God Reveals the Need for Change in the United States and Warning to President Obama

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Revelation of a Need for Change in the United States Government

Letter to President Obama, August 19, 2016

Mr. President, this letter is not about same-sex marriage, it is about the future of the nation.  Before, I retired for the night on August 9, 2016, I asked the Lord in the name of Jesus to give me another revelation to share with you.  As God has done in the past, He gave me another revelation to share, consequently as of this date, I have written you about thirty times.  Below are the dream and the revelation that God has given me to share with you.

The Dream:  I had a dream that I had just got a job with the government.  At first I thought that I was working for the military.  However, I do not recall seeing any military members in uniform.   It became apparent that I was working for the United States government.   Someone showed me the desk where I would be working.   Before I took my seat, I looked on the floor and I said unto myself before I sat down I must clean my area because there was debris on the floor all around my area.  Next, I went to locate a broom.  While walking around to locate a broom, I noticed individuals just walking over the debris and going about their business.  Everywhere I looked I saw debris, this was a vast area.  Finally, I located a broom, but it was of little use because there was only a few useful straws remaining – the broom was a stub-broom.   I began to walk with the stub-broom, yet I was looking for another broom.  Next I found another broom, although it had more straws than the stub-broom, it was of little use.  It had turned brown and the little straw remaining was curved because it appeared to have been in this position for a long time.   Next, I started to go back to my work area; however I could not find it because the structure was huge and it appeared to become larger at every turn.  I looked and I said to myself that I should begin sweeping here.  After I started to sweep, I knew that this would be an impossible task with an old broom and people with the attitude as if they did not care.  Next, a man approached me and said I will help you sweep.  I woke up immediately from the dream.

The Revelation - This dream represented the state of the government.  People are complacent and the foundation needs to be swept clean.  There is a need for new leadership to change the current state of the government and the mindset of the workers.  There are some in government that are willing to clean up the mess.

Mr. President, you are the President today.  Do you want to make America great again?  Or do you really believe that things are already great the way they are and the nation is currently going in the right direction? 

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