Repent 2019 - Inquiry - Public Safety and Police Accountability - Letter to AG Sessions

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The Church Readiness Ministries

Elmore Richmond Jr.

Post Office Box 5042

Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830


November 3, 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

U.S. Department of Justice

950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20530-0001

Dear Attorney General Sessions:

I have just conducted an inquiry to determine the Administration’s and your resolve to ensure the public safety and to ensure all Americans are treated fairly by the police throughout the country.  I would like to help make America great again.  I am a proud retired SMSgt from the USAF and I am also a Prophet of God in the name of Jesus.  Complaint processing and conducting an inquiry of this type is my profession by trade; surely I am qualified; I retired from the Air Force in 1989 as a SMSGT, Superintendent of Social Actions Programs at Los Angeles Air Force Base, California.  (Reference my letter dated July 1, 2017).  Now God has directed me to accomplish this task because it concerns the safety of his creation, mankind in the United States.  There are many praying for the nation and God answers prayers.  God wanted me to know so I can warn you and the President of the danger that waits if the current approach is not changed.  

God wants to bless America, however God showed me that neither you Attorney General Sessions nor the President understand how to keep the pledge to support the police and ensure the safety of the Public.  Consequently, the approach that you are employing is feeding racial hatred, more abusive conduct and killings of the innocent by the police; this will lead to more police officers being killed by the public.  Moreover, there is fertile ground for an outbreak of racial riots across the nation.  Attorney General Sessions this inquiry also provides you an opportunity discover what you must do now to make the much needed adjustment. 

To conduct this inquiry, I visited the Department of Justice Web Site.  I read the speeches that you presented to the following groups.

(1)   October 24, 2017 - The International Association of Chiefs of Police

(2)   October 21, 2017 - The Major Cities Chiefs Association 2017 Fall Meeting

(3)   October 19, 2017 - The Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association

(4)   August 28, 2017 - The 63rd Biennial Conference of the National Fraternal Order of Police

(5)   August 1, 2017 - The 41st Annual National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives Training Conference and Exhibition

(6)    July 17, 2017 - The National District Attorneys Association

  • June 20, 2017 – The National Summit on Crime Reduction and Public Safety
  • April 11, 2017- The International Association of Chiefs of Police Division Midyear Conference
  • February 28, 2017 - National Association of Attorneys General Annual Winter Meeting

In addition to reading these speeches I also read the Attorney General’s Civil Rights Division Investigation of the Chicago Police Department and the Attorney General’s Civil Rights Division Investigation of the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department.  Moreover, I read the related press releases to include the mission statement dated March 31, 2017.  From the very onset of accepting this position, you explained to the attendees at the National Association of Attorneys General the challenges and concerns of the police officers and the mandates of the President.  It was also clear that you know that it takes good and effective law enforcement.  In fact you explained exactly what you meant:

“What do I mean by good, effective law enforcement?  It means effective prevention programs.  It means selfless, dedicated police officers that know the people they serve and protect.  It means a humane prison system that keeps dangerous criminals off the streets.  It means prosecutors who work tirelessly, within the bounds of the law, to put offenders behind bars.  It means judges who serve under the law, who interpret it faithfully as it is written, and who apply it to all equally, with vigor and integrity.  All of these elements of our justice system must work together.”

AG’s Concern:  Law Enforcement as a Whole Has Been Unfairly Maligned and Blamed

Attorney General Sessions, you also shared your opinion on how law enforcement as a whole has been unfairly maligned and blamed for the unacceptable deeds of a few bad actors and explained how the way forward of the Department of Justice.  Below is a quote from the speech.

“Unfortunately, in recent years law enforcement as a whole has been unfairly maligned and blamed for the unacceptable deeds of a few bad actors.  Our officers, deputies and troopers believe the political leadership of this country abandoned them.  Their morale has suffered.  And last year, amid this intense public scrutiny and criticism, the number of police officers killed in the line of duty increased 10 percent over the year before. 

To confront the challenge of rising crime, we must rely heavily on local law enforcement to lead the way – and they must know they have our steadfast support.  

For the federal government, that means this: rather than dictating to local police how to do their jobs – or spending scarce federal resources to sue them in court – we should use our money, research and expertise to help them figure out what is happening and determine the best ways to fight crime.  We should strengthen partnerships between federal and state and local officers.  And we should encourage proactive policing that ensures our police and citizens are communicating and working well together.” 

