis is very complex because it goes beyond addressing the virus – people are dying around the world and the world is on the brink of war.  In this communication we will address various aspects of this crisis.   However, first let us address COVID 19 - In summary:  Dr. Bossche says mass vaccination is not the best approach in the midst of the pandemic.  Moreover, he explained that when there is a decrease in the number of cases after a surge it may have nothing to do with the fact more people have been vaccinated.   There is a period during this cycle that allows for the incubation of more variants.  The virus will mutate and there will be new variants; variants that the vaccine will not target.  Moreover, the vaccinations have suppressed the individuals’ natural immune system – rendering these individuals’ natural immune system ineffective in addressing new variants. 

Dr. Bossche also recommended that a task force be established and work to eradicate viral variants and focus on early treatment and boost health and natural immunity.  He recommends that we develop asap Natural Killer (NK) cell-based vaccine candidates (sterilizing immunity!) for susceptible vertebrate species as well as reliable, in-home serologic kits for self-testing on anti-S Abs.   Dr. Bossche believe that this virus can be eliminated if treated early.   In addition to these factors, he states that the role of the asymptomatic has not been explored to determine the real impact of these individuals in the overall pandemic. 

On April 21, 2021, Dr. Bossche posted this video on his youtube channel “Why do we always need to learn things the hard way? Summary, key lessons and conclusions”  Dr. Bossche exclaimed that we should halt the mass vaccination – he put emphasis on the utmost importance of halting the vaccination of youngsters.   He explains that mass vaccination of youngsters would be a catastrophe.   However, here in the United States a decision has been made to start the mass vaccination of youth from 12 to 15 years of age. (He makes this point in this video)  It is very important to take time out and watch this video to learn from this expert.  Dr. Bossche clearly pointed out as of this date there has been a failure to capitalize on a multi-disciple approach to resolving this crisis.  He explained that there are many learned individuals that have so much to offer in addressing this crisis – It is of the utmost importance to go beyond the use of vaccines.   Dr. Bossche has a treasure trove of information to help manage this pandemic on his youtube channel.  Geert Vanden Bossche Youtube Channel  (This link was added to this post on June 3, 2012 this the link to the latest message from Dr. Bossche and an appeal to hear him)

Why should America listen to this expert?  As I write this communication, there is a crisis going on in Seychelles, an island nation.  According to the BBC report, Seychelles is actually the most vaccinated country on earth, with more than 62 % of its adult population “fully vaccinated.”  However, there has been a recent surge in COVID-19 cases; the number of cases doubled in one week.  And 37% of this newly infected population has been vaccinated.  Consequently, Seychelles has reintroduced restrictions in an attempt to manage the current crisis.  W.H.O. is looking for answers.  This is exactly what Dr. Bossche said would happen.  Dr. Bossche has answers; however he has not been invited to the table.  America lets pray that W.H.O. and the leadership of America will listen and bring him to the table.   Now, let us turn our attention to India.

In January President  Ram Nath Kovind declared that India had contained COVID 19 and he praised their scientists for their accomplishments.    In early, March 2021, Harsh Vardhan declared the country was “in the endgame” of the Covid – 19 pandemic.  This was after a peak of more than 93,000 cases per day on the average in mid-September, 2020.  The rate of infections experienced a steady decline – by mid-February there was on the average of 11,000 cases per day.   India did not anticipate the shape surge in new cases – from 11,000 cases per day to about 400,000 cases per day.

Here is the question that the leadership of America must be prepared to address.  Could what happened in the small island nation of Seychelles and India happen in the United States.  The quick answer may be – No, because we have confidence in our mass vaccination program.   Now here is the problem!  What if Dr. Bossche is correct?  America would be in a state of crisis – worst than what the nation experienced at the onset of this outbreak of COVID 19. 

Why am I writing this communication?  GOD loves people in the United States like GOD loves people around the world.  I am a Prophet of GOD in the name of JESUS, therefore I am one of GOD’s mouthpieces.  About two months ago, in a dream I saw dead bodies on the side of the street; next I saw piles of dead bodies.  It appeared these bodies had been collected and then put in piles because it was far too many to mange.  I thought that I was in a black community in the United States.  I woke up from the dream.  However, I did not know what GOD wanted me to do with the information.  But I clearly understand when GOD shows me something in a dream it always comes to fruition.  However, I guarded this information because I knew this is something that men could make happen and the climate was ripe to create this type of chaos in the United States.

Surely, the dream could have been about India! However, for some reason – I thought that I was in the United States.  Now it is even clearer to me – America, we are in trouble.  This crisis is not over in America and it will not be easy to manage because of a number of factors.  Below are some.

