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July 8, 2021


Ms. Meredith Kopit Levien

New York Times

620 Eighth Avenue

New York, New York 10018


Dear Ms. Kopit Levien:


I am writing you because it is imperative that the truth goes forth regarding the treatment of COVID 19 and the effects of mass vaccination.  I love America, I am a retired SMSgt from the United States Air Force.  For about 16 years while I was in the Air Force, I worked in the role of a problem solver, advising supervisors and commanders at every level.  I am offering my expertise now to help resolve the problem that confronts the nation and the world regarding COVID 19.  I discovered that there are some effective investigative journalists in action; however, the effort from the major media was lacking. Based on the information they have acquired through fact finding, I have concluded that the current role that the major media is playing by censoring the communications regarding COVID 19 are preventing truth from coming forth which is a disservice to the nation and people around the world. 

The bottom line, Dr. Fauci is deceiving the people regarding the effectiveness of mass vaccination and the necessity of vaccinating the youth.  Surely, there is mounting evidence regarding the origin of COVID 19 at Wuhan, however this communication is not regarding the origin, however it is about the treatment and the ineffectiveness of mass vaccination.  In March 2021, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche sent an open letter to W.H.O. warning them to halt the mass vaccination because of the consequences of mass vaccination in the midst of the pandemic.  W.H.O. did not allow Dr. Bossche to come to the table.  I have monitored Dr. Bossche’s communications regarding COVID 19 and warnings – it must be noted everything that Dr. Bossche said regarding COVID 19 has come to pass.  About two months ago, Dr. Bossche described the state we would be in today. 

I wrote President Biden and the CDC on June 7, 2021, and shared Dr. Bossche’s urgent concerns about the vaccination of children and the continued mass vaccination.  I also shared my concerns on-line with the CDC.  Since I shared these concerns, I discovered the reports regarding the effectiveness of Ivermectin to heal and prevent COVID 19.  I also discovered that Merck has received $356,000,000 to develop a drug to treat COVID 19; however, the drug has been shelved.  Surely, Dr. Fauci as director of NIH had something to do with the approval of these funds. 

Moreover, I discovered that Merck also funded the Lopez-Medina based Study that produced the report that discredits the effectiveness of the use of Ivermectin in the treatment of COVID 19.  The media did not report on the fact that the study was sponsored by Centro de Estudios en Infectogía Pediatrica and the authors were paid by three drug companies making COVID vaccines–Sanofi  Pasteur, GlaxoSmithKline, and Janssen– and two making COVID  therapeutics–Gilead and Merck. 

I watched the Senate hearing regarding COVID 19; It was confirmed that Dr. Fauci did not include in his plan a treatment for COVID 19, however Dr. Fauci went directly to the mass vaccination approach.  I discovered that Senator Rand Paul questioned Dr. Fauci regarding the consideration of available drugs for treatment in March 2020 to no avail.  In December 2020, doctors at the Senate hearing gave powerful testimonies of Ivermectin’s effectiveness based on studies.  I also discovered how effective Ivermectin has been used in other countries as a treatment for COVID 19.  Moreover, I discovered how lawyers have sued hospitals to have Ivermectin administered to patients 80 years old and older; and the judges have ruled in the patients favor.  After the hospital were forced to administer Ivermectin to the patients, they fully recovered.  However, the major news media did not report on these stories, nationally. 

I also discovered that there is a doctor known as the COVID Hunter in the United States, who has been effective in the treatment of patients with COVID 19; Dr Joseph Varon is the Chief of Critical Care at UMMC Houston. Dr. Varon says he has adapted a treatment protocol that has given his COVID 19 patients a 95% chance of recovery.  Dr. Varon uses Ivermectin as one of the drugs to treat patients of COVID 19.  He has done over 1600 interviews regarding his success in the treatment of patients, however the fact that he used Ivermectin as part of the treatment is never part of the media telecast or broadcast. 

I also discovered the cost of Ivermectin is very inexpensive; W.H.O. pays about two cents ($.02) per pill.  It has been reported in some cases it only takes four pills and the patients were healed of COVID 19.  Surely, there is no money to be made using Ivermectin to treat COVID 19.  It is apparent, the major media has adopted a hands-off approach regarding news pertaining to the effectiveness of Ivermectin to treat COVID 19.  The mainstream media stated position is not to report on the effectiveness of any drug unless it is approved by the CDC or W.H.O. or local health authorities for the treatment of COVID 19.