On February 28, 2017, a reporter from the Huffington Post asked you if you had read the Attorney General’s, Civil Rights Division’s Investigations on the Chicago Police Department and Ferguson, Missouri Police Department; you explained that you had not read those reports.  “Frankly, we’ve had summaries of them, and some of it was pretty anecdotal, and not so scientifically based.”  The reporter also said you did not think they were necessarily reliable. 


After reviewing your speeches that are listed above and actions you are taking to meet President Trump’s mandates, the same question must be asked today that the reporter asked you on February 28, 2017: Have you read the Attorney General’s Civil Rights Division Investigations on the Ferguson and Chicago Police Departments?  If you should read the investigations you would no longer refer to these works as anecdotal.  Moreover you will conclude that the CPD and FPD are not in position to meet the challenge to implement the new and modernized Project Safe Neighborhoods program.  Moreover, you will also be concerned if other Police Departments operations mirror the findings discovered by the investigators.

Attorney General Sessions, it is important to deal with reality; there are more than a few bad actors that cause this serious mistrust of the police, the “code of silence” is at work.  The “code of silence” enables the “few bad actors” to continue their misdeeds.  These investigators found racial discrimination is a reality, the training and supervision are inadequate, and after these “bad actors” are caught committing their misdeeds they are not removed, however they are allowed to continue to commit even more criminal misdeeds.  Thus, the system gives them support; when this occurs it is no longer a few actors – the system is at fault.  If the President and the Office of the Attorney General still support law enforcement operations after this finding without corrections, the justice system of the nation has failed.   (Is this an Anecdote?  Do you want facts?  Read the reports!)

AG’s Concern – Preconceived Notion About Mayors and City Councils

Moreover, it appeared that you shared a preconceived notion that mayors and city council members are wrong about their police departments.  On August 1, 2017, you told Black Law Enforcement Executives:   

“We cannot let mayors and city councils run down police in communities that are suffering only to see crime spike in the very neighborhoods that need proactive, community policing the most. That helps no one. That protects no one.”


Attorney General Sessions, listen carefully.  You have been absent from this field for about 20 years and President Trump has never worked this field.  The career officers who conducted the investigations into the Ferguson Police Department and Chicago Police Department know more about the problems that are going on in police departments across the nation.  Moreover, the mayors and city council members understand how their communities are being impacted; however you look as their actions as “running down the police.”  It is imperative that you read these Investigations because these findings may mirror what is going on in other police departments across the nation.

AG – The Fear of Police Officers

On February 28, 2017 you mentioned the concerns of the law enforcement leaders when you addressed the National Association of Attorneys General.  Here is a quote from that speech.   

“We’ve also heard from law enforcement leaders, including the FBI Director and many police chiefs, that something is changing in policing.  They tell us that in this age of viral videos and targeted killings of police, many of our men and women in law enforcement are becoming more cautious.  They’re more reluctant to get out of their squad cars and do the hard but necessary work of up-close policing that builds trust and prevents violent crime.”  

Discussion/Observation – The Fear of the Public

Surely, you have heard the concerns of the law enforcement community, however have you heard from the Public?  Attorney General Sessions, you pledged to listen to the stories and concerns of those who are most affected by this rise in violent crime; I pray that you will keep your pledge and listen to the people when the police are the alleged violators.  The videos that go viral that you mentioned strongly suggest that what is happening in CPD may be commonplace across the nation.  Have you watched any of these videos on the Internet?  I have studied this problem – the gravity of this corruption has not been captured by any known official source.   Some people think that the chief concern is about the shooting of unarmed individuals; it goes beyond that factor.  In some of these incidents, police officers are completely out of control and the system continues to fail to keep them in check. 

There are thousands of videos of police misconduct posted on the Internet.  You are able to see police planting drugs at the scenes, planting evidence, beating children, shooting people in the back, shooting at cars leaving the scenes, breaking cars windows after minor traffic stops, running over people while driving police vehicles, in one incident they handcuffed a child (a black girl, 12 years old or younger) after the child is involved in an accident - her bike ran into a moving car – the child was handcuffed and put in the back of the police car – then a police officer peppered sprayed her while she is handcuffed and sitting in the back of the police car, police engaging in sexual misconduct with women on the streets, editing of raw footage of videos, preventing paramedics from doing their jobs, pulling individuals out of cars and then beating them, kicking individuals, stumping individuals when they are down on the ground, choking individuals, taking peoples money – robbing them in plain view with their gun pointed at them, and beatings after beatings.  There are also television media news accounts of some of these incidents; some of these accounts show how the prosecutors dropped charges on the suspects after watching the video evidence.  There is also Facebook postings of individuals killed by police – this site includes both and unjustified killings.  Consequently, the public safety is at risk, police officers are killing innocent people, many citizens fear the police, citizens are arming themselves with knowledge regarding their rights, some are challenging police on the spot with their knowledge, citizens are arming themselves with weapons for protection from the police, (This may explain the increase of police being killed in action.) and cities across the nation are paying millions of dollars defending the police and paying lawsuits for police misconduct.

