God Has Spoken - Now it is time to End Police Brutality and to Hold the Police Accountable

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God Has Spoken – Now it is time to End Police Brutality and to hold the Police Accountable.


Today is June 30, 2018. On June 12, 2018, I posted an article titled:  “Is President Trump in Search for Justice?  God Knows!”

In the article I explained that God has touched the heart of President Trump.  President Trump has opened the door for NFL players to bring forth their concerns regarding injustice.  God says that this door is open for all who have had loved ones killed by the police or victims of police brutality.  God says it is time to hold the police accountable.  Therefore, the attacks against the President must come to an end and the people and politicians must work with him to effect real change to ensure the safety of God’s creation, his people. 

Now we must pray that God will touch the heart of the people and open their eyes so we can eradicate the roots of this problem.  In the referenced article, I included a paragraph at the end of the article that will show you clearly that God has sent me.  I mentioned in the article a dream that I had regarding being in Temple, TX, a place near a military base - a car was speeding – a car going off the road – and flooding in the area.  I said that this would happen soon. Surely these events have happened in Temple, Texas!  News reports show that there were two speeding cars in the news near Temple, TX – one on June 19 in Bellmead, Texas (Bellmead is about 35 miles from Temple) and one on June 20 in Temple, Texas.  It is reported that one of the cars was speeding near 100 MPH.  Moreover, there was also flooding in the area that closed a number of roads.    Read the paragraph from the article below and click onto the links.

“How do know that God has sent me with this message?  Well I am a Prophet of God in the name of JESUS.  At the direction of God I wrote President George W. Bush 13 times and all revelations have come to fruition.  I wrote President Barack Obama more than 30 times and all revelations have come to fruition.  I have written President Trump 11 times and all revelations have come to fruition.  Here is my most recent revelation; on or about June 8, 2018, I had a dream about a man speeding.  I saw an officer with a speed gun pointing at the vehicle as it went by.  Next, the vehicle continued to speed - then went off the road into a woody area and continued.  I heard the man in a car say to himself: I must get back to the base.  However, he was confronted with flash flooding.  Cars were backed up on the street.  I also noticed there were tree branches that had fallen onto the street.  Next I saw people walking because they could not go any further in their cars.  I did not know where I was so I asked one man - he was very disgusted and his comment reflected his frustration.  Next, I asked a young woman – she told me that I was in Temple, Texas.  Here is the revelation – shortly there will be flash flooding in Temple, Texas, there will be debris on the streets, people will be frustrated and during the same time frame there will be an incident regarding an individual speeding and going off the road.  

Click below and read the original Article, click of the links in the article and take you time and read each one of them, share this communication, and take action now.

“Is President Trump in Search for Justice?  God Knows!”

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