Letter to President Trump October 14, 2017

Letter to President Trump October 14, 2017

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The Church Readiness Ministries

Elmore Richmond Jr.

Post Office Box 5042

Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831

October 14, 2017


President Donald J. Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D. C. 20500

Dear President Trump:

I have written you eight times since you have been in office as President of the United States; I pray that these communications are reaching your hands.  President Trump, I will continue to share the counsel of God in love because I would like to see America great again.  You have a lot on your plate and are being attacked from every front.  Many people do not understand the real impact of their actions.   If this is the first letter that has reached your hands that I have sent you, your staff has truly failed you because they have not given you invaluable information that is designed to help bring your goal to fruition to make America great again.

I just wrote your Chief of Staff, Mr. Kelly; this is the first time that I have written him and shared some of the communications that I sent you in the past.  I am hopeful that he will help ensure that this counsel reaches your hands.  I realize that you have received numerous communications regarding paying respect to the flag.  Surely, President Trump we would hope that all Americans would respect the flag.  However, can we force a person to stand up and respect the flag in America?  Should we?  Why should we have to force a person to stand up and respect the flag?  Why would any person that says he or she is an American fail to stand up and respect the flag?  On the surface it would seem to be irrational.

Mr. President, I understand your resolve that people must respect the flag.  However, do you really want to force people to do so? Or do you want people to stand proudly and honor the flag like you?   I believe in your heart you would prefer that every American would stand proudly and respect the flag and for America to be a nation under God with liberty and justice for all.  I would also like to see that happen.  Allow me to help you accomplish this.

I have attached a summation of what has taken place since Mr. Kaepernick failed to stand in 2016, and the failure of the media to convey his concerns at the commencement of his protest.  Moreover, I include your resolve that you recently expressed and the failure of the media to focus on your resolve.   President Trump, I was in Detroit in 1967 at the time of the riots, moreover I was in Los Angeles in 1992 at the time of the riots after the beating of Mr. Rodney King.  Today, the foundation has been laid for rioting to occur in Any City, USA because of police brutality and the failure of the system to address it.   On February 4, 2017, at the direction of God in the name of JESUS, I wrote you and covered many subjects in that communication; one of the subjects was the deadly crisis of police and community relationship.  I also explained that President Obama had failed the nation and he had left you a deadly crisis that he failed to adequately address.  I explained that is a real challenge because you cannot image the scope of the corruption in some police departments across the nation, the cover-up of injustice, and the failure of the system to prosecute officers when they have killed the innocent.  On June 8, 2017, I shared even more regarding the lack of integrity of the overall justice system and the need to address police misconduct.  President Trump, this is a very deadly crisis!  Mr. President you do not understand just how explosive this can be if it is not handled now.   Now this is your watch – listen carefully you have set the stage for the People to point their fingers at you for being insensitive to the concerns of many who fear the police because there are some within the ranks who are abusing their power and the leadership has failed to keep the police in check.

Here is the problem – America does not understand the gross injustice of the system that allows the police to target blacks and the overwhelming amount of police brutality that is commonplace in some cities throughout America.  This has not been and is still not important to the mainstream media.  Football Hall of Fame, Joe Namath recently said that he has never walked in a black man shoes.  Surely, he is correct.

It is imperative that several things happen at this juncture, to bring this matter to a conclusion.  It is important that the public understand how the media has failed to paint the picture of what Kaepernick was conveying in 2016.  It is also important to recognize that the system has failed to adequately address some of the matters regarding police misconduct in the Untied States. 

Moreover, it is important for the People to hear from you, Mr. President.  Mr. President it is important that you express your resolve to ensure that there is true justice for all in America.  The People need to hear again concerning your support for the Police; however it is very important that the People also hear from the President the things that he will not tolerate, to include police misconduct and corruption.  I wrote you and explained that President Obama failed to address this issue prior to his departure.  I pointed out that this was a disservice to the nation.  It is time for the nation to come on one accord and ensure that police abuse and corruption come to an end.  There are clear cases around the nation that show that there are many cases of police brutality whereby there is no indictment for the criminal behavior of officers.  It is imperative, you as President set the tone for healing in this nation.  Listen carefully; demanding People to stand for the national anthem is not the best approach and it adds fuel to the fire.  Although it may seem to be the right call to make, however listen carefully I am a true expert in addressing these concerns. 

I am a retired SMSgt from the United States Air Force; I retired in 1989 – as Superintendent For Social Action Programs, Los Angeles Air Force.  I advised commanders at every level on human relations, equal opportunity and treatment, and substance abuse matters for more than sixteen years while I was in the service. 

My record will show that I was one of the best in the field; for example, Headquarters TAC sent me to a base after someone had fire bombed the Wing Commander’s car, the Base Commander’s car, and after a Black Staff Sergeant had taken over the command post with a M16.  As a 26 year old SSGT or TSGT, after two weeks on the base, I discovered the good ole boys network was alive and well on the base and in the community.  With integrity and boldness I reported my assessment and findings directly to the Wing Commander.  I explained to the Wing Commander: “Sir to do the job that Headquarters TAC sent me to do and to do the job you need to have done – I will need your direct support.  The Commander told me to go to work – at that point I was working directly for the Wing Commander.  We worked some deep seeded racial problems on the base and in the community.  By nature, I am a problem solver; today however I am in the ministry and God has called me out as one of His prophets.  However, there is no prophet accepted in his own country.  Nevertheless, this is my assignment. 

To understand the true nature of the problem, you must receive an extensive briefing of the true nature of the misconduct of law enforcement officers across the country.  However, the Justice Department may not be the best source for this detailed briefing because it has not been a priority to gather local complaints regarding police misconduct.  Please find attached a copy of the letter that I sent you on June 8, 2017; this communication will help you to understand the nature of the problem that must be addressed.  I have also included recommendations to help work this problem.

President Trump, after you understand the gravity of the problem, I recommend that you address the nation on actions you are taking to address it.  President Trump you should clearly explain your resolve for standing for the flag to be more than just a show – Explain that you want it to have meaning – Express your resolve to help ensure that all Americans Stand Up for Justice for All – Stand Up and Work together – Stand Up and Help to Make America Great Again.   Ask America to join you as we work together and make America great again and let us work to ensure that this nation is truly under God with Liberty and Justice for All.

Well, Mr. President, I pray this will help you resolve this matter.  Go forth and bless the People.  You are in our daily prayers.

Sincerely yours,

Elmore Richmond Jr., (SMSgt USAF Retired)

Prophet of God In the Name of Jesus

3 Attachments

  • Article - Summation of Mr. Kaepernick’s Resolve and President Trump’s Resolve
  • Copy of Letter to President Trump, Dated June 8, 2017
  • Copy of Letter to President Trump, Dated: February 4, 2017

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