Attorney General Sessions, how can you truly ensure the public safety of the people without hearing their concerns?  Do you have a system in place to assess the concerns of the public regarding their fear of the police?

If you study the problem you will understand that the nation is in a state of crisis; blacks and the public in general in many cities have sound grounds for the disposition of the lack of trust of the police.   Can you see the problem?  You discovered: many of our men and women in law enforcement are becoming more cautious.  Attorney General Sessions, you need to know that there are many in the Public who are fearful of these law enforcement officers.  How can they trust them when they see evidence of people being abused by law enforcement officers and they are not being held accountable?   If this problem is not properly addressed it could lead to an outbreak of riots all over the country.  

We have pockets of breeding grounds for racial riots across the nation – this problem is not being addressed.  Surely, this is not a new problem; President Obama did not do enough to address the deep seeded problem; he was also warned.  However, I did not conduct an inquiry of this type.  Now you are questioning the integrity of career officers of the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division after they conducted Investigations of Police Departments; President Obama directed these investigations after the police violated the People’s civil rights and the public safety was the focus.  You said that you do not believe the reports are reliable; you made this comment without reading the reports.

Here are some of the Findings of the Attorney General Investigation of the Chicago Police Department.


“We reviewed CPD’s force practices mindful that officers routinely place themselves in harm’s way in order to uphold their commitment to serve and protect the people of the City of Chicago, and that officers regularly encounter individuals who may be armed and determined to avoid arrest.

We likewise recognize that officers have not only a right, but an obligation, to protect themselves and others from threats of harm, including deadly harm, which may arise in an instant. But even within this context, we, in consultation with several active law enforcement experts, found that CPD officers engage in a pattern or practice of using force, including deadly force, that is unreasonable. We found further that CPD officers’ force practices unnecessarily endanger themselves and others and result in unnecessary and avoidable shootings and other uses of force.

As discussed throughout this Report, this pattern is largely attributable to systemic deficiencies within CPD and the City. CPD has not provided officers with adequate guidance to understand how and when they may use force, or how to safely and effectively control and resolve encounters to reduce the need to use force. CPD also has failed to hold officers accountable when they use force contrary to CPD policy or otherwise commit misconduct. This failure to hold officers accountable results in some officers remaining with the Department when they should have been relieved of duty. These officers often continue their misconduct including, at times, again using unreasonable deadly force. More broadly, these failures result in officers not having the skills or tools necessary to use force wisely and lawfully, and they send a dangerous message to officers and the public that unreasonable force by CPD officers will be tolerated. We found further that CPD’s failure to meaningfully and routinely review or investigate officer use of force is a significant factor in perpetuating the practices that result in the pattern of unlawful conduct we found. Each of these causal factors is discussed further in this Summary and the accompanying Report.”


Attorney General Sessions, the report is 164 pages; you need to read this report and take action now.  If public safety were truly one of our goals, we would take action and clean up our police departments throughout the nation.   However, it takes money to clean up these police departments.  Moreover it costs money to indict and prosecute a case after criminal conduct of police officer is apparent.   Attorney General Sessions were you serious when you told the District Attorneys you plan to aggressively prosecute federal or state officers who violate the civil rights of our citizens?

AG’s Concerns Regarding Investigators/Monitors and Consent Decrees

The President and Attorney General set the Direction

AG’s Deposition:  People who can’t comply with the polices of this administration they should leave

Attorney General Sessions, on July 17, 2017 when you spoke at the National District Attorneys Association, you said that the Office of the Attorney General will aggressively prosecute federal or state officers who violate the civil rights of our citizens?   Before prosecuting there must be an indictment.  It is about the money!  It costs money to prosecute federal cases.  Surely, you are concerned about the money.  You expressed your concern about the money when you shared your concerns about consent decrees. Here is a quote below of your comments:

“Let me say a few words here about the issue of consent decrees. These decrees are not a silver bullet for solving the tough issues confronting some police departments. They make departments pull scarce resources and personnel away from crime fighting in order to satisfy the demands of highly paid monitors. I also have grave concerns that some provisions of these decrees reduce the lawful powers of police departments in ways that make cities less safe.”

Attorney General Sessions, you referred to “actions that help ensure the safety of the People” as “demands of highly-paid monitors.” 

