The Apostle Paul that Most Do Not Know

The Apostle Paul that Most Do Not Know

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The Apostle Paul that Most Do Not Know

Many Christians cannot imagine Apostle Paul walking in his flesh.  Allow me to share a few scriptures.  

Acts 20:16 says:  16For Paul had determined to sail by Ephesus, because he would not spend the time in Asia: for he hasted, if it were possible for him, to be at Jerusalem the day of Pentecost.

Acts 20:22 says: 22And now, behold, I go bound in the spirit unto Jerusalem, not knowing the things that shall befall me there: 

 Acts 21:3-4 says:   3Now when we had discovered Cyprus, we left it on the left hand, and sailed into Syria, and landed at Tyre: for there the ship was to unlade her burden. 4And finding disciples, we tarried there seven days: who said to Paul through the Spirit, that he should not go up to Jerusalem.

Acts 21:10-11 says:  10And as we tarried there many days, there came down from Judaea a certain prophet, named Agabus. 11And when he was come unto us, he took Paul's girdle, and bound his own hands and feet, and said, Thus saith the Holy Ghost, So shall the Jews at Jerusalem bind the man that owneth this girdle, and shall deliver him into the hands of the Gentiles.

Acts 21:12 – 14, Luke writes:  12And when we heard these things, both we, and they of that place, besought him not to go up to Jerusalem13Then Paul answered, What mean ye to weep and to break mine heart? for I am ready not to be bound only, but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus. 14And when he would not be persuaded, we ceased, saying, The will of the Lord be done.

15And after those days we took up our carriages, and went up to Jerusalem.

Apostle Paul was arrested in Jerusalem.  Listen to part of Apostle Paul’s defense!

Acts 22:17-18, 17And it came to pass, that, when I was come again to Jerusalem, even while I prayed in the temple, I was in a trance; 18And saw him saying unto me, Make haste, and get thee quickly out of Jerusalem: for they will not receive thy testimony concerning me.  (This is what Jesus told Apostle Paul from the onset!)

Listen carefully, from the very onset of Apostle Paul’s ministry.  Jesus told Apostle Paul to make haste and get out of Jerusalem.  However, later while in Asia, Apostle Paul was determined to go back to Jerusalem for the day of Pentecost and he hasted.  Other disciples warned him through the Spirit that he should not go.  Prophet Agabus warned him that he would be bound.  However, Apostle Paul was determined and he hasted to go to Jerusalem.

Yes at times Apostle Paul did things his way.  This is the reason for some of the contention in the Church today.   Click on this link –  Watch the video and follow Jesus' instruction to address the contention in the church!


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