Letter to President Barack Obama October 4, 2011

Letter to President Barack Obama October 4, 2011

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 October 4, 2011

 President Barack Obama

 The White House

 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

 Washington, DC, 20500


 Dear Mr. President:

 Mr. President surely one of your goals is to bring an end to terrorism, however the assassinations of others is not the answer.  By assassinating others you are planting even more bad seeds.  Listen carefully to the first message God gave me to share with President George W. Bush in October 2001.

 “Recall your planes, ships, and My people.  Remove all unjust sanctions against countries around the world.  Rewrite your trade agreements to ensure that they are fair to the workers.  End your eagerness to shed innocent blood.  Seek out the bad fruit that have now ripened.  Apply just laws to all suspects that are still alive, that were involved in the planning and operation of the terrorism attack on America.  Do not prosecute the innocent.  Bad fruits that have not ripened, treat them with care, love, and understanding, because you helped created them.  Change your hearts and take on a new resolve to end oppression and perverseness.  Thus, you will end terrorism in America if you turn to Me.  My Righteousness is forever.”  (See page 40 of the enclosed book:  “America-America: A Checkup For the Body of Christ” published October 2001)

 Mr. President it is imperative to understand that “We” (The leaders of the United States) help created these terrorists by perversion and oppressive actions.  We assassinated Osama bin Laden, consequently he never had the opportunity to openly express the motivation for his action to effect the 9/11 attacks on America.  Now we have assassinated another – who is next?  This is a never-ending process.  Of course this is the wrong approach because we cannot win by assassinating leaders; with every assassination we plant even more bad seeds.  Surely, we know the reasons for the attacks however we have failed to acknowledge them because we would have to take a critical look at ourselves.  However, we must not let our pride become our downfall.

 Mr. President it will take adhering to the counsel of God and seeking His righteousness to bring an end to terrorism, return a healthy economy, and then stimulate economic growth.  Moreover, you can lead by example if you would seek the righteousness of God – your action will also help to return safety back to our schools in America; it will replace the current posture of bullying – surely the nation’s “demonstrated bullying posture” has impacted the children of this nation – now we are a nation that leads in the assassination of other leaders.  We must change this ill-advised disposition.  The future of the nation is at hand and our children need positive influences.  Moreover, nations around the world need leaders who fear God.  Only God can heal America. 

 However, instead of leading in the fear of the Lord we are fortifying the box described in Isaiah 33:1.   Here is the box that we are in today.  “Woe to Thee that spoilest, and thou was not spoiled; and dealest treacherously, and was not dealt not treacherously with thee!  When thou shall cease to spoil, thou shall be spoiled; and when thou shalt make an end to deal treacherously, they shall deal treacherously with thee.”    Mr. President, if you humble yourself, turn to God and express this resolve to the Nation and the World, America would set the tone to bring about peace throughout the world, the heart of the nation would change and moreover prosperity will return to the United States.  Moreover, God will bless this land. 

             Mr. President, take time out and reflect on what happened leading up to activities of 9/11.  As you reflect, think all the way back to Desert Storm, the United States involvement in the war between Iran and Iraq, the United States involvement in the war in Afghanistan and the Soviets Union.  Now look at the United States true involvement in the Middle East.  Today we are advocating democracy in the Middle East, a system of government that has failed to keep capitalism in check.  Consequently, as the United States and the United Nations are advocating democracy – democracies around the world are experiencing upheaval because of their democracies’ failure to keep capitalism in check.  Consequently, the democracy failure to keep capitalism in check it has created a wicked system; to bring an end to this wickedness we must ensure the workers wages are protected in this country.  The mere thought of 1 percent of the population owning more than six times the financial wealth than the bottom 80 percent in America is wicked.  Thus, the top one percent has 43 percent of the financial wealth while the bottom 80 percent share 7 percent of the financial wealth – only through the process of wickedness could this have occurred.  Surely, the AFL-CIO understands how the U. S. Government has failed to protect the interests of the workers and created this gross imbalance in the distribution of wealth.  Therefore, to correct this problem all Workers must understand what has occurred through an educational campaign – then elect leaders who will work to protect the interests of the workers in this nation.