On April 14, 2017, Andrew Kaczynaski, of CNN wrote an article that appeared in CNN Politics; the article was based on an interview of Attorney General Sessions on The Howie Carr Show, a New England-based Conservative Radio Program on April 13, 2017.  The article was titled:  Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Consent Decrees ‘Can Reduce Morale of the Police Officers.’  There was also an audio clip of a portion of the interview.  The clip posted with the article was 3:15 (3 minutes and fifteen seconds) however; I discovered the duration of the interview was 16:20 (Sixteen minutes and 20 seconds.) Here an extract from Mr. Kacznaski article.

[Earlier in the interview, Sessions was asked if he was trying to weed out Obama administration officials within the DOJ, specifically the Civil Rights divisions.

"Most of the individuals in all our divisions, including Civil Rights, are career officers that have various duties, but the President, the attorney general sets the policy, and I expect those policies to be followed," Sessions said. "If people can't comply with the policies of this administration they should look elsewhere, but I think most of our people will do so and we will be able to bring in some new people, which will be, I think helpful in helping us set our directions."]


This is true, however these career officers conducted the investigations and you will not read the investigations, and have ordered a review of consent decrees.  The AG Investigation of Chicago Police Department concluded: 

“CPD also has failed to hold officers accountable when they use force contrary to CPD policy or otherwise commit misconduct. This failure to hold officers accountable results in some officers remaining with the Department when they should have been relieved of duty. These officers often continue their misconduct including, at times, again using unreasonable deadly force. More broadly, these failures result in officers not having the skills or tools necessary to use force wisely and lawfully, and they send a dangerous message to officers and the public that unreasonable force by CPD officers will be tolerated.”

The investigators concluded that these police should have been removed, however they were not removed; they were allowed to continue in their misconduct.  A quick review of the Justice Department Civil Rights Division Investigation of Ferguson, Missouri revealed:  “Ferguson’s law enforcement practices overwhelmingly impact African Americans. Data collected by the Ferguson Police Department from 2012 to 2014 shows that African Americans account for 85% of vehicle stops, 90% of citations, and 93% of arrests made by FPD officers, despite comprising only 67% of Ferguson’s population.   Surely, Attorney General Sessions, you told the interviewer that we cannot have these police officers violating peoples civil rights! However your actions speak louder than your words.  Here is another question?  Do you believe it is wise to take corrective action prior to discovering the facts?  If you will read the Attorney General’s Investigations on the Chicago Police Department and Ferguson Police Department you will discover that we have a very serious problem.

Observation/Comparison with Commanders Taking Unjust Actions Against Military Members

Now here is the problem, you expressed that the President and you as Attorney General set the direction!   This disposition you expressed reminds me of when I was in the military, we had some commanders with the same attitude.  “I set the direction/policy!”  Sometimes their directions were not in according with Air Force Policies and did not serve in the best interest of the unit.  When they wanted to get rid of a young black military member without cause; these commanders took advantage of a provision in the regulation and took actions against these individuals to get them kick out of the military.  At that time, the only thing that commander had to do is to refer the individual to mental health.  The psychiatrist would declare that the individual had a “character and behavior disorder.”  After psychiatric evaluation, the commander took action and the individual was discharged from the Air Force.  Some blacks were discharged at the direction of the commanders without cause until we worked to change the abuse of that directive. 

Here is an anecdotal comparison; “The attitude that you are expressing when you said if these career officers cannot comply with your direction, they should leave, can be compared with the disposition of these commanders.  These career officers who are working for the Department of Justice are working to ensure the safety of the Public, they conducted investigations and recorded their findings.  One could surmise that you are going to support the police and it does not matter what the investigators have found.   You have not read the investigation – If you did read it – It did not have any merit.  It is as if you are saying: “The police are right – the mayors and city councils are wrong – the people complaints are not valid and the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division Investigations are not necessarily reliable.   You do not need to read the investigation because you know what is best - you have your order from the President, if these career officers cannot follow our polices they should leave.” 

