Why President Obama Why - Homosexuality Is a Sin and Not a Civil Right - Democrats Wake Up

Why President Obama Why - Homosexuality Is a Sin and Not a Civil Right - Democrats Wake Up

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This video shows how President Obama evolved and embraced the LGBTQ agenda; it shows how the race card was played to gain the vote of Blacks in the United States to secure his re-election.  This film shows the viewers how they were deceived and how many bowed to Satan's plan instead of standing fast on the WORD of GOD.  It is of the utmost importance to understand when this race card was played and it was an affront unto GOD because the re-election of President Obama because he was a black man, was more important than holding fast to the Word of GOD in the name of JESUS to some voters.  

This video shows portions of the debates between Obama and Alan Keyes in the race for Senator in Illinois in 2004.  It is of the utmost of importance to watch this footage because you will be able to see the false premise that President Obama had about homosexuality at that time; he expressed that he believed that homosexuality was innate.  However, there is no scientific evidence that supports his belief.  Moreover, if homosexuality was innate it would make GOD a liar;  For it is written in Genesis 1:27-28, "God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.  And God blessed them and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, ..."

Nevertheless, you will discover how President Obama used this faulty foundation - "for the most part homosexuality is innate" and then evolved.  After he evolved, he used his position and craftiness to effect his will.  This video shows President Obama's craftiness to effect his will on the Boy Scouts of America.   The Supreme Court upheld the rights of the Boy Scouts to ban gays, however, President Obama did not respect the ruling. As Honorary Chairperson of the Boy Scouts, he stated that he believed that gays should be allowed to participate in the Boy Scouts.  The leadership of the Boy Scouts caved to President Obama's will.   Here it was clear - President Obama did not respect the ruling of the Supreme Court.   

The video also shows that President Obama did not respect the law passed by Congress.   In 1996, Congress passed a law to protect God's institution of Marriage.  God says marriage is between a man and a woman - Congress passed a law that agreed with this disposition.  However, President Obama ordered the Attorney General to stop enforcing this law.   Here President Obama used his craftiness; he knew that the Supreme Court had to rule on the matter.   Consequently, on a 5 - 4 ruling the Supreme ruled in support of President Obama's disposition that the law was unconstitutional.  However, many do not realize that the Chief Justice of the United States in his dissenting Opinion stated that the Constitution of the United States had nothing to do with the ruling - it was an act of will instead of the rule law.   The video also covers the Late Justice Antonin Scalia's dissenting opinion; he declared that the decision was more fundamentally wrong than taxation without representation - Justice Scalia stated that there should be no social transformation without representation.   He concluded that nine unelected highly partisan judges should not rule over 320 million people.

In this video, you will also see how God warned President Obama that he was in error; however, President Obama did not adhere to the counsel of God.  The video clearly shows how President Obama did not respect the ruling of the Supreme Court when it did not reflect his position.  He did not respect the law that was passed by Congress.  He demonstrated that he did not respect science when he had a different position.  Moreover, the video even shows the President demonstrating that he did not respect the Word of God.   The video highlights some of the effects on the nation because of President Obama's support of the LGTBQ movement.   We share the Word of God; in this work viewers will clearly see that we are dealing will unclean spirits - these spirits have no boundaries and if they are not stopped - the social transformation of America will change and affect the minds of our children and grandchildren at their most tender ages, while they are attending kindergarten. 

As this article is being written, it is August 2019, Mayor Alfonso Cirulli of Barnegat Township, New Jersey is calling for action to be taken now to stop this wickedness in his city.  Here are several quotes from Mayor Cirulli according to The Sandpaper.net article, dated August 14, 2019.

“Don’t confuse a sexual mindset with racial or ethnic discrimination,” he said. “There is no comparison with racial or ethnic discrimination, there is no comparison.”

He said the LGBTQ community “was out to crush anyone who does not embrace their lifestyle.”

“For people of faith, this is an affront to Almighty God, and they are trying to eradicate God’s law and the foundation this country was built on,” he said. “The Bible tells us they will try and but not succeed and they will pay an eternal price for their rebellion. For politicians passing unrighteous laws, you will be held accountable. And those who support those politicians, you also will be held accountable.”

Mayor Cirulli calls for “all God-fearing people to organize,” saying the “future of the nation is at stake.”

Today, there are many Democrats who profess to be Christians who are being led by unclean spirits and they do not understand what has been set in motion.  This video is for the people who truly want to bless America and worship God in spirit and in truth.  Every Candidate who is running for President of the United States; every member in the House and Senate, and each Justice of the Supreme Court needs to watch this video and learn from the counsel of God that went forth to President Obama and others.  The revelations offered in this video are needed to help bring forth repentance, correction, and healing for the nation.

We have attempted to present the problem in several ways; however, there is truly no short cuts.  However, we did shorten the first version by 27 minutes.  Satan Plays the Race Card to Effect Social Transformation Without Representation!  The version in this article is only 1 hour and 19 minutes.  Of course to some, they will say that it is too long.  We have even used a part one and part two-approach because we realize that some people will only watch a few minutes of the video.  When this occurs, they will never get a full understanding of why this is of the utmost importance that they understand what is going on in America today.  Nevertheless, we pray in the name of JESUS that you will be one of God's people that will watch the video and share it and join this movement to stop Satan's plan to effect social transformation of the nation without the representation of the people.

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