Repent 2019 - The Unshackled Holy Bible Study - All Bibles are not Holy Bibles

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The Unshackled Holy Bible Study

“Every Bible Cannot Be Holy If They Do Not Say the Same Thing!”

A Call for Repentance for Christians and to Burn Unholy Versions of the Bible

The Unshackled Holy Bible Study is a powerful video that clearly shows how the Holy Bible has been shackled and it shows Satan's plan and ongoing actions to divide the Church. Surely all versions of the bible cannot be HOLY if they say different things. Many have questioned if the King James Version of the Bible was a true translation of the Word of God. This video answers that question and provides revelation knowledge that clearly show that there are many versions of the bible that need to be burned today because they undermine the integrity of the WORD of God. Many Saints of God use the NIV as their primary source for studying the WORD of God; if you are one of these saints, you are encouraged to watch this video to the very end before you read another verse from the NIV. The revelation provided in this short video provides knowledge that every Christian needs to receive to serve and worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers will receive insight to understand how to feed the saints of God in a more perfect way. Jesus said that he is the Bread of Life and we must eat his body; do you truly understand this scripture? Do you truly understand what the flesh of JESUS is? Do you understand what gave Apostle John the authority to make the affirmation: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."? The revelations provided in this video will cause professors at Bible Colleges and Universities who have love for TRUTH to rewrite some of their lesson plans. To receive the full revelation of this Work, you must watch the complete video.

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