Attorney General Sessions, you must proceed with caution here.  These career officers may know what is best to ensure the safety of the public.  The consent decree may be the best approach.  In the case of Chicago, they did not find a few bad actors; the problem was systemic.  This is not anecdotal; comments of this type on a talk show, when the talk show host is working his/her agenda can cause problems within the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division.  In fact, God revealed to me the concerns and the tension within the system.  I shared this with President Trump on June 8, 2017; I shared this letter with you on July 1, 2017. Here are some quotes from that letter: 

“Over the past three weeks, God has revealed to me the state of equal opportunity and justice in the nation.  It was very troubling; the lack of integrity and racial discrimination are at the core.  I saw a large file being pulled from underneath the rug.   Moreover, in a dream I saw that there were some complaints that were not even being processed; I also saw people who were working in the position of complaints processors that were not committed to ensuring justice and the fair treatment of the people.”    “The rift between the committed and the uncommitted is very serious within the system; I was able to see internal turmoil among the counselors; I saw a hostile environment – the hostility had reached the point that an individual attempting to cause physical harm to a co-worker because of the rift. This is a very serious revelation.” “God has revealed to me that there is a lack of integrity within our justice system and all will be impacted to include members within our military.” 

Attorney General Sessions, it is very important to understand that some within the Department of Justice Civil Division do not believe that you are committed to ensuring equal opportunity and treatment for all Americans because of your current decisions and there is a lack of trust.

How did they reach this conclusion?  Surely, it could be based on some of your actions and comments that you have made.  Nevertheless, there is another factor at play here.  Psychological Warfare is at play.  During the interview with Howie Carr, you said a lot more than what was reported in the article that was written by Andrew Kaczynski of CNN.  In fact, you handled the interview well even when Mr. Carr tried to spin it in a way to suggest that the investigators now remaining in the Civil Rights Division must be weeded out.  In fact you said some positive things about these investigators.  However, if an individual only read the article that was written by Andrew Kaczynski and listened to the short audio clip that was posted with the article, he/she would not have known the other positive things that you said.  On a side note, President Trump refers to this as “Fake News.”   However, it is really part of Psychological Warfare; it must be identified as such and the leadership and people must understand what we are dealing with.  God said: A nation divided against itself shall not stand.  

I understand that you have ordered a review of all existing consent decrees.  However, the Civil Rights Division Investigation of Chicago was just completed, this report needs to be read by you.  You must take time out and get to know the people you have working for you.  Moreover, there is a need for improving the human relations climate within the Civil Rights Division.  (Note – I have not consulted anyone within the Division, however as a Prophet of God, God revealed this to me on June 5, 2017, the tension with investigators/counselors within the Justice System.) Again, when I wrote you on July 1, 2017, a copy of the letter, date June 8, 2017 to President Trump was attached.  (You may review this letter on our website www.revelationuptotheminute under category titled: Letters to President Trump”). 

You have a very difficult job; President Trump has some preconceived notions, however he is a wise man.  Nevertheless, it is apparent that he does not understand the gravity of police misconduct.  On August 28, 2017 while speaking to law enforcement he made some very inappropriate comments about the way the police should handle criminals.  Here is one report of his comments:

“When you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon. You see them thrown in rough. I said, 'Please don't be too nice’," Trump told the audience of officers, referring to the practice of shielding suspects’ heads when placing them in police vehicles. "Like, don't hit their head and they've just killed somebody. I said, 'You can take the hand away, okay?'"

Recommendation to Increase Awareness of the Gravity of Police Abuse – President Trump taking the lead.

The White House Staff has indicated that the President was joking.  I am not debating whether or not he was joking.  However, this clearly demonstrates that he is not aware of the severity of the type of physical abuse of the police on the public and its affects.   President Trump is not alone; most Americans are not aware of the gravity of this problem; in fact they view the police from a completely different vantage point.   There is a need for awareness training; it can start with President Trump.  Recommend a sixty-minute video be prepared of some of the video clips depicting police misconduct from the postings on the Internet.  Before the video is finalized share the video with President Trump to increase his sensitivity.  Surely, after fifteen minutes of watching these selected clips, he will be sensitized and understand the gravity of this problem.  Recommend the video include both public safety issues and corruption.  Recommend that the Public Safety Issues clips be the first part of the video.   Next: Ask President Trump to prepare about a 2 to 3 minutes clip to introduce the video – the clip should explain to the viewers how watching the video has helped him.  He also should make it very clear to the viewers that this type of conduct will not be condoned anywhere in the United States.  President Trump should make it very clear that this type of abusive conduct ends today.  The message should be directed to both the Public and the Law Enforcement Community.  This video should be used as a mandatory training aide – for every law enforcement personnel to watch.  This is very important because it will serve to increase the awareness of the police officers because there are many officers who are unaware of the gravity of this problem.  Moreover, make the video available for public release – this should be part of the Department of Justice’s action to improve police and community relationship.  

Attorney General Sessions it is imperative the President clearly understands the gravity of this problem so he can view it from a different vantage point.  Review the Investigations and share the facts, true assessment of the real problems and this recommendation with the President.  

