Repent 2019 - Disrespecting the Flag While Standing Up

Repent 2019 - Disrespecting the Flag While Standing Up

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Disrespecting the Flag While Standing Up


By: (SMSgt USAF Retired) Elmore Richmond Jr.   October 22, 2017


Yes we must stand up for America

We must stand up for a nation under God, with liberty and justice for all

However some stand up while they are disrespecting the flag

Disrespecting the flag while standing up

Even after the Supreme Court rules to protect the people

Against Police Abuse, Corruption, and Brutality

Some DA’s and Prosecutors will fail to indict police officers

After these officers have clearly violated the law

However, these DA’s and Prosecutors will stand for the National Anthem

Disrespecting the Flag while standing

Some Lawmakers will vote against a Bill to protect the People

From Police Abuse and Corruption

However, they will stand for the National Anthem

Disrespecting the Flag while standing

Some Americans will vote for racist politicians

Even after the nature of the politicians’ hearts are clearly expressed

However, they will stand for the National Anthem

Disrespecting the Flag while standing

Some public school teachers will fail to truly help

Some of the children learn

Because of the color of their skin

However, they will stand for the National Anthem

Disrespecting the Flag while standing

After Kaepernick took a knee in 2016

The press and media did not focus on his motive

But the media’s message was that Kaepernick did not stand

A year later when President Trump made his distasteful comment

The distasteful comment of the President was the focus of the media

The media and press still failed to cover the true scope of police brutality

However they will stand for the National Anthem

Disrespecting the Flag while standing

In 2016, I wrote President Obama and explained that it was unfair to the People

If he failed to expose the true nature of this problem

Of police brutality and Corruption before he left office

I explained it was a dereliction of duty

And it was unfair to the next administration

To inherit this dire and deadly state of corruption


Here is a credit to President Obama, before he left office

The investigations into the Baltimore and Chicago Police Departments were completed

Baltimore: On August 10, 2016 the findings were reported:

(1) Baltimore is a city where the bonds of trust have been broken,

(2) The Baltimore Police Department engaged in

A pattern or practice of unlawful and unconstitutional conduct,

Ranging from the use of excessive force to unjustified stops, seizures and arrests.


Chicago: on January 13, 2017 a 164 page report was released.  (Click here to Read Report)

The Department of Justice concluded that there is reasonable cause to believe:

The Chicago Police Department engages in a pattern or practice of use of excessive force

In violation of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.

Pattern or practice is in no small part the result of:

Severely deficient training procedures and accountability systems

CPD does not give its officers the training they need to do their jobs:

(1) safely (2) effectively (3) lawfully.

It fails to properly collect and analyze data:

Including data on misconduct complaints and training deficiencies.

Does not adequately review use of force incidents to determine:

(1) Whether force was appropriate or lawful,

(2) Whether the use of force could have been avoided altogether.

All of these issues are compounded by poor supervision and oversight,

Leading to low officer morale and erosion in officer accountability


President Trump inherited this crisis

Surely he was aware of the police shootings that was in the news

Of course since he has been President the Attorney General has briefed him

What type of briefing did he really receive?

Does President Trump really understand the nature of this problem?

Does Attorney General Sessions know?

On March 1, 2017, the Attorney General said he had not read the Chicago Report


The true scope of this deadly crisis has not been covered on

Nightline – Dateline - 60 minutes

Vice News took a shot at it

CNN’s Recent Town Hall Meeting failed

FOX has not showed up

However, all media except for FOX

Point their finger at President Trump for being insensitive

However, they will stand for the National Anthem

Disrespecting the Flag while standing


Before reading the AG Report on Chicago

Attorney General Sessions expressed his resolve to

Change direction as he addressed the

National Association of Attorneys General on February 28, 2017

President Trump has demanded that he take action

To reduce crime and ensure the safety of the public

He is a knowledgeable man and has experience in this field

He knows the importance of community-based policing

And holding the police accountable

Nevertheless, he has been absent about 20 years

Working in the Senate

Surely, he needs to read the report to discover what in it.

(Smile – “In it” “Senate”)


Now the Attorney General is changing the policy

On releasing video footage of local police departments

Surely the Attorney General realizes

That some of the local police departments will alter the video

And release to the public something other than the facts

However, if the Attorney General fails to read the report

He too will proudly stand for the National Anthem

Disrespecting the Flag while standing

Now within the Attorney General’s Office there is fighting

Some want to truly fight for justice and some do not

How do I know? God showed me in June 2017 the nature of this problem

Consequently some groups that are fighting for justice are labeled as hate groups

Surely there are some that work for the Attorney General

Standing proudly for the National Anthem

Disrespecting the Flag while standing


On October 21, 2017, AG Sessions shared with the Major Cities Chiefs Association

He explained as soon as he was sworn in as Attorney General,

President Trump sent him an executive order to “reduce crime” in America.

