Letter to President Barack Obama - February 6, 2016

Letter to President Barack Obama - February 6, 2016

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The Church Readiness Ministries


February 6, 2016

President Barack Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, D. C. 20500

Dear President Obama:

The last time that I wrote you was on December 19, 2015; surely the revelation regarding the wildfires in California have come to fruition.  Here are several revelations that God in the name of Jesus showed me last night in a dream that will come to pass shortly.  God is showing these revelations to me to let you know that He has sent me.  I pray in the name of Jesus that you will adhere to the counsel of God.  Currently, the leadership of America has caused the People of God to err.  The leadership of America must learn to fear God based on his precepts – if not this nation will be destroyed.

Revelation One: On the morning of February 6th 2016, God showed me an incident that will happen at a bank here in America.  I could hear much gun fire and the breaking of glass as the bullets passed through the window panes.  The accommodations where the bank was located provided areas for the people to dine in restaurants in the general location of the bank, it appeared that they were all connected like a mall.   There were two individuals that were in the dream who are now dead.  One of them stayed in Detroit and the other stayed in Milwaukee; this may indicate the city where the incident will occur.  It was as if I was actually there, therefore I am sure that this will happen very shortly.

Revelation Two:  I dreamed that I was on a military base.  I was in a building when there was some type of toxic gas released.  I did not hear the Command – Exercise – Exercise – Exercise or any words to this effect.   I was not able to exit the building and we were told to stay in place.  I had a package to use in case I found myself in this toxic environment.  However, I discovered when I opened the package – there were no contents in the package to provide any measure of protection.  Shortly, the Base Commander come in and asked me about my package.  He asked me to go get him another package.  I went to the place that was responsible for issuing the packages – I told the Sergeant that the Base Commander wanted me to pick up a package.  The Sergeant went to the cabinet and gave me a package. This was the end of the dream.  Recommend – conduct random inspections of products that on stock pile to insure that they are not defective.

Revelation Three:   I had another dream about being on a military installation.  I was in a military uniform.  I spilled something on the floor; I insisted that I would mop it up since I was responsible for the spill.  However, when I began to mop the area of the spill, I noticed how dirty the floor was.  It appeared that in some places – dirt was painted over.  – What God is revealing in this revelation – some of the operations are unclean and are being covered up to make it appear to be in order.

Revelation Four:  I had another dream this morning, February 6, 2016; this dream also appeared to be a military operation.  I saw these poles as far as I could see.  On the very top of the poles will small houses, like bird’s houses.  These houses looked like they were able to accommodate at least two people in bunk beds.  It appeared that they could be used for some type of sentry duties because they were high above the landscape.

Revelation Five:  I had another dream; again it may be military related however I am not sure.  Nevertheless, I was in a large warehouse and I noticed how the stock had shifted as if there had been a small earthquake.  I did not feel an earthquake.  Next, I asked some people that were standing in an open area if they felt an earthquake.  None of these individuals felt an earthquake.  This was the end of the dream.  I believe that God revealed this to me to warn you that a significant earthquake is coming.  Recommendation:  More earthquake preparedness drills.

Mr. President, God loves the people in America.  I pray in the name of Jesus, that the leadership will learn to fear God based on his precepts.  I am praying for the nation – currently the nation is warring against the righteousness of God, a war that America cannot win.  Mr. President, I pray that you will visit the website and read the communications that I sent you over the years.  You have less than a year remaining in office; nevertheless, what you do today is critical to the future of the nation.  You can continue to sow bad seeds that will ripen after you leave office or you can take a fresh look at all of your executive orders to include your declaration of “Gay Pride Month.”  Mr. President there is nothing proud about being Gay. 

Moreover, sowing discord among brethren in the Middle East was very wicked.  We cannot win with our military might; we are planting more bad seeds.  Mr. President, I am a retired military man – only one percent of Americans serve in our military, there have been far too many of our troops who have died in vain or suffering today because of an unjustified war.  We have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people and spent trillions of dollars; waging these wars was all vanity.   Mr. President, you, President Bush and Senator McCain have it wrong.  Moreover, your current disposition will not end the war on terrorism.  It is imperative that you take time out now and learn – learn – learn – We are warring against the righteousness of God – we have rushed to shed innocent blood and continue to sow discord among brethren.  Mr. President, you are in my prayers.


Elmore Richmond Jr.

Prophet of God in the Name of Jesus


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