Revelation of Riot in Louisville in 2014

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Letter to President Obama February 14, 2014

Here is the revelation that God revealed to me in a dream on February 9, 2014.  It appeared that I was in a small town here in the United States; I was riding a local bus.  The bus driver came to a bus stop and stopped; next the driver took off.  I had my hand on the lever to pull for the next stop; however before I released the lever the bus driver immediately stopped the bus.  We did not understand why he had stopped.  We discovered that he could not go any further because of an incident that happened further up the street.  The driver then backed up the bus as if he was going to turn around.  Next thing I observed, we were all standing outside of the bus and I saw the driver talking to some young men commending them for the way they handled themselves earlier.  I heard one of the young black men say, “We did not want them to burn up their neighborhood; they are rioting and looting.”  I asked them: Are they rioting and looting?   Next, I saw black people upon the hill, and some began to come down the dried grass covered hillside with goods in their hands, some were carrying goods in clear plastic bags.  Even small children were carrying goods and there appeared to be families.  I was very upset; I then cried out: “I have warned them that they need jobs and opportunities!”  The people that were standing with me agreed, and then I woke up.  It was so real; it was as if I was actually there. 

Prophecy Fulfilled

Downtown Louisville teen mob police storm bus

 This video was posted on You Tube on March 24, 2014;  however on August 1, 2019 when I watch the video on You Tube I noticed text has been added that this incident happened on November 29, 2013.  I conducted a search on the internet and there is no record of an incident like this happened on that date.  However, according to  this incident happened on March 22, 2014; The meta description clearly shows that the youth attempt to storm a bus at 34th...  Here is the the snap shot of the goggle search on August 3, 2019  Click here for article.


It also must be noted that the FBI conducted an investigation into the incident.  Surely. God showed me this incident regarding the bus before it happened.  However, there appears to be an attempt to discredit me by some source!  However, you cannot hide truth!  

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