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Prophet Elmore Richmond Jr. spent nearly 20 years in the field of human relations and problem-solving in the United States Air Force. During this time, he assisted commanders at every level and thousands of managers, and supervisors, and individuals in resolving all types of problems and crises. In 2000, Richmond answered his call to the ministry in the name of Jesus.  In the year 2001, the Holy Spirit showed him the events of 9/11 before it happened and the revelations were given to him before it happened.  Within 30 days after 9/11, he recorded these revelations in the book, "America! America! A Check-up For the Body of Christ, the Church.”  He is also the author of ten books.  He accepted his calling as a Prophet of God and has been providing counsel to the leaders of the nation at the direction of God in the name of Jesus. 

Nadine Richmond has studied the word of God extensively for over 30 years; she accepted the Lord as her savior and became a Christian at the age of 19.  She is passionate about the word of God.  God called her into the ministry as a Prophetess to preach and teach the gospel in 2006, she is also the Pastor of Victory Truth Church, located in Oak Ridge, TN.  She holds two degrees, a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Master of Business Administration. She is the author of the book The New Birth: Going Unto Perfection. 

Nadine and Elmore Richmond are the Founders of The Church Readiness Ministries.  The Church Readiness Ministries, has a two-fold mission from the Lord. To help make the bride of Christ ready and to help secure the future of this nation by coordinating and providing information to all people through our website regardless of denomination. 

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