AG’s Concern for Rebuilding Public Confidence In Law Enforcement

Attorney General Sessions, you also stated:

“Our Department of Justice agrees with the need to rebuild public confidence in law enforcement through common-sense reforms, such as de-escalation training. But any reforms must be done in a way that respects civil rights, promotes public safety and doesn’t get our Department into the business of running the day-to-day operations of local police departments.”


Surely, the Department of Justice cannot and must not attempt to run the day-to-day operations.  However, the people’s safety must be of utmost important.  Although the Justice Department does not and cannot aggressively investigate every case, however when it does investigate a case, the investigation should not be taken lightly.  The Investigation brings forth light to shine in dark places.  (Now we have a problem, it has been reported that you do not think the investigations are reliable.  You made this comment prior to reading these reports.)  Every police department throughout the nation should learn from the findings of the AG Investigation of CPD.  The actions should be known to the Public and Police departments around the nation should be given an opportunity to evaluate their own departments using the findings of the investigation as a benchmark.  If this is used correctly, this could be your silver bullet.  

When I was in the military, I worked equal opportunity and treatment for more than 16 years.  After a major racial incident was investigated, an anatomy of that racial incident was conducted and shared throughout the Air Force to every base/wing commander.   Commanders and other military leaders were able to learn from the failure of others.  We shared lessons learned to help supervisors understand how to identify acts of discrimination to include: covert acts – overt acts – intentional acts and unintentional acts. 

General Officers would not hesitate to remove base/wing commanders when they failed to uphold certain standards.  Commanders did not hesitate to take disciplinary actions against the violators.    This did not happened prior to 1971.  However, in 1971 there was a racial uprising at Travis AFB, California.  There were very serious racial riots on that base.  Young black airmen demanded a change.  These types of incidents happened at our military installations around the world.  After these incidents; the military saw the need for establishing programs to address the problem.  A new career field was created; I began to work in that field in 1973 and became one of the best in the field. 


During the Presidential campaign, President Trump pledged that he would support the police.  President Trump has demonstrated the resolve to keep this promise.  The President even issued an executive order to that end.  Here is one of the chief problems; many people do not trust the police, the very group that President Trump pledged to support.  The tension of the police and community relations is at its climax, especially for the black community.  There has not been an acknowledgement by the President to even recognize that there is a problem of public safety because of the actions of the police and there has not been any action to truly bring about healing.  President Trump inherited this problem; President Barack Obama did not share with the nation the gravity of this problem before he left office.  However, there were Attorney General Civil Rights Division Investigations completed before he left office. There were two Investigations regarding Ferguson, Missouri Police Department.  The Baltimore Police Department Investigation was completed in August 2016, and the public was given a briefing on the findings.  The Chicago Police Department Investigation was completed in January 2017 and the public was briefed on those findings. 

Based on my expertise I realize that today there is not a real resolve in the nation to address this serious problem that is eating at the core of America.   One of the reasons is because the Public at large, the Attorney General, and President Trump do not understand the gravity of the problem of police brutality, the corruption and its affects on the people.

Now you are the Attorney General of the United States of America; you have the responsibility to discover the gravity of the problem and inform the President.  As of this date, you have failed to do so; however you are establishing policies and questioning the integrity of career officers in the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division.  Surely, President Trump had some preconceived notions when he made some campaign promises; one of those promises was to support the police.  It is important to support the police, however I do not believe that President Trump would support the racist acts of the police, the system that support those racist actions and other actions of the law enforcement community that puts the publics safety in danger.

It is imperative that you revisit the mission statement for the Department of Justice, the statement that you shared on March 31, 2017.

“Our mission statement directs the Department of Justice "to ensure public safety," "to provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime," and "to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans." We fully embrace and share these responsibilities with thousands of law enforcement agencies across the country that also seek to prevent crime and protect the public. We understand the crucial role interagency partnerships play in successful crime prevention strategies, and the Department is proud of the longstanding relationships it has with our federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement partners. The Federal government alone cannot successfully address rising crimes rates, secure public safety, protect and respect the civil rights of all members of the public, or implement best practices in policing. These are, first and foremost, tasks for state, local, and tribal law enforcement. By strengthening our longstanding and productive relationships with our law enforcement partners, we will improve public safety for all Americans.”

The mission is to “ensure public safety” to provide federal leadership in prevent and controlling crime,” and to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.”  There is nothing within your mission to support racist police and their criminal activities.  However, you have clearly demonstrated the resolve to support the police even after they commit racial and criminal actions when they pertain to public safety; although you have conveyed that violation of individual rights will not be tolerated.  However, your actions undermine the integrity of the investigators who are working to help ensure public safety.  