             Moreover, businesses throughout this nation have allowed greed to close plants in the Untied States in the search for lowest possible labor cost under profit maximization.  In effect some of our trading agreements have led to continued oppression, sweatshop, abusive child labor practices, and people working long hour without receiving a living wage.  We must review every agreement that does not provide real opportunities for the workers.  We must express our resolve to bring an end to sweatshops, and abusive child labor, and people working without receiving living wages.

             We must reexamine all of our trade agreements.  If our trading partners cannot guarantee living wages for their employees and fail to adhere to proper treatment of its citizens, we need to rescind those trade agreements.  In addition we must reexamine all factors to include the problem of currency manipulation of the trading partners and companies incentives to move their business off shores.  

             Moreover, we must take more aggressive actions to end poverty within the borders of the United States and around the world.  In respect to the poor in America – did you know that many of the poor in America are paying more than fifty percent interests on personal loans from financial companies?   In addition to paying this high interest to financial companies, many are caught up in the “Pay Day Loan System,” A cruel system that preys on the poor whereby an individual borrows $200 and then pays $30.00 per pay day for life.  Moreover, big banks fund these “legal loan shark” operations.  Far too many of God people are suffering here in America - We must do more to protect the poor and end this suffering.  We must capitalize from the knowledge of demonstrated men and women that understand the plight of the poor.  Law Professor Peter Edelman of Georgetown University has clearly demonstrated his understanding and his resolve to work the concerns of the poor in this nation.  America needs people with this demonstrated understanding and resolve to help effect meaningful programs to address the needs of the poor in this nation.

             Now let us turn our attention back to war.  Why are we fighting in Afghanistan?  We need to recall all of our troops from the region of Afghanistan – we must never forget that we used the people of Afghanistan and then fail to compensate them.  (I do not have to belabor this point.)  We have made some mistakes in the past as a nation.  However, now it is time to take action to correct many of the mistakes that we have made in the past.  We must understand how many have developed a hatred for our Government in the United States.  Some of this hatred is based of myths and false perceptions.  Furthermore, some of this hatred is based on some bad policies and agreements that we have written and enforced.  Moreover, some of this hatred is the result of actions that we have taken.  Some look at this as a war between Christians and Muslims, however this is an error because America is out of the counsel of God in the name of JESUS.  In fact, if America does not repent God in the name of JESUS will destroy this nation.     

             America needs to be healed; however healing can only come from God.  America is on the brink of destruction.  For it is written a nation divided against itself cannot stand.  Surely the elected leaders of America have demonstrated the works of a nation divided against herself.  However, do these leaders reflect the true value and the will of Americans in the land of opportunity and the beacon of hope?

             How could it be possible for a nation as powerful and as great as the United States to fall?  The only way for America to fall is to turn her back on God and then fail to receive the counsel of the Lord in the name of JESUS.  We must learn from the history of the falls of other great nations - for example the House of Israel and the House of Judah – God’s chosen people.  History shows that first God cast the House of Israel out of His sight then God cast the House of Judah out of His sight.  Why?   The leaders caused the people of God to err.  They were destroyed because of the lack of knowledge – because they did not receive His counsel (knowledge) God rejected them.

             Can America critique herself?  The critique would be a hard one – far too hard for most to hear because it would not be smooth talk.  History also shows that God used prophets to bring forth a critique before a nation was destroyed.  The prophets understood the way of the Lord and gave warnings and instructions to effect healing as the Lord had given them.  However, Jesus said there is no prophet accepted in his own country.  Nevertheless, I tell you the truth, God wants to heal America, however unless America repents this nation will be destroyed.  This could happen on our watch, the only watch we will get.

