GOD Sees the Democrats Pestering President Trump Like Flies

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By Prophet Elmore Richmond Jr., A Prophet to the Nation

Jesus said: A nation divided against itself shall not stand.  Surely, America is divided!  GOD continues to reveal some of His secrets to me and provides directions to address problems.  I had a dream on October 11, 2019, about flies.  At first there were a few flies; however, the number of flies began to increase.  It was very clear that there was an infestation.  There were so many flies that it was difficult to continue to operate.  I declared that the infestation must be terminated.  Notice the infestation must be terminated.  I know my calling; I am a Prophet to the Nation in the name of JESUS.  On October 19, 2019, I shared the revelation with President Trump.  Below is part of the communication that I shared with the President regarding the revelation.  Today is October 26, 2019, surely President Trump has not received the communication; however, I am sharing this revelation with you because it is imperative that people understand what is happening in the nation today and what to pray for.

Based on other revelations I knew that GOD was revealing to me that this is the environment that President Trump will be operating in; the number of individuals attacking the President will increase.  Now listen carefully; GOD sees these people in America who are attacking President Trump pestering him like flies.  However, GOD loves people, including the ones who are attacking the President.  Please note – GOD is not calling His people flies however, their behavior can be compared to the behavior of flies.  It is important to understand that humans should never be referred to as flies; however, we are dealing with behavior.  Nevertheless, according to the Word of God, His people are destroyed because of the lack of knowledge.  Again listen carefully; the divide within America is because of the lack of knowledge regarding the Truth.  In America, as flies feed on garbage; the people who are pestering the President also feed on garbage; however the garbage that they feed on is defined as lies, fake news, and opinions of influential people.

President Trump recently used the term “corrupt news” to describe the activities of some media outlets.  Surely, this description is correct and the people need to understand this garbage that they are eating and digesting is to control their minds and actions.  Let us review Webster’s definition for news; (1) Report of recent events (2) previously unknown information (3) something having a specified influence of events. 

It is a known fact that some media outlets do not report on some of the positive things that President Trump is doing.  However, let us take a close look at the third definition for news – something having a specified influence of events.   Some media outlets are using the opinions of influential individuals who have negative thoughts about the President of the United States as a weapon to attack him on a daily basis.  These opinions are being used by the media as news.  Consequently, many people in America are being deceived and are being fed garbage from the press.  Surely, there is freedom of speech and the freedom of the press in America; however, people must understand how the media is working to divide the nation.  It is unfortunate that news reporting agencies are not being held accountable for working to facilitate the divide.  Therefore, many people are being fed garbage and are not being properly informed of many of the positive actions of the President of the United States.

I am a problem solver by profession.  When I was in the military, I was one of the best social actions problem-solvers for the Air Force for about sixteen years.  However, as a Prophet of God in the name of JESUS I will never be accepted here in America.  Nevertheless, GOD has given me this assignment to provide His counsel to the President and the leadership of the nation, both the spiritual leaders and the political leaders.  I will share some of my problem-solving skills in this communication to help you and the leadership of the nation address this crisis.

GOD does not want His people to be destroyed; therefore the infestation must be terminated.   Therefore, it is imperative that they discover Truth and discover how they are being played by the media.  To terminate the infestation, it is important to understand that flies lay eggs and when these eggs hatch they produce more flies.  As a Prophet of GOD in the name of JESUS, I realize that President Trump was elected to clean up the mess that was made by the past leadership of the nation.  Surely, there are some who do not want President Trump in the Office as President because they do not want to be exposed.  God is real; however, there are some in leadership roles who do not believe that there is a God.  Moreover, most of the leadership of the nation does not fear GOD based on the precepts of GOD.  For the love of money is the root of all evil.  GOD will expose this wickedness to include corruption in the Uranium One deal.  Moreover, the investigation being conducted by Attorney General Barr will expose some of the corruption. America needs to understand the recent corruption that had happened by the officials within our government.

America also needs to know how the media has failed the people in America.  The current impeachment inquiry of the Democrats is playing a significant role in feeding garbage to the people who are upset with the President.   It is clear that this impeachment inquiry by the Democrats is not in search of the Truth.  Moreover, it is apparent that some members of Congress fail to recognize that the Executive Branch is a Co-Equal Branch of Government and the President is the Chief Executive of the United States of America.  The premise of this impeachment hearing if flawed; it is flawed because it is based on the premise that Former Vice President Joe Biden is only the political rival of President - not Vice President Joe Biden who the President suspects as having a principal role in the corruption in Ukraine based on highly questionable activities and evidence.  GOD knows everything; the corruption in Ukraine runs deep.   It is important that America understand the type of corruption that went on in Ukraine and the part that Vice President Joe Biden and others played to help facilitate corruption.

We have just published a short video on Youtube that outlines the crisis that the nation face and provides counsel to President Trump, the leadership of the nation, both spiritual and political.  Moreover, it provides counsel to the people of the United States.   Moreover, the Democrats who have a love for truth will be able to clearly see how they have been played by the leadership of the Democratic Party and the media. 

Click on the link to watch video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoLeD5RzElY




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