Letter to Dr. Michael T. Osterholm - University of Minnesota (CIDRAP)

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October 14, 2021


Dr. Michael T. Osterholm

University of Minnesota (CIDRAP)
420 Delaware St SE
MMC 263, C315 Mayo
Minneapolis, MN 55455


Dear Dr. Osterholm:

I have listened to your podcast, dated September 30, 2021.  This was the first time that I have listened to one of your presentations. It is apparent that you want to resolve this pandemic and you realize that you do not have all the answers.  Therefore, this means that you are willing to listen to science and learn more.  This is the reason I am writing you.  In your discussion, you said words to the effect, if anyone says that they have the answers that explains the peaks and valleys to be careful because they may want to sell you a bridge.  Dr. Osterholm, I would like to share some of those answers with you and then provide a bridge to help end this pandemic in several months.  However, I am not selling anything – it is a gift because GOD loves mankind.

Herein, the foundation of some of this work that I am sharing are the works of Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, an International Vaccination/Vaccine Expert.  Dr. Bossche wrote W.H.O. and others an open letter on March 6, 2021, declaring that we should halt the mass vaccination campaign.  Dr. Osterholm, I understand that your current outlook is not in agreement with Dr. Bossche’s disposition.  However, I ask that you take time out and discover his rationale and our findings.

Dr. Bossche also posted several videos that explains his concerns and offered solutions to help address this crisis, but to no avail.  The last video that he posted was on June 1, 2021; titled: “The Insidious Face of a Pandemic of Variants.  Dr. Bossche knew that the vaccinated would generate more variants and they would also spread COVID 19.  He knew that the more people were vaccinated they would increase the infectious pressure – if continued nobody wins.  Moreover, he knew that he could not prove it until the data became available.  Dr. Osterholm, today the data is available. Dr. Osterholm, I believe after you review the data you will find just cause to declare a World State of Emergency to Stop Mass Vaccination and all Mandates.

Dr. Osterholm, I have followed this crisis from the onset, however I am not a scientist; but I have love for truth – and the work of a factfinder was my profession for more than 16 years while I was in the military.  I used the website: “Our World In Data” to discover this truth.  I knew what to look for – it is very clear.    Mass Generational Vaccination will not resolve this crisis and the nations that have engaged in the mass vaccination campaign in general, are reporting more new confirmed cases then nations that have not truly engaged in the mass vaccination campaign to a great degree.    

Dr. Osterholm, using the data from “Our World In Data” website, we share the results of a seven-day rolling average of new confirmed COVID 19 cases and the effects of the percentage of the fully vaccinated in the spread of COVID 19.  The following countries are covered in this review:  Seychelles, Israel, the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, Mexico, India, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya. The results are shocking. The percentages of COVID 19 Vaccinated range from as high as 72% percent fully vaccinated to as low as less than 1% fully vaccinated. Dr. Bossche, explained that this would happen in his last video – however the data was not available. Again, the results are shocking.

It is apparent that Dr. Bossche was correct about the impacts of mass vaccinations. Moreover, he says generational vaccines will not work. He suggested that we work on a new type of vaccine that will not interfere with vaccinated people natural immune system.

Dr. Osterholm, it is very clear that currently the leadership of the world does not understand how to handle this crisis.  It is unfortunate that Dr. Bossche was not brought to the table in March. I have carefully studied this data; I have enclosed several posters. Two of the posters depict the increase of new confirmed COVID 19 cases per million after there was increased mass vaccination activity in Barbados and Belize. I also studied the Mass Vaccination Activities of Singapore, and Seychelle. After these observations, I compared the rate of new confirmed cases of the nations that were highly vaccinated with nations that had very few people who were fully vaccinated.  Houston – We have a problem!

Listen carefully, On May 11, 2021, Seychelles had 3,385 new confirmed COVID 19 cases per million people in a 7-day rolling average.  At the time Seychelles were 62.04 % fully vaccinated. On the other hand, some nations with less than 1% vaccinated were in the single digits of new confirmed cases per million. Today, nations with the highest percentage of the people vaccinated have significantly more new cases per million.

Let us take a close look at what happen to Belize. On June 4, Belize has 6.35 new cases on a rolling 7-day average and only 3.03% of the people were fully vaccinated. However, October 6, 2021, there were 35.69% fully vaccinated and the 7-day rolling average reflected new confirmed 467.47 cases per million.