             God is still looking for an offering in righteousness as in the former years.  Therefore, God promised to bring judgment near to us.  In the book of Malachi the Lord says that He would be a swift witness against the sorcerers, against the adulterers, and against the false swearers, and against those that oppress hireling in his wages, the widow, and the fatherless, and that turn aside the stranger from his right, and fear not me.   Let take a quick look at two of these things the Lord hates – oppressing the hireling in his wages and oppressing the widow and the fatherless.  First to oppress the hireling in his wages – this includes failing to pay living wages and outsourcing and closing up plants in the United States and opening up plants in other countries in search for the lowest possible wages to produce goods or services.  How do you oppress the widow and the fatherless?  Answer:  By cutting social welfare programs.

             To effect healing, we must also include the things that God hates according to the word of God.  (1) A proud look (2) A lying tongue (3) Hands that shed innocent blood (4) A heart that deviseth wicked imaginations (5) Feet that be swift in running to mischief (6) A false witness that speaketh lies  and (7) He that soweth discord among brethren.  Surely, if we take a close look at these things, we will find homosexual activities and abortion which are included in the wicked imaginations; however it does not end with these two.  We must see the killing of 3,000 people at the World Trade Center as the shedding of innocent blood; however we must also see the shedding of innocent blood by the killing of 655,000 Iraqis without provocation.  Surely, this is not smooth talk.

 The Prophet Isaiah explained how Judah did not want to hear the word of God and trusted in oppression and perverseness.  The Prophet Hosea explained how God’s chosen people had plowed wickedness and then reaped iniquity – they had eaten the fruit of lies: because they trusted in their way and their military.   God hates evil however, God makes peace and creates evil.  Evil is created by God as a reward for the ones that do wickedness.  It is recorded how Judah brought evil until themselves.

 What are the benefits for hearkening to the word of God?  As God promised Judah the same promises are for us today.  We could have peace as the river, righteousness as the waves of the sea, terror will not come near us and God will show us how to profit.  Both the Republicans and Democrats look forward to this becoming a reality here in America.   However, it is imperative that politicians stop playing with God and stop toying with the people of God.  Thus we must come together in the fear of God and bless God’s people.

 In America, we have some people who truly love God and they want to do what is pleasing in the sight of God; however there are many spiritual leaders who are asleep who do not teach nor understand the way of the Lord.  Before the doom of Judah, God poured out the spirit of deep sleep and all the people were covered.  Consequently, people learned to fear God from the precepts of men and not from the word of God.  Therefore, they drew near God with their mouth however their hearts were far from God. Moreover, you have some leaders that work deep in the dark to hide the counsel of God from His people.  Again, surely this is not smooth talk – can we critique ourselves?  First we must seek the face of God – understand His ways.  Then compare our ways with the ways of the Lord – then elect leaders that fear God based on the precepts of God.  These precepts must be inclusive of all of the ways of the Lord, not a selective few.

 Mr. President, this is our watch, I am sharing because God has commanded me to do so.  This message must go forth.  You are President and Commander in Chief, however there are many in the House and the Senate who do not understand the way of the Lord and they believe that we can end terrorism by imposing sanctions and with our military might.  This thinking is in error.  Besides these elected officials, the leaders who have expressed the aspiration of becoming the next President of the United States need to understand the way of the Lord therefore I am sharing this communication with them.  It is important that you and all leaders that have the aspiration of becoming President understand that there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.  God wants you and the ones with the aspiration to become President to understand the following as recorded in Psalm 85:10-11 – “Mercy and truth are met together, righteousness and peace have kissed each other, Truth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven.”  Therefore, it is imperative that the leaders of this land discover the way of the Lord and fear Him and stop toying with His people.

 Mr. President please note; I am sharing this communication with you and the other leaders that have expressed their aspiration for President and others as indicated below.  You are in my daily prayers.

  Sincerely yours,

  Elmore Richmond Jr.

 A Prophet of God in the Name of Jesus

  Copy to:

        1. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

        2.  Governor Willard M. Romney

        3.  Mr. Newton Gingrich

        4.  Mr. Hermain Cain

        5.  Mr. John M. Huntsman, Jr.

        6.  Mr. Gary E. Johnson

        7.  Congressman Ronald E. Paul

        8.  Governor Rick Perry

        9.  Mr. Charles E. Roemer

       10.  Mr. Richard J. Santorum

       11.  Mr. Warren Buffett    


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