Letter to President Barack Obama - October 24, 2016

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Power Pack Center For Social and Economic Justice

Elmore Richmond Jr.

Jackson, Tennessee 38301


October 24, 2016


President Barack Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C.  20500

Dear Mr. President:

I am writing you again at the direction of God in the name of JESUS.  God has sent me again to provide good counsel.  Although you have failed to adhere to most of the counsel of God in the past, I am directed to write you again.  The United States is on the brink of destruction; it is important that the nation discovers its sin and then repent.  America can no longer trust the Police throughout the country because there is corruption throughout the Justice System.  I have just witnessed corruption occurring before my eyes and how the system allows it to happen.   I am writing you because you can take action today to prevent rioting in the streets of Los Angeles and other cities when the truth is revealed that on October 1, 2016, the LAPD killed two teens at 107th Street and Western and covered up the killing of one of the teens.   Below is an account of what took place.

I am convinced that on October 1, 2016 there were two teens killed in Los Angeles, California at 107th Street and Western Avenue by the LAPD.  The LAPD has covered up the killing of one of the teens.  The LAPD claimed that there was only one teen killed, his name was Carnell Snell and he had a gun.  However, they are covering up the fact that they shot two teens and they have altered the video to support their version.  Here are the facts:

  • At 2:00 A.M., Wednesday, October 5, 2016, I was researching police shootings and I noticed that there was a shooting in Los Angeles. As I searched, I discovered the Shooting in Los Angeles at 107th  Street and Western Avenue.  I watched the footage very closely.   In fact, I watched it over and over and over and over.   The reason I watched it is because it appeared that they had shot the wrong man.  I saw a teen come across the parking lot and come down the sidewalk and he looked up at the video camera and posed for a picture and surely it appeared that he was holding a gun.  Next I saw a teen coming out of one of the stores he was dressed very similar to the teen that had the gun.  They looked very similar, both had on a blue top, however one of the teens that had on the blue top with a hood had a gun and he had taken off running.  The other teen that came out of the store had on a short sleeves blue shirt without a hood and I did not see a gun in his hands. 
  • Channel 2LA had a news clip of the account from Chief Charlie Beck of LAPD of the account of the shooting. According to the Chief, Snell had a gun and he turned towards the police and then the police shot him.  After Snell was shot, he climbed over a metal fence and then pointed the gun toward the police.  The police shot him again.  
  • “Witnesses told CBS Los Angeles the deceased man — believed to be Snell — was running with his hands up, and said he was telling officers he was unarmed, when police shot him about five times. There are numerous witnesses that support this account.  Here is another account of witnesses – they described the teen running from the police as follows; as a little boy running with his hands up saying don’t shoot me I don’t have a gun. 
  • I was really concerned about the teen that had on the short sleeve shirt because as he began to walk up the side walk, I thought that the police will kill him because he looks like the teen that had the gun. There was also a black car that turned into the parking lot (The car appeared to be an unmarked police car).   Within twenty seconds of the teen that had the gun going around the corner – the teen with the short sleeves shirt went around the corner into an active crime scene – a teen looking similar to the suspect.  I then went to bed for the night with this thought on my mind.  When I got up I went back to view the LAPD shooting of the teen.  I noticed there was a picture posted of the person that the LAPD had killed and they said his name was Snell.  I clicked on the picture.  What immediately appeared was a video of the teen that had on the short sleeve shirt; the one that did not have the gun.  The footage of the video was dedicated to him, the teen with the short sleeve shirt. 
  • The next day this video was no longer available. Although the video is no longer available on the LAPD YouTube site - I discovered that World Bulletin made use of the LAPD posting.  On October 14, I searched the web – I went deep into the web and I discovered that World Bulletin reported on the release that was no longer available on the LAPD YouTube. The World Bulletin published the picture of the teen with the short sleeves shirt as Snell as the person that was killed by the LAPD.
  • As I examined the latest video that the LAPD released, it was apparent to me that it had been edited. The new release shows the police running through the parking lot chasing after the teen who had the gun.  This image appears to be superimposed.  On the first video you could see the police giving chase at the very top of the scene – you could see them running on the street; however they did not run across the parking lot as viewed in the second release.  I had watched the video far too many times – I know that it has been edited.  When you watch the release please take note of the teen and the reactions of the other people – Do they appear to have seen the police running across the parking lot?  They do not react to this alleged occurrence because it did not happen at this point, it has been edited in.  However, it could have happened after the teen with the short sleeves shirt was exiting the parking lot. The first release showed the teen as he began to make the turn, however the new release turns away before the teen makes the turn.
  • On October 13, 2016, I finally found the missing piece that I had been searching for. On October 1, 2016 it was reported by Reuters (RT) that at least one person was killed and another was injured.  Who is the injured person?  Where is the injured person?  Did the injured person die at the hospital?
  • It also must be noted that Jasmyne Cannick made a video after the shooting and posted it on YouTube – the video shows there were two ambulances, however when the two stretchers returned, they both returned without an individual in these stretchers.
  • Discussion: The police’s account and the witnesses’ account conflicts. Are the witnesses lying?  Did the LAPD Chief make up his account of the incident when he said after the suspect was shot he climbed over the fence?  Or are there two incidents and were two people killed. 
  • On October 18, 2016, I visited the LAPD website and I went to the media page. I noticed that there was not a posting of the October 1, 2016 of shooting on the date it occurred.  However there was an update of the shooting posted on October 3, 2016.  Question – How could there be an update without an original posting of the shooting?   Below is the release from Reuters on October 1, 2016 – Please note the report cited authorities that it was one killed and another injured.

