The Power of Peace

The Power of Peace

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Problems, problems, problems ... they are a part of Life but how we manage them is the problem! Everyday, we are faced with situations that can dramatically change our lives - financial trouble, the death of a loved one, a marriage ending in divorce, a child on drugs, losing a job or a relative with a terminal illness.

Whatever the case, if we worry about our problems too much, it causes stress and stress is a catalyst for many sicknesses and diseases like Cancer. Too much stress can weaken the body’s delicate systems and is the major cause of many “stress related” illnesses e.g. hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and some mental disorders. Stress “robs” you of your health, sleep, peace and your joy. I learned from experience that stress is also a leading cause of chronic constipation! Yes, constipation!

The brain’s nervous system networks were designed to send signals to different parts of our body so it will operate properly. If the nerves have been damaged, they will become weak and short-circuit just like a wire in a plug! Overtime, mental stress causes your nerves to break down under pressure and if the nerves cannot send signals to organs like the intestines, they can't do their job. Laxatives are only a temporary fix for constipation!

Have you ever worried about something all day only to find out later that the situation was not as bad as you had imagined! Yes, I have many times because Satan “paints negative mental pictures" in our mind when he tempts us to worry. As a young Believer, I didn't realize that excessive worrying was stealing my health and slowly killing my physical body. Whenever I had to deal with some type of problem, I would "over think it" and "over react" and this caused my heart to race and caused my body to continuously release excessive levels of Adrenaline and the stress hormone Cortisol! Satan understands how our body works so stress is one of the main weapons he uses to steal, kill and destroy us. 

PEACE is a healing prescription for what ails us because some sicknesses are triggered by the mental and emotional state of a person. Negative thoughts of depression, doubt, anger, envy or fear produce gloomy attitudes and are the planting ground for all kinds of ailments like arthritis, backaches, hypertension, panic attacks and diabetes just to name a few. Many Believers are praying for healing but fail to realize that the "key" to their healing is in their mind! There is definitely a connection between our health and our thinking; when the mind is alert and healthy, the body responds with wellness. Happy, positive thoughts are a prerequisite to good physical and spiritual health. (2 Corinthians 10:5)

Confidence in the Word of God is the believer’s spiritual weapon against anxiety and stress. In The Word of God, the Believer has the promise of protection from the enemy of stress, Isaiah 26:3 says, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” By trusting and casting our cares on Jesus, we can rest and not worry because we can depend on Him to direct our path and show us what to do. When we trust Him, His PEACE will flood our mind and our physical body will respond, function and operate the way God designed it. When we put our faith in Jesus Christ FOR REAL we will have Peace and be free from the Fear of what MIGHT happen!

Gwen Cromer

Evangelist & Assistant Pastor

Fellowship Church of God

Brownsville, TN   

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