Letter To President Joe Biden February 22, 2021

Letter To President Joe Biden February 22, 2021

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February 22, 2021

President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC, 20500


Dear President Biden:


            This is the first time that I’m writing you at the direction of GOD in the name of JESUS.  It is important that you understand from the onset that GOD has sent me.  I am a Prophet of GOD to the Nation.  At the direction of GOD, I wrote President George W. Bush 13 times and all revelations came to pass.  I wrote President Barack Obama more than 30 times and all revelations came to pass.  Moreover, I wrote President Donald Trump over 20 times and all revelations came to pass – to include the reason why his political future would come to a tragic end.  Now you are President of the United States, therefore, GOD has given me a revelation that will come to pass shortly.  This revelation is being shared with you so you will know that GOD has sent me.  Below is the revelation.

Today is February 22, 2021, based on the timing of revelations of this type in the past; it is highly possible that this event will happen even before this communication reaches your hands.  On or about February 3, 2021 in a dream I was traveling on a street in a commercial district in a small city in the United States.  The street reminded me of Royal Street in my hometown Jackson, Tennessee – however this does not mean that the incident will happen in Jackson, however I believe that it was to give me bearing regarding the direction that I was traveling.  I was traveling southward.  I watched ahead of me a single fire engine that pulled over – it was southeast of my position.  Next, I noticed smoke coming from a structure south of my position. Then I noticed smoke come from another structure southwest of my position.  After that I noticed a structure that appeared to be in a residential district nearer to me southeast of my position; however this structure was not on the street that I was on.  After this happened, I made a U-Turn and the cars behind me also made a U-Turn and headed northward from the areas of the structures that were on fire.

Mr. President, I realize that GOD shared this revelation and GOD wants me to share it with you so you will know that HE has sent me with this message and these warnings.   Mr. President, it is very important that you understand before President Barack Obama left office, on August 19, 2016, I shared with him that GOD had shared with me that the nation was headed in the wrong direction and GOD had me to convey this message to him that there was a need for change.  I have included in this communication an attachment of one of the communications that GOD had me to send to President Obama regarding the need for change and warnings.   I have also included a copy of one of communications that I received from President Obama to show that these communications went forth.

            Mr. President, the platform of your campaign regarding addressing the divide in the nation was sound.  In a dream, GOD showed me a copy of the brochure that I received from you before I actually received it from you.  When I received it – I questioned if you had the resolve to effect it.  Now this is one of the challenges that before you that must be immediately addressed.  President Biden, as you know the nation is in serious trouble.   The WORD of GOD says a nation divided against itself shall not stand.  

Before President Trump left office, the House of Representatives voted to impeach him twice.  Before the first vote to impeach President Trump – GOD showed me that President Trump was being buzzed by what appeared to be flies.   If you have love for truth – now the revelation of that dream is clear.  Moreover, the second vote to impeach and the impeachment trial were also misguided.   Listen carefully – President Trump’s action did not cause the riots on Capitol Hill; however the system failed to address the concerns of many Americans who questioned the integrity of the presidential election of 2020. 

Now President Biden, this is your watch!  Continuing to point fingers at President Trump will not address this very serious crisis.  On February 15, 2021, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi issued a press release that outlined the need for an independent 9/11-type Commission to investigate and report on the facts and causes relating to the January 6, 2021 domestic terrorist attack upon the United States Capitol complex and relating to the interference with the peaceful transfer of power, including facts and causes relating to the preparedness and response to the United States Capitol Police and other Federal, state, and local law enforcement in the Nation Capitol Region.   Mr. President, the outlined scope of this proposed 9/11-type Commission does not address the root causes of the riots.  It is apparent that, we have failed to take advantage of lessons-learned from riots in the United States in the past.  Moreover, the current leadership of the nation has not publicly acknowledged nor addressed the concerns of millions who believe in their heart that the integrity of the presidential election was undermined.     

Consequently, today there are some Americans who do not believe that you won the election.   This is a very serious problem.  Mr. President, if this concern is not addressed by you there will be more tension in the nation.  Therefore, if an independent 9/11-type Commission is appointed the scope of the investigation must include an investigation into the alleged improprieties and irregularities.   Mr. President, the people need to hear from you regarding this matter, now.  

             Mr. President, I realize that many of the communications that were sent to President Trump never reached his hand.  Consequently, he was not able to benefit from the guidance that GOD sent him.  I pray in the name of JESUS that members of your staff will ensure that you receive this communication.  Moreover, I pray that you will adhere to the counsel that GOD is sending you.   Again, as I conveyed earlier in this communication – before President Obama left office, GOD warned him that there was a need for change.  President Biden, I pray in the name of JESUS that you will take time out and discover what GOD conveyed to President Obama because it is apparent that you are reenacting some of the policies that GOD clearly conveyed that President Obama was walking in error.  

Mr. President, GOD does not play politics.   Moreover, there is no prophet accepted in his own nation.   Nevertheless, GOD has commanded me to share with you in love because GOD wants America to be healed.  However, the leadership of America does not fear Him based on the precepts of GOD.  Moreover, there are many who profess to be Christians who have adopted the way of the world instead of discovering their sins and repenting.  Consequently, America could be destroyed on our watch, Mr. President.  Again, I pray that you will adhere to the counsel in the name of JESUS.

As I mentioned earlier, I have attached some of the communications that I sent to President Obama to this letter.  However, all of the communications that I sent to President Obama, President Trump, and President George W. Bush can be accessed by visiting our Website at www.revelationuptotheminute.org.  Mr. President, you and the leadership of the nation are in my prayers in the name of JESUS.


Praying for the Nation!



Elmore Richmond Jr.

A Prophet to the Nation In the Name of JESUS

Co-founder, The Church Readiness Ministries



Two Attachments

  • Letter to President Barack Obama, dated August 19, 2016
  • Letter from President Barack Obama, dated May 16, 2016


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