President Trump Declares A National Day of Prayer - September 3, 2017

President Trump Declares A National Day of Prayer - September 3, 2017

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National Day of Prayer – September 3, 2017

We Must Pray that the Leadership of America Repent

 Published: September 2, 2017

 By:  Elmore Richmond Jr.

Author of the Book:  Ending Terrorism In The United States: God Has Warned U. S.

We must pray for the victims of Hurricane Harvey; however we must also pray that God turns Hurricane Irma back to sea.  But we must know what to pray for.  God controls the storms as a man would do it by hand.  America must understand that God loves people around the world.  God has established standards as to ho He deals with Babylon and the images of Babylon; Babylon can be described as a hammer.  Babylon puts its trust in its military might and engages in oppression and perverseness.  God says at the time of Babylon’s trouble, there will be destroying wind all round about Babylon. God is faithful to His promises.  Since 9/11, the leadership of the America has clearly put their trust in our military might – As America goes out and destroy; God bring destruction back to us.  We must understand why 9/11 happened – in 1991, we invaded Iraq – Ten years later destruction came back to us - 9/11.  Next America bombed Afghanistan and in 2003 America bombed Iraq without provocation.  As America bombs other nations – America plants bad seeds.  God makes peace and God creates evil.  God uses wicked nations to do wicked things and then God brings wickedness back to the nation that engaged in wickedness.  In other words, the nation is rewarded with evil because of their wickedness.  This is the Way of the Lord.  This is only a quick summation of the Way of the Lord – Click here for a more detailed explanation with hyperlinks to supporting scriptures that God sent Hurricane Harvey to destroy.  Now Hurricane Irma is making her approach .

Since 9/11, America has experienced calamity after calamity.  There have been storms around us.  However, in 2010, President Obama ended America’s combat role in Iraq – Next God repented and turned three hurricanes away from America after they made their approach all within the span of one month.   Hurricane Earl turned and went north eastward.  After Hurricane Earl turned, then Hurricane Igor formed and headed directly toward the United States, however it turned.  Next it was Hurricane Julialike Earl and Igor the storm made its approach, however it also turned away from the United States.  We did not dodge bullets; God controls these storms as a man would do it by hand.  We must pray in the name of Jesus that President Trump and the leadership receive and adhere to this counsel.   We are still experiencing the affects of Hurricane Harvey, nevertheless now Hurricane Irma is making its approach.  However, God can turn Hurricane Irma back into the sea!

President Obama did the right thing when he ended our combat role in Iraq, however he should have also taken more measures to help the people, the war was without provocation.  Nonetheless, the very next year, our Commander-In-Chief, President Obama and England decided to engage in nation building, attempting to make other nations in the image of the United States and England (Democracies).  On May 31, 2011, at the direction of God in the Name of Jesus, I warned President Obama of the consequences of conducting the affairs of the United States like Babylon.  Surely, we have experienced calamity after calamity.

Many Americans do not want President Trump to be President.   However, under President Trump’s platform, there were some things that were in alignment with the Way of the Lord.  Under President Bush and President Obama, the United States engaged in nation-building, thus they put their trust in our military.  They both sowed discord among brethren in the Middle East – God calls this abomination.  In the sight of God, the United States is seen in the image of Babylon.  President Trump ran on a platform to change America’s image in the sight of God.   General Flynn was there to assist to that end – He was an invaluable asset to help end the Babylonian poster of the United States.  However, America rejected General Flynn’s strengths to help effect President Trump’s platform.    Today, President Trump put his trust in our military might.  President Trump just announced that he was enacting a new strategy for Afghanistan, surely a new strategy is much needed.  However, it is imperative to understand the way of the Lord.  On February 4, 2017, I wrote the President and explained the box that we find ourselves in as a nation.  Here is a quote from the letter. 

“Mr. President you will discover that today America is battling with the righteousness of God.  Here is the box we are in.  “Woe to Thee that spoilest and thou was not spoiled; and dealest treacherously, and they dealt not treacherously with thee! When thou shall cease to spoil, thou shall be spoiled; and when thou shall make an end to deal treacherously, they shall deal treacherously with thee.  (Isaiah 33:1)”

Only the mercy of God can get us out of this box.   Some may think that our invasion in the Middle East had nothing to do with the destroying winds.  However, when you understand the Way of the Lord, you will understand why America experienced the wrath of God when Hurricane Harvey targeted America.  Although Hurricane Irma is making its approach; God can turn Hurricane Irma back into the sea.  We must pray that this counsel of God goes forth and we learn to fear God based on his precepts.  Click here and read a more detailed article with links of the counsel that has gone forth and supporting scriptures.

Babylon is known as a hammer – this is what we are trying to do in a quest to shape the world!   In our quest to shape the world, we have killed many innocent people, destroyed the homes of the innocent in nations thousands of miles away.  This year under President Trump’s leadership power was given to our military general to execute the war.   We must always remember that Generals study war and not peace.  We cannot end terrorism with our military might!  Now President Trump has acknowledged this reality.   President Trump has declared September 3, 2017 as a “National Day of Pray.”  This is a wise decision!  Let us pray for the victims that are affected by Hurricane Harvey.  It is also important to pray for the leadership of the nation that we all learn to fear God based on His precepts.  Let us pray that the leadership will discover our sins and then repent.  Let us pray that God in the name of Jesus will see our repentance and then repent and turn Hurricane Irma back to sea.

Again click here to read a more detailed articleThe detailed article includes warnings that were sent to President George W. Bush, President Barack Obama, and President Donald Trump.



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