The Attorney General announced that the Department of Justice  is re-establishing

A new and modernized Project Safe Neighborhoods or PSN program as DOJ priority. 

He explained:

  • (1) PSN is the centerpiece of our crime reduction strategy. 
  • (2) PSN encouraged U.S. Attorneys’ offices to work with the communities they serve to develop customized crime reduction strategies.
  • (3) And it is a proven model.  One study showed that, in its first seven years, PSN reduced violent crime overall by 4.1 percent, with case studies showing reductions in certain areas of up to 42 percent.  That’s a remarkable achievement.  There are Americans who are alive and well today because this program made a difference.


Surely, this is one of President Trump’s approaches to help make America great again.

Who is listening?   Where is the press?

Are Police Departments ready to implement this new and modernized Project Safe Neighborhoods?

Can this be done successfully without addressing the findings identified in the AG Investigation on Chicago?  


The Attorney General said: "We know the first step in fixing something is recognizing you have a problem." 

He made this comment about addressing crime and empowering the police.

He also said: "Once you recognize the problem, we need to examine the causes and take action."

Before the problem of Police abuse is addressed the Attorney General and President must understand the gravity of the problem.

Can police departments that are troubled as the Chicago Police successfully implement PSN without the much needed training? 

Are the communities across the nation ready to receive PSN before the AG addresses the real problem of police brutality and corruption?

Now the stage must be set!


While reviewing my files I discovered a speech made by Attorney General Reno

She served as Attorney General from 1993 - 2001

On April 15, 1999 she addressed the National Press Club

The late Attorney Reno’s message is for today

She laid a framework for the leadership to follow.

Here is a quote from Attorney Reno: “Every American must respect the law,

but the law must respect every American.”

It is imperative that President Trump and Attorney General Sessions understand:

(1) The gravity of the abuse of the police and (2) the lack of trust of the community!

Attorney General Sessions has demonstrated that he understands PSN and

It is important for him to put his trust in a proven program.

The current administration should capitalize from the words Attorney Reno.

Surely, this will help Attorney General Sessions and the President

Clean up this mess that they inherited and help facilitate the implementation on PSN.


Laying the Foundation of Of Intolerance of Police Brutality and Corruption 

Some of the mayors, governors, and even the President of the United States

Though they are in a position of power

To lay the foundation of intolerance of Police Brutality and corruption

Will not because they elect not to risk

Losing the support of their political base

However, they will stand for the National Anthem

Disrespecting the Flag while standing


Now their Political Base does not really understand

The scope and the severity of the problem - Due to a complete system failure

A system that does not see police brutality as a pressing agenda item

Private Citizens have took the lead to expose this injustice on the web

Therefore, their uninformed political base will stand for the National Anthem

Not knowing that they are disrespecting the Flag while standing


The Church leaders and some community leaders

Some will not engage and have declared this is not their problem

Some will even say mean things about the President

However, they too will stand for the National Anthem

Disrespecting the Flag while standing


There are three Branches of Government in the Land

The Executive Branch is in President Trump’s hands

Many do not respect him, however, he is the Man in Charge

Some are working overtly and covertly to bring him down

Next - the Legislative Branch – House and Senate

Nearly half of both bodies refuse to engage:

To work on bills, establish budgets,

To work to improve health care and

Other measures in the best interest of the People

However, they all will collect their pay and stand for the National Anthem

Disrespecting the Flag while standing


The Supreme Court

Chief Justice Roberts expressed that the legitimacy of The Courts power

Depends on confining it to the exercise of legal judgment.

He concludes on the same-sex marriage case:

  • (1) The ruling of the Court had nothing to do with the Constitution.
  • (2) The ruling was an act of will and not the rule of law.

However, every member of the Court will stand for the National Anthem

Some disrespecting the Flag while standing


Nevertheless, our brave men and women in the military

They obey the orders of the Commander-In-Chief and their chain of command

They go forth and fight at the direction of their superiors

They depend on their superiors to make the correct decision before giving commands

Therefore, they stand proudly and salute the flag

They are the one percent of the population that stand for the National Anthem

While fighting for truth to go forth

Fighting for our nation to become a Nation under God, with liberty and justice for all

Standing, yet fighting for justice for all.


Surely, President Trump or the NFL cannot make the players stand

Surely, Kaepernick and all other players would stand

If there were not so many people who stand for the National Anthem

Disrespecting the flag while standing!

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