The Counsel of God to the Nation - The Affects of Pride and a Haughty Spirit

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The Future of the Nation is at Hand

Pray, America, Pray

Proverbs 16:18 says: “Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.  I am Prophet Elmore Richmond Jr., up until now many of you have never heard of me, however at the direction of God, I have been warning America about the destruction to come if the nation fails to repent since 9/11.  Listen carefully to these most recent revelations and discover what we must do now.

My wife, Prophetess Nadine Richmond, recently accepted her calling as one of God’s Prophetess.  Here are the two most recent dreams that she has had that give revelations of the current state and the future of the nation if we fail to repent.

Dream One:  On Sunday, October 13, 2013, she had a dream about a woman who was planning to get married however the day before her marriage she had intercourse with three men.  On the next day the bridegroom came to the woman and then rejected her because he knew that she had been unfaithful.

Dream Two:  On Monday, October 14, 2013, she had a dream of traveling into the future.  In this dream, she observed what appeared to be a police state.  Everything appeared to be under strict control.  People were standing in lines waiting their turn to advance forward.  Police were in a line and as the people advanced, they were required to show their identification.  As she got closer to the front she remembers saying to herself, "I don't belong here," what am I going to do when I reach the front? I don't belong here." She was concerned because she knew that she did not have the proper identification to enter this zone.  She immediately woke up from the dream.

After my wife shared with me these dreams, I gave her an interpretation of them.  The first dream is regarding the current state of the Church.  The second dream is regarding the future state of America if we do not repent.  Before retiring early in the morning on October 15, 2013, I prayed and asked God for clarity regarding the second dream.  God took me to a place where it only can be described as a civil defense drill in progress.  I recalled that I had a garment bag carrying the basic necessities as I went into a staging area.  Next, I had in my hands only the necessities that were taken from the garment bag - the bag had been taken away from me.  I was waiting for a different type of container to carry my belongings.  However, before I received the container, I heard a siren, followed by the command “This is an exercise – Take Cover and wait for the command to evacuate.”  I woke up immediately from the dream.  I went back to sleep; then I had another dream about an exercise, this time it was regarding a fire drill and evacuation.

As a Prophet of God, I do not take any of the dreams that I have lightly.  Based on past revelations, the nation is in a very serious state and it is praying time for every saint of God.  The counsel of God must go forth before this nation is destroyed. 

Today, October 16, 2013, God wants you to know it is “Pride” and “a haughty spirit” that will cause the destruction and fall of America if the leadership of this nation does not repent, today. Therefore, on this day, it is praying time for saints of God.  We must pray for the President, and members of the House and Senate now.  The decisions that they make today have a direct impact on the future of the nation.  If the correct decisions are not made today, tomorrow pointing fingers will be in vain.

On this day, we must pray to the Father in the name of Jesus for mercy and grace.   Pray that this counsel of God will go forth.  Pray that every elected official on Capitol Hill will search themselves and discover this “Pride” and “haughty spirit” that prevents effective communication and problem-solving.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will prick their hearts in the name of Jesus.

God wants to heal America; however, America has refused to receive His counsel.  However, today it is imperative that this Counsel of God go forth in the name of Jesus.

Elmore Richmond Jr.

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