  • The nation is divided against itself. JESUS said that a nation divided against itself shall not stand.  The leadership of America must understand this – America cannot survive as a divided nation – it will be destroyed – this could happen on our watch!
  • The concerns of Dr. Bossche has not been entertained by W.H.O. or the leadership of the United States
  • There is now information that suggests there is a real possibility that COVID 19 was man-made as a biological warfare weapon. Li Meng Yan, a Virologist and Whistle Blower has shared some very important information that must be taken under consideration and investigated.  She claims that China planned this attack with the intention of impacting nations’ economies and health systems.  Dr. Yan expressed that W.H.O. acts as an arm of China’s government.  There are other sources that support this disposition.   She also claims that the vaccines are ineffective because of the nature of the virus.  However, she stated that China knows that the drug “Hydroxchloroquine” can be mixed with other drugs to fight the virus better than vaccines.  Click on this link to receive this insight.  COVID ‘Good Material for Non-Traditional Bio-weapon’ to Ruin Economies
  • Reports of China’s involvement in developing biological weapons targeting India. Click on this link to watch the video – “China’s Corona virus Weaponisation’ Report Fuels Question on COVID’s Resurgence, Mutants”
  • United States with labs involved with developing biological weapons. Click here to watch “Senator Rand Paul Clashes with Dr. Fauci Over NIH Money to Wuhan Virology Institute”  
  • Investigative Journalist shows the cover-up at the onset.  Shekhar Gupta, Editor-In-Chief, ThePrint did an excellent job to show this cover-up and how now top scientists are shaken and are calling for an investigation. 
  • Allegations connecting Dr. Fauci and other W.H.O. officials that work at the Wuhan lab
  • Details Reveal Fauci, Media Cover Up of Lab Leak Hypothesis (The Hill Video Enjeti Saagar)
  • Mounting tension with India and China after most recent reports – Watch this debate and experience the growing tension – “COVID 19 Global Reports Raise Questions On China’s Role
  • Lack of trust of the United States disposition on handling this pandemic – the United States has entered into a false sense of security. Some think that we have begun to manage the crisis.  India was in a similar state in February 2021 when there was a noticeable decrease in new cases.  It is apparent that the officials in the United States have not learned some very important lessons.
  • GOD in the name of JESUS revealed to me - The lack of love for truth – There are many who have worked in the dark - working on biological warfare viruses. They will be exposed, however they will lie and say that they were doing something else!   Some will attempt to hide truth and cover-up for others who have done wrong!   GOD knows there are a number of nations that are currently working on biological warfare viruses.  Surely, in every nation where there is a lab is subject to have leaks.  What is a leak?  This is an unauthorized released of the virus.  GOD is not pleased with what mankind has done – this action clearly shows how mankind’s actions can kill many and impact the future of mankind on earth.  Listen carefully; GOD is saying these activities are no longer classified as “TOP SECRET”!  His people will start speaking out around the world.  GOD said thou shall not kill; however the leadership in America and leaders around the world do not fear GOD based on His percepts.     GOD wants this word to go forth to leaders around the world.
  • There is No Prophet accepted in his own country – this will not change. However, I must share at the direction of GOD in the name of JESUS.  I am prayerful, that the leadership in the United States will allow Dr. Bossche to come to the table and share.

Why is it important to address these concerns now and what is the bottom line.  GOD loves people throughout the world – GOD wants His people to understand what has happened and what is going on today.  Light is being shined in some very dark places.  Christians must receive this truth and pray that the leadership of America and leaders around the world come together and truly address this crisis.  Moreover, there are other doctors who have information that needs to be brought to the table. 

According to the Word of GOD, Jesus said at Matthew 24:7-8 “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.  All these are the beginning of sorrows.”

We must pray in the name of JESUS that truth will come forth. GOD does not want men to engage in this type of wickedness, making viruses that are designed to kill His creation, mankind.  It is important to understand where this is leading us in the world.  Prophet Zechariah wrote about a nuclear war about 2500 years ago.    Zechariah 13:12 describes it as a plague.  “And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.”   Surely, this describes what happens in a nuclear war – again Zechariah wrote this about 2500 years ago.  Today, the world is on the brink of war.  There are war drums beating today, surely we do not what this to happen on our watch; Nevertheless, it is time for people around the world to pray in the name of JESUS.  Truth will come forth – nobody can suppress truth forever.  What happens when truth comes forth – this is our watch – If we do not study peace, surely we will make war!

Let’s pray in the name of JESUS that the United States will open the door and allow Dr. Bossche to sit at the table and share a more perfect way to address this pandemic.  Moreover, we must pray that truth will come forth and leaders of the nations involved will understand that truth will come forth.  Let us pray that this will not result in a world war on our watch.   GOD is a merciful GOD; however the leadership must acknowledge their wrong doing – repent and then work together to resolve this crisis that is endangering GOD’s creation – mankind.


Elmore Richmond Jr.

Prophet of GOD in the Name of JESUS

Executive Director

The Church Readiness Ministries

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