Singapore has a similar story:

Date:                           Fully Vaccinated        New Cases Per Mil on a 7-days Rolling Average

June 7, 2021                            32.02 %                                   3.85

July 18, 2021                          46.59 %                                   9.23

August 11, 2021                      67.71 %                                  13.15

September 11, 2021                75.90 %                                   65.36

October 11, 2021                    78.17 %                              555.06

Dr. Bossche explained why this would happen. The vaccinated become a type of reservoir that generates new variants and they become a breeding ground to help spread COVID 19. It was noted, as I studied the nations that had not engaged in mass vaccination, the rate of new cases per million remained consistently low.  We pray that you will take time out and watch the entire video.

Now let us look at the bridge to help resolve this crisis in several months.  The use of Ivermectin is part of the answer.  During this crisis, the world has become a clinic.  When you view the world as a clinic and study these findings – you will agree that the largest clinical medical trial in history has proven the effectiveness of Ivermectin in the treatment and the prevention of COVID 19.  With this in mind, we discovered why India has been more effective in managing COVID 19 when compared to Israel and the United States. 

Ivermectin is part of India’s protocol in the management of COVID.    We reviewed a rolling 7-day average, dated Sept 14, 2021.  The number of confirmed cases in Israel were 1,254.49 per million people, in the United States it was 460.02 per million people, and in India 22.56 per million people.  We also discovered that as of September 17, 2021, the share of the population that was fully vaccinated for COVID 19 in Israel was 63.39%, in the United States the fully vaccinated population was 53.69%, and in India the fully vaccinated population was 13.73%.  However, the daily new cases of COVID 19 in India was remarkable lower than the United States, and the United States was much lower than Israel.

I have followed the works of some of the doctors who are working on the frontlines in the United States advocating and using Ivermectin for treating and preventing this spread of COVID 19.  We cover some of the results of that work in the second video.  The general public and most doctors are not aware of the effectiveness of this drug.  Dr. Pierre Kory, one of the doctors on the front-line offers recommendations on how to end this pandemic in two months. 

Dr. Osterholm, you know this will be a great challenge to turn the tide because of the great opposition that awaits.  Moreover, the love of money is a factor and there is also a political factor.  However, I believe that you will find just cause based on science to recommend an immediate halt to the mass vaccination campaign and the use of Ivermectin as part of the solution.  However, CIDRAP cannot stand alone; from the very onset there must be a collaborative of operations like CIDRAP working together to this end.  There is far too much corruption for any organization to attempt to address this crisis alone – the current climate will work to destroy any person or organization that interferes with the stated resolve of mass vaccination.   This problem is very complex because many people have suffered and died due to the mismanaging of this pandemic.  Of course, nobody is willing to take the blame for this and the people will become outraged in the United States and around the world.

We offer this opportunity to you to discover information that is needed now to address this crisis.  I am involved in this matter because GOD loves mankind and currently mankind is in error and the leadership has been deceived.  In the past, I have written President Biden, some of the members of the Senate and the House of Representatives, the governors, and the leadership of our military and the major media outlets in the United States.   I have even shared Dr. Bossche’s concerns with the CDC regarding the vaccinated spreading COVID.  After I shared this concern, Dr. Fauci did acknowledge that the vaccinated could spread COVID; however, he made it sound as if it was not a serious problem.   At the time that I wrote them, I had not discovered these findings included in this communication.

I have also shared with the Surgeon General, Dr. Bossche’s concerns, how information is being suppressed, and how the effectiveness of the drug Ivermectin to cure and prevent COVID has been suppressed.   Consequently, today there are millions around the world who will continue to suffer and millions more will die if the leadership continues in this vein.  In Dr. Bossche’s final warning, he is declaring that it would be a catastrophe to mass vaccinate children and we would never reach herd immunity with our current approach.   Surely this is hard to hear because this is in complete opposition to the nation’s current approach regarding mass vaccination.   However, science shows that Dr. Bossche is correct. 

Today, I find that it is imperative that I share this information with someone with integrity within the science community who has love for truth and mankind more than money and politics.  I pray that you are the one who will help turn the tide.  Dr. Osterholm, I am not seeking any recognition for this work and sharing this information.  My objective is to do God’s will; God loves mankind and God uses mankind to shine light in dark places and to work in the best interest of mankind.  I am praying that CIDRAP will watch these videos and take immediate action to help turn the tide.

Sincerely yours.


Elmore Richmond Jr., (SMSgt Retired USAF)

Executive Director

The Church Readiness Ministries


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