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Repent 2019 - What Every Person Who Loves America Needs to Know!

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God’s Message To America

Prophet Elmore Richmond explains why 9/11 happened in the United States and what we must do to keep it from reoccurring. He brings forth understanding to what was revealed to Prophet Zechariah regarding the war with Iraq and the roles of the United States and the United Kingdom. Prophet Richmond gives the revelation of the Middle East Crisis. The Prophet explains the Way of the Lord and shows what the United States of America must do now to receive the mercy and blessings of God in the name of Jesus. He explains why the United States is experiencing storms all around about the nation. The prophet provides counsel to the leadership of America to help effect healing of the land. Moreover he shows how America has adopted a Babylonian posture and gives answers to help effect the healing of America. It explains based on scriptures, that if America does not repent, America will be destroyed.

Viewers will discover:
Why 9/11 happened in the United States?
How to End Terrorism in the United States?
Why America is experiencing storms all around the nation?
The consequences for failing to adhere to the counsel of God!
Why God cast the House of Israel and the House of Judah out of his sight -- Why is this important for the leaders of America to understand these revelations?
The revelation of the warning of the financial crisis!
Understanding the Babylonian's posture -- Why is it important for the leaders of the United States to understand this revelation?
How God applies judgment to nations?
Understanding the ways of God!
The revelation of the Middle East Crisis!
How to keep capitalism in check?
How can the United States of America receive peace as a river, righteousness as the waves of the sea, free from terrorism, and whereas God showing us how to profit?

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Elmore Richmond

The Church Readiness Ministries


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