It is in the best interest of the Public to ensure that these police are removed from the force; it appears that you and the Administration have a problem of removing racist police who have violated the civil rights of others and public safety is not that important if the perpetrators are a part of the law enforcement community.  There has not been any public statement or executive order issued that ensures the people that this Administration will work to ensure public safety to include taking swift actions against law enforcement personnel when they violate the civil rights of people or put the public in danger.  The only promise that President Trump has made even closely related to this subject is his support for the police.  The Public needs to hear and see a resolve from the President that clearly says that he will not tolerate the acts of any police officer who violate the Civil Rights of the people or law enforcement personnel who endanger the public’s safety.  Moreover, the law enforcement community also needs to hear this resolve.  There should also be a declaration to end the “the code of silence” in the form of an executive order requiring Federal law enforcement personnel to report all acts of police misconduct by their peers to their supervisors and others in their chain of command as appropriate.  Moreover, the President should encourage Governors to do the same for law enforcement officers in their states.

Attorney General Sessions, dedicated men and women of the Justice Department have delivered professional products in the form of Investigations: the Chicago Police Department and the Ferguson Police Department Investigations.  This is “Light” to help shine in dark places.  However, it is apparent that you have not received it as a useful tool that will help support local law enforcement around the nation.  This is an error in judgment.  Surely, this can be a silver bullet if it is used correctly.   An anatomy of these reports can help police chiefs around the country improve their police departments and improve the performance of their law enforcement officers.  This is a sure way to support the police and to reduce crime and ensure public safety.   You have ordered the departments to review their actions. However, these investigations should be studied and lessons learned should be prepared, etc.

The Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division Investigations must have meaning.  When violations are discovered, there must be corrective action.  Violators must be aggressively prosecuted.  This will show everyone that there are serious consequences for taking actions that endanger the Public’s safety and violate their civil rights under the cover of the law.  Surely it is up to the local police departments to take these actions, however the Federal Government should encourage them to do so.  Recommend that President Trump encourage Congress to enact laws that reiterates the spirit and intent to ensure that the Public’s safety is of utmost importance and law enforcement personnel who violate the rights of others will be terminated from law enforcement positions throughout the nation. 

This is not a new problem; however now it has reached a climax.  Based on what has happened over the last twenty years, why should anyone think the United States of America is serious about keeping the police in check?  The Public, especially the Black Community has lost trust in the Federal Government to ensure their safety from the police.  President Trump should not be blamed for the current state of the lack of pubic trust and the deadly crisis, because like most of America he is not aware of the gravity of the problem.  It is imperative that this report reaches the hand of the Attorney General and the President to make the much-needed adjustments.

Surely the implementation of the new and modernized Project Safe Neighborhoods program will be outstanding.   However, a lot of work must be done before the implementation of this program.  When the Public becomes aware of the positive initiatives of the Justice Department it will help bring about the much-needed credibility.

One of the mottos of the Black Lives Matter movement is “No Justice – No Peace – No Racist Police.”  One of the objectives of the Justice Department should be ensure that there is “No Racist Police.”   President Trump and you should take the lead and carry the banner that says “NO RACIST POLICE.”  (Smile)  If you could walk a day in the shoes of a mother or father who have lost their loved one at the hands of a racist police you would lift that banner. 

In 1998, my son Howard was shot in the back by a racist Deputy Sheriff in Tampa Florida; The Sheriff Department declared that the shooting was unjustified.  However, the State Attorney, Harry E. Coe refused to prosecute Sheriff Deputy, Christopher Madiedo.  Several years later, the Sheriff Deputy was arrested for other criminal charges and he went to prison and State Attorney Coe committed a criminal act and he committed suicide.  Howard was never the same after the unjustified shooting.  I have been working to assist grieving parents every since that the shooting of my son, I even helped the mother of Michael Arnold; he was unjustifiably shot 107 times in Hawthorne, California.  He was on a new by-pass talking to his mother on a cell phone – the law enforcement community thought he had a gun; he was talking on the phone asking for directions because he was not familiar with the new by-pass.  Michael was a white, businessman, after the death of Michael, his mother wanted answers.  However, she was treated as someone who had violated the law.  No one was held accountable for the unjustified killing of her son.  Today, there are hundreds of family members who find themselves in the same status of the mother of Michael Arnold.  The system clearly supports the police in most cases, even when it is clear to the community that the shooting or killings were not justified.  This is the reason you hear the chant: “No Justice – No Peace – No Racist Police.”  When family members lose a loved one at the hands of law enforcement, they should have the assurance that the system will take actions to ensure the matter is properly investigated.  Therefore, officials should always notify them of this resolve.