“At least one person was killed and another injured in an officer-involved shooting following a car chase in South Los Angeles. Relatives said the victim was a teenager.

One person has died after a shooting involving Los Angeles police officers, KABC local news reports citing authorities.

The fatality was reported in the area of 107th Street and Western Avenue, where earlier in the day officers ended a vehicle pursuit that began at about 1:00pm.”

It is clear that the LAPD collected the video footage and has edited the footage to effect their desired outcome.  Based on the information that is currently available there appears to be two teens who have been shot and killed by the LAPD in two incidents.  The LAPD has total control of the video footage and crime scene – now they have worked to ensure that their version of the incident at 107th Street and Western Avenue is protected.  There is far too much at stake.

Here is the problem.  When the people discover that two teens were killed and there has been a cover-up at this time, there will not be enough police to control the people -  this would not only be a local problem in Los Angeles – however there could be rioting in other cities throughout the United States.  Now this is a call for leadership.  At this point the leadership has decided, let us ensure that the public clearly see that there was only one person killed in this incident and that person was Snell, he had a gun and pointed in the direction of the police and the police were justified when they shot and killed him.  The other teen that was killed they will treat him as a John Doe or depose of his body in the woods – corruption at its best.  (I am making this comment based on my personal experience - In 1999 or 2000 a LAPD Officer with malice told me that they would make me disappear – At the time I was working will individuals who had lost loved ones at the hands of the police in Los Angeles).

However, the mark of integrity would suggest another approach should be used.  Tell the truth now!  Let the public know that the LAPD made a mistake and killed two people - and one of them was unarmed.  If in fact two people were killed they will not be able to cover this up forever.  This is a very serious development in the course of rebuilding trust between the community and the people.  If the LAPD has in fact killed two teens and worked to cover it up, when it is uncovered this will no longer be a local story; surely there will be more difficult days. 

I have monitored this very carefully from the beginning because I had been working with a case here in Jackson, Tennessee; the killing of Cinque DJahspora.  I’ve discovered that the Jackson Police Department edited the video in the case in Jackson.  The approach that the LAPD has employed in this case is the same approach that Jackson, Tennessee Police Department has used.  It is unfortunate, altering and editing videos may be commonplace throughout police departments throughout the country to hide the truth and win the public support.

However, the immediate concerns are addressing these cases where I know firsthand the facts have been altered.  Request the Justice Department thoroughly investigate the October 1, 2016 LAPD shooting at 107th Street and Western Avenue.  To help facilitate this investigation I have enclosed:  A CD of the report on the Shooting in Los Angeles – this report contains hyperlinks to various articles and videos pertaining to the shooting.

Mr. President, how can you tell if God has sent me with this work?  Well within about three weeks it will be snowing in Jackson, Tennessee and there will be a crisis in Latin America.  God revealed these things to me.  In a dream, I was in Latin America, I was talking to someone and he explained to me that the people were dying because there was chorine gas in the air. I believe that the country was Chile.  I pray that actions can be taken to prevent this occurrence.

Mr. President, this is your watch.  We have witnessed the complete lack of trust of the Police.  You have an opportunity to set the tone to hold the police accountable to the People.  In order to employ police to carry out their operations across America they must be respected.  However, they cannot be respected if the people cannot trust them and there is not any system in place to keep them in check.  I recently discovered that there is an underground on social media to help empower the People of their rights.  The activities are designed to show how the police are violating the People’s rights and what they can do to counter the police actions.  Therefore, the encounters will become even more confrontational.  I am not suggesting that the underground activities are inappropriate.  However, I am saying that the people of America deserve a Policing system that they can trust and a system that respects the constitutional rights of the citizens of the United States. To correct this problem, the culture of the police must change.

In respect to Los Angeles, this is a very sensitive and timely matter.  I am sharing this matter with others because I do not trust the system: however we will wait several weeks to give the Justice Department an opportunity consider this matter and announce their investigation.

Sincerely yours,

Elmore Richmond Jr.


Power Pack Center For Social and Economic Justice


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