God Reveals the Need for Change in the United States and Warning to President Obama

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Prophet Elmore Richmond – August 26, 2016

Before, I retired for the night on August 9, 2016, I asked the Lord in the name of Jesus to give me another revelation to share with the President.  As God has done in the past, He gave me another revelation to share, consequently as of this date, I have written President Obama about thirty times.  Below are the dream and the revelation that God gave me to share.

The Dream:  I had a dream that I had just gotten a job with the government.  At first I thought that I was working for the military.  However, I do not recall seeing any military members in uniform.   It became apparent that I was working for the United States government.   Someone showed me the desk where I would be working.   Before I took my seat, I looked on the floor and I said to myself before I sat down, “I must clean my area because there is debris on the floor all around my area.”  Next, I went to locate a broom.  While walking around to locate a broom, I noticed individuals just walking over the debris and going about their business.  Everywhere I looked I saw debris, this was a vast area.  Finally, I located a broom, but it was of little use because there was only a few useful straws remaining – the broom was a stub-broom.   I began to walk with the stub-broom, yet I was looking for another broom.  Next I found another broom, although it had more straws than the stub-broom, it was of little use.  It had turned brown and the little straw remaining was curved because it appeared to have been in this position for a long time.   Next, I started to go back to my work area; however I could not find it because the structure was huge and it appeared to become larger at every turn.  I looked and I said to myself that I should begin sweeping here.  After I started to sweep, I knew that this would be an impossible task with an old broom and people with the attitude as if they did not care.  Next, a man approached me and said I will help you sweep.  I woke up immediately from the dream.

The Revelation - This dream represents the state of the government.  People are complacent and the foundation needs to be swept clean.  There is a need for new leadership to change the current state of the government and the mindset of the workers.  There are some in government that are willing to clean up the mess.

On August 19, 2016, I wrote the President a letter and shared this revelation.  I also expressed concerns about the following areas:  (1) His litmus test for Donald Trump (2) I shared God’s Litmus Test  (3) The State of the Nation and the affects of failed Foreign Policies and (4)The affects of promoting the LGBTQ’s agenda  

  • President Obama’s  Litmus for Donald Trump.  President Obama said that Donald Trump was not qualified to be the President of the United States.   Based on America’s policies and standards, Donald Trump meets the test and if he receives the People’s votes – he is then elected as President of the United States.  Surely, the President has shared his own litmus test for Donald Trump for the world to hear.  I questioned the President if he had prepared one for Hilary Clinton?  I reminded the President that he created a litmus test for Bashar – al-Assad, the President of Syria and declared that he had to go and he began to work to remove him.  I also reminded him that he helped to create the chaos in Syria; the United States sowed discord among brethren.   I also expressed to him that it is apparent that he is using the Office of President of the United States to take action to undermine Donald Trump’s bid for President of the United States by declaring Donald Trump to be unfit.
  • I shared God’s Litmus Test. Here is a true test for president and other leaders.  Before King David died, he said that the Lord told him that he that ruleth over men must be just and rule in the fear of God.  As I have explained to the President before I told him again that his actions have demonstrated that he does not fear God and based on his actions, he has made decisions that say he believes he is wiser than God.
  • The State of the Nation and the Affects of failed Foreign Policies. I explained to the President that the United States of America is on the pathway of destruction.   America is at war with the righteousness of God.  America continues to do the things that God hates and the leadership has not demonstrated the resolve to bring the nation in check.   The Supreme Court is out of order, the judiciary has been politicized.  The Court must be brought in check.  Congress has ceased to function properly – A nation divided against itself - will not stand.  I also shared the following observation that he thinks he knows what is best for the nation and the world.  However, God wants him to know that he is in error and surely he has planted even more bad seeds in the Middle East because of some of his foreign policies.  The errors of his foreign policies are what give life to ISIS and the Taliban and the formation of others groups that hate America.  He continually plant seeds into some very fertile ground.  It is imperative that the next President understands the Way of the Lord, His commandments and precepts.
  • The Affects of Promoting the LGBTQ’s Agenda. The President was told at times he commands as a dictator, one that does not fear God.  He has promoted the LGBTQ’s agenda that has created a very contentious environment throughout the nation.  I also explained to the President, he has not considered the latter end of what he has done.  Moreover, I reminded him how he admonished Christians that they lack the courage to change.  Surely it was explained to the President that God created male and female – God knows what is best for His creation.  President Obama decided to not enforce the law, DOMA.  Then he effected his will on the Supreme Court.  After considering his action prior to the ruling and after reading Chief Justice Roberts’s dissenting opinion in the same-sex marriage case, one can conclude the Court’s action was an act of Obama’s will and not the rule of law.  Chief Justice Roberts concluded: (1) The constitution had nothing to do with the ruling (2) it was an act of will and not the rule of law (3) The legitimacy of the Court’s power is confining it to legal judgement.  To effect the President’s will, the Supreme Court of the United States of America in a sense revised the constitution, declared DOMA to be un-constitutional and created law that imposed social transformation on the people of the United States without their representation.  Surely, this was an abuse of power and is the practice of a politicized judicial system.   It is imperative that Justices on the Supreme Court conduct themselves as Judges and not lawyers for the Democrats or lawyers for the Republicans.