Attorney General Sessions, public safety is very important.  Surely it is one of President Trump’s priorities and it is also a priority of the Department of Justice to protect and support our brave men and women in law enforcement!  Therefore, it is imperative that the law enforcement community cleanup the swamp of “racist police” and others who fail to uphold the law and are a threat to Public safety.   God wants to bless America, take a fresh look at this problem and reexamine what you are called to do.  Report your findings to the President so he can make the much needed adjustments; it is about ensuring the public safety, even when the police are the violators.    I am sharing this with you, the Chief of Staff, and President Trump.  The report is designed for you and the President to take note and the required actions.  However, please be advised; I realize that God did not give me this work for it to be put in a file or waste basket; this work must bring forth light, it will shine in some very dark places.  However, in the hands of some it will be used as a political weapon, however this not the intent of this communication it is about the safety of God’s creation, mankind in the United States of America. 

Listen carefully, God showed me 9/11 before it happened.  My life has not been the same since that time.  God continues to reveal to me revelation after revelation.  I wrote President George W. Bush 13 times, I wrote President Barack Obama over 30 times and all revelations have come to pass.  I have published two books at the direction of God in the name of Jesus providing counsel to the nation to no avail.  If the leadership had adhered to the counsel the state of the nation would not be troubled as it is today.  Moreover, I have written President Trump eight times. 

I am here to provide counsel at the direction of God.  Woe to the person that will use this report for political reasons; such as leaking it to the press or others outside the Department of Justice.  This report is not based on political correctness, it is about the safety of God creation, mankind.  There is no group or person that pays me for this service that I render.  I do not wish any harm to you or this Administration.  It is imperative that you understand that God loves mankind.  However, there are some police officers that do not value the life of God’s creation.   This is a warning from God, the Police in the United States need true support, however that support is not allowing the police to continue in behaviors that violate the rights of others and put the lives of God’s people in danger. Attorney General Sessions, you said:  President Trump sent your Department three executive orders.  One directs us to be supportive of local law enforcement.  A second declared that our mission is to “reduce crime” in America.  The third directed us to dismantle transnational criminal organizations.  You expressed that these are our goals and we are getting after them.

I understand President Trump’s resolve because he wants to make America great again.  However, he is being attacked at every front.  As I have communicated to President Trump, he is there to bring forth much needed change.  President Trump needs to see this complete report.  In addition to this report he needs to see every communication that I sent him.  Attorney General Sessions, you have come a long way from Alabama, when the good ole boy network was alive and very active.  Only God in the name of Jesus can change the heart of a person.  Attorney General Sessions, today there are some in America that have the same mindset of the good ole boys in the sixties and the seventies; some of them are in Congress and some are even on our police forces around the nation.

I asked God, how could I share with President Trump so he can feel the pain of walking in a black man shoes!  This needs to be done before he signs an executive order to give police the authority to stop and frisk and other measure that he believe is more expedient! 

Here is an anecdote:  “The angry supporters of Hilary Clinton are attacking President Trump daily.  This is a very painful walk for him.  This walk is similar to a young black man taking care of his business and being attacked by racist police everyday while he is in public.  It is important for President Trump to see himself not as President, but as a young black man, someone not rich and not in the position of power.   The name “Trump” equals “Black Man” and the “Angry Supporter of Hilary Clinton” equals “Racist Police.”  Now everyday as Trump (Black Man) gets in his car he is stopped and pulled over by Angry Supporter of Hilary Clinton (Racist Police) – He is targeted while driving while black – He goes to the store – When he is walking he is suddenly stopped and frisked by Angry Supporter of Hilary Clinton, this happens five to six times a day by the Angry Supporter of Clinton – the media attacks him because he is a Black man – Trump (Black Man) is seen as the problem, however he is only trying to take care of his family.  Trump (Black Man) is always on the defense – Trump (Black Man) is seen as having a character and behavior disorder.  However, President Trump is just trying to “make America great again.”

Attorney General Sessions, I pray that this report will help you and President Trump make the much-needed adjustments.  I am a prophet of God; acknowledge God in all your ways.  The nation needs leaders who fear God based on His precepts.  You are in my prayers.  I look forward to seeing a much needed adjustment – I am praying that you will adhere to this counsel of God in the name of Jesus.

Sincerely yours.

Elmore Richmond Jr.

SMSgt Retired USAF

Prophet of God in the Name of JESUS


Copy to: President Donald Trump

Copy to: General John Kelly, Chief of Staff

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