It is clear that Dr. Fauci is not in the best position to work in the best interest of the United States because he continues to push mass vaccination and has ignored the early treatment and the reports of the effectiveness of Ivermectin. He has an apparent conflict of interest.    Now in their effort to force people to be vaccinated Dr. Fauci declares that there may soon be two Americas, the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.  Some doctors are calling the unvaccinated as breeding grounds for new variants.  However, Dr. Bossche, the International Vaccination Expert has clearly described what is going on today which is contrary to what is being reported in the media.  It is the vaccinated who serve as a type of reservoir that generate new variants.  Dr. Bossche explains this occurred because when they were vaccinated there were already other variants present and these new variants were not targeted by the vaccine.  Dr. Bossche clearly depicted the evolution of variants and if more people are vaccinated more contagious variants will be generated – in the end nobody wins.

Consequently, the truth is not going forth to the people because the media is failing to keep the people informed.  However, the current approach by Dr. Fauci and the CDC are to force everyone to be vaccinated with vaccines that are already obsolete because they do not target the present dominant variant.   Dr. Bossche explains what is going on today; Dr. Bossche also explained two months ago what the health officials would be saying today and what they have failed to consider when they access what is going on.  Dr. Bossche knows and he has no conflict of interest.  It is imperative that he be brought to the table.  President George Washington once said: “If the freedom of speech is taken away the dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”  Today there are many who do not really know what is going on regarding COVID 19 because the major media has not been reporting all the facts.  Consequently, valuable information is being kept from the people regarding the effectiveness of Ivermectin to treat and cure COVID 19, based on the available studies and reported success of patients and doctors in the United States and around the world. 

Moreover, the President of the United States has put his trust in the judgment of Dr. Fauci.  However, there is more than a reasonable probability that Dr. Fauci knows about the effectiveness of Ivermectin in the treatment of COVID 19.   However, Dr. Fauci knows if he continues the mass vaccination campaign more unvaccinated will become ill.  However, what he has not informed the public about, according to the work of Dr. Bossche’s, the vaccinated serves as a type of reservoir to help in generating other variants that will infect others, to include children.  Remember, the vaccinated are not being tested, this is part of the problem. Israel is reporting an increased number of the vaccinated are being tested positive with COVID 19 (D).  This is exactly what Dr. Bossche explained would happen.  Consequently, all will be at risk to include the ones who have been vaccinated because of new variants.  Nobody wins! 

Dr. Bossche offers solutions to address this crisis, however, it is imperative that he be heard now.  We need major media networks to interview Dr. Bossche; he has a treasure trove of knowledge and expertise.  I have enclosed two DVDs.  I strongly encourage that you watch both.  The video titled: “COVID 19 – Media Let Truth Go Forth” is about one hour; it is a compilation of work of investigative journalists of stories regarding COVID 19 that have not been carried in the major media.  However the people need to know this truth.   The DVD titled “Dr. Fauci, You Have Been Exposed! Mass Vaccination Was Not Required!  Ivermectin is a Wonder Drug!” is more in-depth coverage to include part of the final warning of Dr. Bossche regarding COVID 19.

The information that I am sharing with you is factual; there should be investigative journalists from the national media gathering and reporting this information, however this effort is lacking.  Consequently, the major media is failing to keep the people informed and Dr. Fauci, a man with a demonstrated “lying spirit” has helped to create a pandemic by creating fear around the world and covering up his own personal wrongdoing.  Dr. Fauci has played the media outlets.  As a Christian, I can declare that this is beyond Dr. Fauci.  I have enclosed a drawing that illustrates what is happening from a Biblical perspective. 

I pray in the name of JESUS, that this communication will reach your hands and immediate action will be taken to ensure truth goes forth.  We need the freedom of the press to ensure truth goes forth.

Sincerely yours,


Elmore Richmond Jr.

SMSgt USAF Retired

Executive Director, The Church Readiness Ministries


Attachment: Letter to President Biden, June 7, 2021

Three Enclosures:

  • DVD Titled: “Dr. Fauci You Have Been Exposed! Mass Vaccination was Not Required! Ivermectin Is a Wonder Drug!”
  • DVD Titled: “COVID 19 – Media Let The Truth Go Forth: The People Need to Know”
  • Poster Titled: It is Beyond Dr. Fauci!

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