I also explained to the President that homo-sexual acts are still abominations to God.  For there is nothing good that can come from a man lying with another man as he would a woman, moreover the same is true with two women lying with one another.   Some will disagree and say that they get personal sexual gratification. If you love God, it will be impossible to embrace this behavior.  I also enclosed a video of a man in prison in the United States that has this wicked spirit - the spirit that the President has helped to legalized and helped to facilitate the indoctrination of children at an early age.  Watch the DVD and see why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. (The website that carried this video is no longer available a copy of the video was sent to President Obama!)

I reminded him how he has pushed and continues to push the LGBTQ’s agenda and some who profess to be Christians have given their support to him and how they are encouraging others to do the same.  This is a very serious mistake – for God knows what is best for His creation.  I explained to the President that he was not wiser than God; Romans 1:22 “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”  God knew that some would not accept His word and they would engage in these behaviors.  Therefore, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; when people become reprobates, they do not wish to have God in their knowledge and they are filled with all unrighteousness.  Romans 1:28-31.  Can you image being filled with all unrighteousness?

Please note that God gave them over to a reprobate mind to do those things that are not convenient.  I expained how President Obama wanted these behaviors to be convenient and acceptable in America and other nations throughout the world.  Currently there are policies in place to attempt to force all Americans into submission to embrace these wicked behaviors.  Moreover, actions are being taken to force our children to receive their indoctrination in pre-school.  Consequently, there is a very contentious environment in America because Christians now are faced with being penalized for loving the Lord their God will all their heart, soul, and mind.

This counsel and these observations are not mine’s however they come from the Lord.  God has commanded me to write President Obama about thirty times – most of those letters are posted on our website.  Click onto this link and you can read the letters.   God commanded me to share even more with President Obama; however it will not be published at this time.   Some of you who are reading this type of counsel to the President for the first time are thinking: “I bet he did not write President George W. Bush and say anything like that?”  Or “He is writing President Obama and criticizing him because he is black.”  Surely you are in error!  God commanded me to write President George W. Bush thirteen times and to publish two books that expounded on the counsel and the warnings from God.  President Bush failed to adhere to the counsel, consequently all revelations have come to pass to include a plague of national disasters, the financial crisis, and even more acts of terrorism.  You can read the letters by clicking onto this link.  God does not care about the color of leaders skin, however if they rule over men they must be just and rule in the fear of Him.  God is not playing – America will be destroyed if we as a nation fail to repent.  Click here and watch a video conveying this warning.  

I pray in the name of Jesus that President Barack Obama will acknowledge his errors before he leaves office so the new leadership will learn.  If he fails to do this many will make a serious mistake and the new leadership may continue many failed policies of his administration.  Thus, the nation will continue to be on the pathway to destruction, divided, and the Supreme Court will continue to issue politicized rulings.


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